What is Tuxler Residential VPN?

Tuxler is a USA-based VPN service that came into existence by a team of passionate developers who wanted to offer online privacy. Though the provider has been gaining a lot of light, it fails to impress in terms of service. It claims to offer a VPN service, but rather uses proxies for operating.

It may be free, but not entirely secure. Residential proxy users mostly do not want to hide their identity and want to tackle issues surrounding unblocking websites. That is the only strong point of the VPN. For more information, read this detailed Tuxler VPN review.

1.       70,000 Proxy IPs

2.       90+ Locations

3.       Multiple Payment Options

1.       No iOS, Android, and Firefox apps

2.       Broken Links on the Website

3.       No Solid Features for Price

4.       Free Accounts Lack Location Info

5.       No Kill Switch


Tuxler VPN Pricing Review

Our Tuxler VPN review unveils that the provider uses a freemium pricing model, which means you can get the product free of charge, or opt for a premium version for additional features. However, when you compare the offerings of both plans, it proves to be pretty much the same. The only difference is faster connections and a broader selection of locations on the premium plan (available for $7.99 per month).


Tuxler VPN Pricing Review



Tuxler VPN Free version vs. Premium Version

According to our Tuxler VPN review, the paid version will definitely give you better quality of service. The free plan fails to impress even though it offers unlimited bandwidth. The client does not provide info regarding servers available. It automatically selects one for you, without granting you the ability to change location. As a result, it may not be a perfect choice, even for a FREE VPN.

The premium plan provides you a list of servers available, but security is a major concern. There is not much configuration available for imposing stronger protocols or encryption. If you only want to unblock websites, the paid version is a good choice. However, if you are in search for security and privacy, you might want to check other options.


Tuxler VPN Refund Policy Review

Our Tuxler VPN review discovers that the provider lacks a refund/money back guarantee. However, the choice discard a refund is understandable, considering you have a free plan available. That is more than good enough for testing the service. While we would appreciate seeing this change, for now Tuxler strictly adheres to a non-refund policy.


Accepted Payment Methods

When it comes to subscribing to Tuxler, the provider offers plenty of choices for payment. As you can see below, you can purchase the premium plan via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and UCB. If you want a secure online solution, PayPal is also available. For those who want to leverage complete anonymity, the service even provides Bitcoin as an option. The best part of all: you can choose the location of purchase. This automatically displays the amount in the country currency you select.


Tuxler VPN Accepted Payment Methods


Tuxler VPN Features Review

  • Real VPN IPs from ISPs – Tuxler VPN claims to offer IP addresses from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). However, there is no back-end information that supports the claim being true. In fact, many of the pages on the website prove to be broken or inaccessible.
  • 000+ Random Proxies – Again, the provider claims that it offers 70,000 + random proxies worldwide, but there is no details about the locations. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, the service stands strong in unblocking websites.
  • Precise City Level Selection – The VPN client of Tuxler offers country/city level selections automatically in free versions. However, premium users do have the ability of surfing the web like a local user by connecting to any city of their choice.


Tuxler VPN Servers Review

According to our Tuxler VPN review, the provider states that it offers VPNs in more than 90+ locations. However, it fails to back the claim, as there are no numbers provided for either. The service does mention offering 70,000+ random proxies, but little to no information about their VPN servers. Upon subscribing for the premium plan, you can see the number of countries supported by Tuxler.


Tuxler VPN Support Review

In terms of support, our Tuxler VPN review discovers that the provider does not offer live chat support. This is understandable considering their offerings are primary to free users. However, there are other ways to receive support. You can visit their contact page and fill out a form by dropping your name, email, subject, and message, but there is no certainty of receiving a reply instantly.

Tuxler VPN Support Review

If you do not receive a reply from the support team, you may want to try your luck with the FAQ section. Here you can find detailed answers to common questions regarding the service, which may help you out in case you encounter any troubles while using the VPN. However, some pages may not load properly, as many exist to be broken or non-accessible.


Tuxler VPN Support Review


For further support and receiving of fresh updates regarding the VPN product, there is a blog available. Here the provider makes regular posts concerning VPN services, security, anonymity, and a variety of other topics. You may find helpful tips and advice by checking the page out.


Tuxler VPN Support Review



Tuxler Logging Policy

Our Tuxler VPN review discovers that the provider has a clear privacy policy. It mentions exactly what data is logged and for what reason. For instance, the VPN claims to obtain website activity data, browser and device information, contact information (signing up), account information, and customer service information. This is to provide Tuxler services and customer support and customize measure/improve website and services.


Tuxler VPN Apps Compatibility Review

In terms of apps compatibility, our Tuxler VPN review uncovers that the provider offers dedicated software only for Windows, Mac, and Chrome. However, there are plans to introduce the application on Android and iOS devices, along with a Mozilla Firefox extension. When will these apps come into being is another question, considering we have been seeing this message for quite a while.


Windows Client Review

The VPN has an intuitive layout that displays a list of all available IP locations (premium accounts only). You can see details about country, city, and region. You have the ability to turn off the IP changing mode using a simple mouse click. The app even offers desktop notifications and can run on the startup automatically. It only lacks configuration settings for privacy and security, which is rather uncanny.


Tuxler VPN Download Review

If you want to download the Tuxler VPN, there is no rocket science required. Just visit their page and keep scrolling down until you see the below screenshot. Click on the device of your choice and the software will begin downloading instantly. However, you cannot download the app for iOS, Android, and Mozilla – as these apps are not yet available for use.

Tuxler VPN Download Review



Tuxler Add-Ons Review

Currently, Tuxler only offers a single add-on for its VPN product. It is available on Chrome with the Mozilla counterpart still in process of release. Below you can find a detailed review of the Google Chrome extension, which might help you in the decision-making process – If you are interested in the VPN.


Tuxler VPN for Chrome

The Tuxler VPN add-on for Chrome fails to impress. The free version proves to be incredibly ambiguous, as users have no idea which server in what country are they connected to for exploring the internet. Options are quite limited, as you cannot tweak the extension in any way. Premium versions boast the same layout but provide details regarding the location and city. Clicking on the gear icon directs you to the referral program and help section. You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


Tuxler VPN for Chrome


Tuxler VPN for Firefox

As mentioned earlier, there is no Firefox extension available yet for download. The provider is still in the working process of introducing applications for iOS, Android, and Mozilla. Though there is no confirmation regarding the arrival of these apps, we hope they will come around soon. Until then, you might want to consider trying out the Chrome extension.


Tuxler VPN Proxy Review

Based on our Tuxler VPN review, the provider seems to have a more prominent presence in the proxy market. There is not much information regarding its VPN offerings, but you can find lots about proxies. IN short, the provider boasts 70,000+ proxies in 90+ countries. The service claims these are residential IPs, meaning they operate by ISPs. However, there is no information to back the statement.


Tuxler VPN Referral Program Review

Tuxler VPN offers a referral program for users that does not actually offer any benefits. You do not receive commissions, but rather for sharing a referral link – your account will credit with Free Premium Time points. This may be of no use, considering you do not get much from the paid account.


Tuxler VPN Reddit Reviews

Unfortunately, the Tuxler VPN does not have any sort of presence on Reddit. Though there are talks about the provider and its product gaining fame, most Reddit threads discussing Tuxler seem to be empty. Seems like the VPN still needs to work on its product and marketing to attract the attention of Redditors.


Final Verdict

Our Tuxler VPN review establishes that the provider is only a good choice, if you want to unblock websites around the world. Since it is a free service, there is nothing better to expect. We were optimistic of the premium plan, but it failed to impress. There are almost no security features or options to allow for better privacy and anonymity. You may want to check out other providers, especially if you are paying $7.99 per month for its premium offering.


The Good

  • Helpful FAQ with Setup Tutorials
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

The Bad

  • Unavailability of iOS, Android, and Firefox apps
  • Ambiguous Website with Broken Links
  • Expensive Monthly Plan for No Solid Features
  • No Kill Switch or Firewall for Protection
  • Free Accounts Do Not Show Location
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