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VPN Area Editor’s Review 2017


Bulgaria based VPN Area has been in service since early 2012, providing its premium privacy services with a preference to home users. VPN Area has completely redesigned the service in the past year introducing new features, upgrading its apps and adding more servers to its global map. VPNArea promises the best possible speeds coupled with leading edge AES-256 bit encryption, allowing you a great mix of high speed & secure internet.

Our 2017 VPNArea review analyzes all the new additions and rate the brand in a highly competitive VPN industry.


VPN Area Pricing Review


vpnarea pricing review


VPNArea offers 3 pricing plans for subscribers namely:

  1. Monthly
    • Offered for $9.90 per month
  2. 6 Months
    • Offered for $8.33 per month (One time $50 payment every 6 months)
  3. 12 Months
    • Offered for $4.92 per month (One time $59 payment every 6 months)

All VPNArea packages include the following features:

  1. Servers in 68 countries
  2. Connect up to 6 Devices Simultaneously
  3. Unlimited bandwidth & Data
  4. Available over Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
  5. Top Tier AES-256 Encryption
  6. Dedicated IP Addresses Available
  7. Anti-WebRTC/DNS Leak Protection
  8. Anti-IPv6 Leak
  9. No LogsService
  10. P2P& Torrent Allowed


VPNArea Lifetime


There is no life time package offered by the official VPN Area website, there is no mention of any exclusive offers on other websites either. In case you do come across it do remember to confirm the offers with VPN Area’s live chat support.


VPNArea Servers Review


VPNArea offers excellent server coverage across 68 countries with 212 high speed servers ready to service your needs. VPNArea allows torrents & P2P downloads over its network through popular location that don’t have retention laws including Netherlands, Bulgaria, Panama, Sweden, Ukraine and many others.


vpnarea servers review


Those with a knack of unblocking streaming services and Kodi add-ons in the USA, VPN Area offers a massive network of 42 servers in the US. HotStar app users can utilize 4turbo speed servers in the India while servers are available in UK, Germany, France and Italy to unblock streaming services from those regions. You can get the complete list of VPNArea servers from the official website.


VPNArea Customer Support Review


After an in depth VPNArea review of customer support channels, I discovered that the provider puts great emphasis on providing post-sale services. Currently offered customer support channels include:

  1. Live Chat

The recommended option in case you ever have an issue signing up, configuring or using VPNArea. The Live Chat feature is available on the VPNArea websiteon the bottom right hand of every page. Any time that you feel there is a problem and you havetechnical, subscription or general queries just click and start talking to one of the very capable VPNArea support reps.

  1. Email

The email support system is also available throughout the year for detailed queries that may require taking up with the advanced support team. You also get access to VPNArea technical, business and legal teams to ensure all your queries are handled by a specialist. The contact emails for various departments include:

  • Technical related questions – support@vpnarea.com
  • Sales related questions – sales@vpnarea.com
  • Management – director@vpnarea.com – Dimitar Dobrev
  • Legal – dobreva@vpnarea.com
  1. Website FAQ

The website FAQ is simple and has a unique interface that I actually liked for its ease of use. The FAQ answers most basic questionsincluding sales, VPN related, account related and service related. For simple queries it is recommended that you visit the FAQ before contacting the support team itself. In case yourquery is technical simply approach live chat.

  1. Skype Remote Desktop

VPN Area also offers Skype support to ensure there is a technical assistant available to you live to make sure all your issues are resolved through video.

  1. Social Networks – Facebook , Twitter & Google+

In case there is a problem over other channels, you can always visit the above mentioned social accounts for VPN Area to have a chat with the provider’s team. VPNArea has presence over prominent social networks so you can find them and approach them even from your mobile device. Social networks are a great place to submit feedback, issues and testimonials for the service.


VPN Area Payment Methods Review


Currently, VPN Area offer 5 universally accepted payment methods to subscribe to their service. These are:


vpnarea payment methods review


  1. PayPal
  2. Payza
  3. Bitcoin
  4. VISA
  5. MasterCard


VPN Area Compatibility Review


A thorough VPNArea review of apps I found the service widely compatible with top platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and even over routers (DDWRT).


VPNAreaMulti-Logins Review


VPNArea allows up to 6 users/devices to use the service with one account, both with the apps and when configuring manually. Usually the maximum allowed users is limited to 5, which makes VPNArea’s feature a great prospect for families, small business and even groups of friends. It is an ideal feature for users’ with multiple devices including PCs, tablets, phones and routers.

Using the VPN Area service over multiple devices is easier and all it requires from you is to install the apps to your respective devices and start using the service.


VPN Area Chameleon Review/ VPN Area for Windows


Chameleon is the signature software provided by VPN Area over Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices. Designed with a beautiful user interface, the OpenVPN based app offers brilliant features including an Internet Killswitch, a built in Speed test, an Auto IP Changer, and Anti IPv6 DNS Leak amongst top ones.


vpnarea Chameleon review


VPN Area Chameleon is a proprietary technology and has been exclusive designed by some of the best VPN app developersin the world. Chameleon is also managed by hand-picked administrators by VPN Area itself, no third parties are involved in app management &moderation.


How to Download VPNArea Chameleon Apps


VPNArea does not have a free evaluation period hence you cannot download any of the VPN Area Chameleon apps for free on desktop devices. The Android &iOS apps however are available on their respective mobile app stores. If you wish to download VPN Area Chameleon app for PC & Mac you will have to subscribe to the service.


VPNArea on Android


VPN Area is available on Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, here. The VPN Area Android app is quite a treat, but it unfortunately crashed the first time I ran it (but honestly what app doesn’t on Android). A neat UI, a simple server selection, speed test feature and OpenVPN support makes it a superb VPN app for Android.


vpnarea on android


Since VPNArea don’t offer test or trial accounts we will upload real time speed tests as soon as we have procured a premium account.


VPNArea Protocols Review


VPN Area offers the same tunneling protocols as last year that include PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Given there are a number of newer protocols out there, the three options that VPN Area offers are known for both their advantages & consequences.

Take PPTP for instance, the protocol has nothing to do with privacy anymore after being compromised by the NSA, GCHQ, The Golden Shield Project& Mossad. PPTP can however be used when unblocking HD streaming for its ability to transfer data fast. While L2TP remains a tough cookie to crack, it is not an ideal tunneling protocol to use for video streaming, music, live TV and using with TV boxes (Apple TV, Roku, Boxee etc.) The most secure VPN Area protocol by all measures is OpenVPN which can be used for routine browsing, video streaming, music, live TV, email, VoIP and other use cases.


VpnArea Logging & Privacy Policy


According to VPN Area’s privacy policy the provider maintains ZERO logs and but needs some personally identifiable information to get you registered, including:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. City & Country
  4. Payment Information


vpnarea logs


VPNArea does not monitor or store any information while you are connected their VPN servers. Since IP addresses are shared in nature there is nothing that can be attributed to one particular user. Do remember that although VPNArea allows torrents over most of its servers, the provider does not take infringement very leniently so make sure never to download any copyright material when using their static IP addresses.


VPN Area Free Trial


VPN Area does not offer a free trial of its services, but, there is a 7 days free trialthat you can use to test the service and then cancel if you don’t like the performance. Refunds are usually no issue, and VPN Area does not discriminate users on how they have used the service plus why they don’t need it.


VPNArea Coupons


You can find coupons for VPN Area on different deals& discounts websites including:

  1. VPN Coupons
  2. Coupns AU
  3. Coupon Bend
  4. OZ Bargain
  5. Couponese

Do remember that not all coupon codes are latest so you might want to wait for the next vacation or holiday season to save on VPN Area with coupons.


VPNArea Reviews on Reddit


I don’t know if it’s sad or delightful, but VPN Area does not have too many mentions on the renowned Reddit platform. Three mentions that do come up include a thread named “Dirty VPN stuff”, a VPNArea review and a mention in torrent VPN providers.

There is of course the very professional review from ThatOnePrivacyGuy, which provides a very clear picture of VPN Area services. The review provides real time speed tests, support test, app test results and much more. It’s a very good in depth review and the surprising fact is it’s regularly updated, so do check it out.

Note: Do keep in mind that there is a chance TheOnePrivacySite is suspicious, the webmaster requests donations at the end of every review.This person can clearly manipulate reviews to sell the ones that he gets commissions for. Never consider his suggestions,always consider going through multiple reviews & test VPN services before you buy them!


vpnarea reddit reviews

Extract from the Torrent VPN Sub-Reddit

VPN Area Netflix Connectivity


VPNArea offers 40+ US servers in its service bundle allowing you to connect through the city closest to your region. Since VPNArea promises high speed connectivity there is no doubt you can stream in full HD on Netflix. I am still awaiting response from VPNArea while i reached out to them before writing this vpnarea review for a test account and proper bandwidth statistics will be provided as soon as I get to test the service.


How Can I Use VPNArea Members Portal


The VPNArea members’ portal is only available to premium subscribers and can be logged into using the credentials provided by VPNArea. You can download PC apps and manage other features of your account directly from the VPNArea members’ portal.


VPNArea Static/Dedicated IP Review


VPNArea offers dedicated VPN servers and IP Addresses for subscribers across a very decent list of locations. VPNArea identifies that the dedicated IP can prove massive if you:

  1. Visit geo-restricted websites that require the same IP address every time
  2. Want to have a whitelisted VPN IP address
  3. You need dedicated speed all the time

VPNArea also identifies that dedicated IPs may not work with streaming services any more. In addition, there may be bandwidth restrictions on dedicated IPs depending on which country’s IP address you have opted for.  Currently, VPNArea offers dedicated IP addresses in:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Netherlands
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. Romania


Does VPNArea Support Kodi?


There is no official release from VPN Area and its support for Kodi media player. VPNArea works with P2P & torrents hence I assume there should be no issue using the service with Kodi. The provider also offers high speed servers for watching HD entertainment hence there are no restrictions to use the service with Kodi. It is recommended to use the OpenVPN protocol with Kodi when streaming live TV, for movies & TV Shows you can use PPTP. See our kodi vpn setup guide for detailed information.


Reviewer’s Verdict


My rating after vpnarea review is a generous 4 out of 5.

VPN Area is one of the costly providers in the VPN industry competing with the likes of ExpressVPN and VyprVPN. While the server network is very attractive compared to other brands like Cactus VPN and Black VPN, features are a bit lacking compared to much affordable providers like PureVPN.

As I mentioned the service is expensive but based on apps, servers and in-app features the price justifies itself.The apps on Android and iOS look brilliant, but no performance review is available. Same for the Windows and Mac apps, which aren’t even available to download.

The provider offers high speed servers according to the website, something we dearly need to test out for ourselves. Since the provider offers p2p & torrent support in addition to high speed streaming support. I like how VPNArea servers are distributed around the world, giving you atleast one server in every continent.

The provider also offers plenty of support channels with a maximum reply time of 24 hours, while live chat is available 24/7. There are ample of payment methods available that are universally accepted to ensure subscribers’ can sign up from anywhere in the world.

I like VPNArea’s privacy policies and terms of use, both documents are transparent and very direct. VPN Area does mention any shady clauses that you have to read in small text somewhere on the website, something I felt projected great honesty from the brand.

Stay posted as we test VPN Area with Kodi, Netflix, torrents & p2p apps, and test speed on various global servers.

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