What is proXPN?

Established in 2009, proXPN is a Netherlands-based VPN provider that offers great freedom and privacy to customers. With its good range of protocols and high-grade encryption, you can feel assured your internet activity remains anonymous. The free account, however, is a little lacking in terms of features. The service tries making up for it with an intuitive software client and responsive customer service. For more info about the provider, read this detailed proXPN review below:

1.       Intuitive software

2.       30-day refund guarantee

3.       Good customer service

4.       Supports OpenVPN

5.       Free accounts available

1.       No app for free users

2.       Limited server locations

3.       Expensive yearly rates

4.       Lacks kill switch feature

proXPN Pricing Review

Our proXPN review unveils that the service offers two plans for its prospective customers: Premium and Basic. If you want to leverage high security and extra bells and whistles like P2P/Torrenting, PPTP connectivity, and unlimited VPN speed, go for the Premium account. This plan is available for $9.98 per month and even includes support for mobile devices.

proxpn pricing review

Upon signing up for the proXPN premium account, users have the ability of selecting from multiple subscription options. For instance, if you opt for the 3-month plan, you will have to pay $29.95. You can save 17% with the 6-month subscription. This drops the monthly pricing to $8.33, which means you pay a measly $49.95.

If you want to receive the best value, go for the 12-month subscription plan. This option gives you an amazing discount of 37%. This drops the monthly pricing to $6.25 per month, which means you pay $74.95 for annual VPN access. Although the yearly pricing is a little expensive, especially when you have options like Getflix and VPN.ht that have monthly plans priced at $4.99.

proxpn subscription


proXPN Free Review

If you want to sign up for a free plan, go for the Basic account. While it particularly boasts the same level of usability, security, and privacy as the paid subscriptions, it tends to be a little lacking in terms of features. The service limits your bandwidth speeds to 300kbps. Users also have a limited selection of servers establish a secure connection.

However, our proXPN review unwinds that the service tries its level best to keep customer satisfaction at its top priority. This is why you can use the free trial for lifetime. There are no limits as to how long you can use the service and the provider does not negotiate when it comes to data protection and online security.


proXPN Lifetime Review

Our proXPN review discovers that the service itself does not offer a lifetime subscription for customers to enjoy. However, you do have the capability of finding plenty of amazing deals on sites like StackSocial. If you click on the link, you will see a deal that offers a lifetime subscription plan for as low as $39.99. This means, you leverage an amazing 89% off on the original pricing.


Proxpn Account Signup Process

Signing up for the service is quite the simple process. If you opt for the Basic plan, our proXPN review unveils all you have to do is click on the “Create Account” tab on the homepage. The website will redirect you to the signup page.

Proxpn signup

Here you simply click on the “Free” tab, upon which you will see the below popup that asks whether you are sure about your decision.

Proxpn account

Click on the “Yes, I want a Basic Account” tab to continue with the process. You will have to supply a mobile number, email address, and password for account activation. This completes the basic account signup process.


Proxpn Premium Plan

Signing up for the premium plan boasts additional steps. Once you click on the “Premium” tab, you will have to select a suitable option from the three sub-plans available. In addition to the aforementioned information required for the basic plan, you will have to choose a preferred method of payment.

proxpn premium plan

You have the capability of paying via credit card of PayPal. Once the checkout process is complete, you will have to active your account via an SMS message. We were a little displeased that this step is mandatory for proXPN premium plans, as your mobile phone is private information. It would be better if the provider respects the privacy of customers and sends out email activation codes instead.


Proxpn Accepted Payment Methods

According to our proXPN review, the service does not offer many options for payment. You can only pay via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Generally, subscribers look for a provider that accepts anonymous payments modes like NovaCoin, QuarkCoin, and Bitcoin. The unavailability of these options is definitely a huge drawback of proXPN.


Proxpn Refund/Money Back Guarantee Review

Our ProXPN review discovers that the service offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee, apart from the FREE trial version available for lifetime. Only services that have complete trust in their product offer customers such a remarkable guarantee. There is no doubt that this incentive definitely positions proXPN as a likeable and pocket-friendly option for many budget-conscious buyers.


proXPN Servers Review

A huge collection of server locations like those offered by PureVPN, Ivacy, and ExpressVPN proves to be a hallmark of excellent VPN service. However, proXPN fails to provide to offer diversity and multiple options when it comes to its global coverage of servers.

Our proXPN review unveiled that the service does not give an exact figure of the servers it has. Instead, we had to scan through the FAQ pages to get a more detailed opinion. If you want an update on the latest server locations, click on this link.


Proxpn Privacy and Security Review

According to our proXPN review, the website has quite the simple layout and proves to be quite easy to navigate. Although the information appears to be a little crammed on the homepage, the service does its due diligence in providing as much detail as possible to its customers.

Protocol and encryption choices are good enough for granting excellent security. Users can feel assured their internet activity is not traceable by any government entity. However, we did not appreciate the service requiring a mobile number to sign up (more detail in logging section).


proXPN Protocols Review

Our proXPN review reveals that the service supports most popular protocols. These include L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN. Basic account users do not have access to PPTP connections, which is somewhat odd considering it is the go-to-choice for most free VPN providers.  There are no download or usage caps on different protocols. You can also switch to all protocols multiple times minus any additional costs.


proXPN OpenVPN Review

During our proXPN review, we discovered that majority of the servers offered by the service use the OpenVPN protocol. Only limited server options support PPTP and IPSec connections. However, where encryption is concerned, OpenVPN servers definitely go the extra mile. Both the Basic and Premium accounts use the protocol standard with a 2048-bit encryption key and 512-bit tunnel.


proXPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Our proXPN review unveils that you cannot download/share torrents with a Basic Account, as you only have access to one server, which is located in Chicago. However, if you opt for the Premium account, you do have torrenting enabled on different servers. Although the choices are less, you can feel assured to receive complete privacy and anonymity for your torrenting activity.


proXPN Logging – Is ProXPN Safe?

proXPN clearly states that it does not keep logs of origin IPs, internet activity, connection times, and bandwidth usage. However, it was a little putting off that the service requests a mobile number to complete the sign up process. In addition to your sign-up information like email and password, proXPN logs your mobile number.

Although you can fool the system and enter a pseudo number, we consider the need of requesting for this information quite pointless. The entire purpose of joining a VPN is providing as much little detail as possible to protect your identity. Other information logged by the service includes payment details, such as name and billing cycle.


proXPN Netflix

According to our proXPN review, using Netflix is quite easy using the VPN offered by the server. You have plenty of options to establish a secure connection with locations in the US. This guarantees you have access to the complete portal of TV shows/movies offered by the streaming-service, as Netflix geo-restricts its content according to different locations.


proXPN Support Review

proXPN takes customer service very seriously for both: Basic and Premium users. You can feel assured to receive 24/7 customer support with quick replies, regardless of what problem you are facing. Users also have multiple options for contacting the company.

You can contact the support team by giving them a call at 1(888) 721-1337. If this option does not work out, users can always send an email at support@proxpn.com. We were a little disappointed that there was no live chat available. However, the service makes up for it with other means of support.

For instance, upon visiting the Help Center, you have access to a search bar. This enables users to gain support to whatever problems they are facing by receiving a list of articles/blogs/threads that help in solving the issues.

Proxpn Support Review

In addition to the helpful navigation bar, users have multiple options for support. For instance, if you have recently joined the service, you can click on the “Getting Started” tab that explains the ins and outs of proXPN and how you can set the VPN on different operating systems.

proxpn customer

If you are facing trouble with creating an account or setting up payments, you can simply click on the “Accounts and Payments” tab. This will give you to the relevant articles and blogs for solving account and purchase issues like what to do when you forget your password or how you can upgrade your subscription.

proxpn technical support

If nothing else works out, you can always seek assistance from their Twitter page. We were quite impressed on the instant replies on messages. However, it seems as if the page is not very active since 2016. The service needs to work on its social media impression.

Proxpn twitter


proXPN Apps Compatibility Review

Our ProXPN review discovers that the provider offers dedicated apps for all famous platforms. You can easily connect to the VPN on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. You also have manual setup guides available for using the VPN on Raspberry Pi and Linux.


proXPN Download

If you want to install the relevant app, simply visit the “download” page. The site will automatically provide you a link to the Windows client. For the Mac application, click on the link in front of “Need Mac Download?” You can also download the app on Android and iOS by visiting the Google and Apple Store.


How to Setup proXPN on Android

Setting up proXPN on Android is not rocket-science. Unlike other relatively new VPNs that lack a dedicated app, you are not required to use OpenVPN GUI to load configuration files manually. All you have to do is visit the Google Store and download the proXPN application. Enter your username and password for the basic or premium account. Select a server of your choice and enjoy using the VPN on your Android!


How to Setup proXPN on Linux

Our proXPN unveils that the service does not offer a dedicated application for Linux users. This means, in order to setup the VPN on the platform, you will need to download OpenVPN GUI. The service offers a detail guide on how you can use proXPN on Cent OS and Red Hat Linux here. You can also learn how to use proXPN on Linux using the traditional Network Manager.


Final Verdict

According to our proXPN review, the VPN is a good option for unblocking geo-restricted websites and services instantly. The free account is quite useful and provides lifetime access to VPN. Security and privacy is also reasonable. However, the limited number of servers and high pricing proves to be a drawback. Overall, proXPN is a good choice for first-time users who may want to test using a VPN.


The Good

  1. Free subscription available
  2. 30-day money-back guarantee
  3. Responsive customer service
  4. Easy-to-use software client
  5. Zero logs policy


The Bad

  1. Limited features in both plans
  2. Restrictive server locations
  3. Supports limited platforms
  4. Requires phone number for signup
  5. No free app for mobile users
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