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Total VPN is the new kid on the block and offers attractive features, all combined together in affordable pricing plans. You can circumvent various cyber threats and bypass geo-restrictions using Total VPN. However, there are some areas that the service should look into and consider improving upon. Overall, it is a top-notch VPN provider and one to look out for in the future.


  • 30+ servers in 7 Continents
  • Offers OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & IKeV2 protocols
  • Zero Monitoring of Browsing Activity
  • Compatible on Multiple Devices
  • 24/7 Live Chat Feature
  • Offers Free Version but with Limitations
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Delivers marketing emails
  • Delivers ads on webpages and requires opting out in app settings
  • No auto reconnect option on disconnect
  • No internet Kill Switch
  • Fewer tunneling Protocols than competing services

Pricing Plans

Total VPN offers very attractive pricing plans for everyone. We were really impressed by the range of packages offered. You can choose from two different plans, Free and Premium.

The free package offers limited servers (3 locations), limited bandwidth and data transfer, and only one device connectivity. Whereas the premium package allows you to use all the features; you can use all the servers without any cap on bandwidth or data transfers.

Total VPN Review

The paid package consists of three different plans. You can either subscribe for a month, one year or select the 2 year plan. The two year package offers more saving as compared to the monthly package. Overall, the prices are competitive and they meet the industry standards.

Another plus point of Total VPN is the 30 day money guarantee on paid packages. This gives you enough time to test out the service, run it on different devices, and connect to various locations to gauge the overall performance of the service. If it does not meet your standards then you can claim for a refund within the 30 days of purchase (although we doubt such a need would arise).


The servers offered by a VPN is what allows you to change your virtual location and adopt an IP address of another country. Total VPN offers 3 locations in its free package and 30+ locations in its paid package. Majority of the servers are located in Europe (18), followed by North America (11) and then Asia (6).

Since, these servers are focused in America and Europe, you can access various online services and Geo-blocked websites. For instance, you can unblock streaming services such as Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and many more from anywhere in the world.

You can also check the load on various servers. This way you can see which servers are being heavily by other users; making it easy for you to select the servers that are low on load. This way you can choose the servers that could lead to good overall performance.

TotalVPN Review

Total VPN Performance

We test the performance of Total VPN using different servers and were pleased with the overall results. On our 10mbps internet, the download speeds dropped slightly while the ping only rose to 15ms while being connected to U.S server and on OpenVPN protocol.


We were able to access and stream our favorite TV shows in high quality on Hulu, HBO NOW, and BBC iPlayer without any major problems while being connected to Total VPN. On a positive note, there were no IP leaks or DNS leaks either while we were testing Total VPN.

Customer Support

A hallmark of a premium VPN service is how well they take care of their customers. In our Total VPN review, we tested the customer support service and were pleased with the performance of the support staff. You can contact the customer support in the form of 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, ticketing system, FAQ section, and setup guides. You can also contact the customer support through telephone as well.

24/7 Live Chat Feature

Total VPN has customer support available around the clock through it’s live chat feature. You can contact the support staff for help with any query, at anytime. We tested the live chat feature for our review by inquiring about service availability when changing Netflix regions. We were happy with prompt and accurate responses by the support staff.

TotalVPN Review

Knowledge Base

Similarly, you can access different information about Total VPN through its knowledge base section. From account and billing information, installation guides, troubleshooting, to tutorials, tips and tricks, and general query. The FAQ section is also a part of the knowledge base and provides all the basic information about the product.

The knowledge base is the perfect place to start for resolving your problem. We recommend that you go through the knowledge base first when you face a problem. The detailed information about various aspects can help you uncover the solution and perhaps other information about the product.

Ticketing System

You can also get your problems resolved through the email ticketing system offered by Total VPN. We tested the email ticketing system and were glad to see the timely response of our query. We inquired about configuring the service on Apple TV and got a prompt response from the customer support with all the steps mentioned in the email.

Payment Methods

Total VPN offers various payment methods for easy activation of new subscribers. Currently, Total VPN offers credit card and debit card payment options in the form of VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, AMEX, and Delta.

In addition to these payment options, Total VPN also offers PayPal for users who wish to keep their identity anonymous. This was one of the positive aspects about the service as it values the security and privacy of its subscribers.


When it comes to compatibility, Total VPN is available on multiple platforms and devices. Currently, it supports iPhone, Windows, iPad, Mac OS, and Android devices. You can download their leading edge software and apps for each of these devices or configure the service manually.

This shows that the VPN service offers great all-round compatibility and diversity as subscribers can use the service on any device of their choice. Similarly, Total VPN can also be shared using Virtual Router apps; this way you can use the service on any number of devices that don’t have an option of configuring a VPN, like PS4, Xbox One, and Roku.

Total VPN is also working on developing its software for Chromebook. So if you are a Chromebook user, keep a look out for their exclusive software.

TotalVPN Review

Total VPN Windows Client Review

For our Total VPN review, we tested their software for Windows. From the onset, the VPN client looks really slick and lite. The interface is very easy to use and changing between servers, connecting, and disconnecting, are just a click away.

You can download the Windows Client from the official website after you have signed up for the service. Once the software is downloaded and installed, just enter the login credentials you selected upon signing up and login to the client.

You can then select the server of your choice and connect. In addition, you can change protocols by clicking on the settings icon located at the top right corner.

TotalVPN Review 2016

Total VPN Android App Review

The Total VPN app for Android devices is also very well designed and has all relevant options right where you want them to be. The app is free to download and use. We tested the Android app and got a positive feedback on its overall performance, aesthetics, and ease of use.

TotalVPN Review by Best VPN Provider

Total VPN iPhone App Review

The Total VPN IPhone App has similar characteristics that of Android. The overall aesthetics of the app are very well designed. You can easily navigate through various options and with a quick tab on ‘Quick Connect’, you are connected to your desired server. We were really pleased with the performance of the iPhone app as there was no drop in streaming speeds and we were able to access various geo-restricted apps.

Review of Total VPN

Tutorials Provided

Total VPN provides tutorials and setup guides for configuring its service on various devices. You can setup the service manually on different platforms using these setup guides. Currently, the Installation Guide section holds instructions for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and iPhone / iPad devices, and promotes you to download their exclusive software or app for each of these devices.

On the contrary, you can setup the service and various protocols manually on different operating systems using the tutorials. For instance, there is a setup guide for configuring PPTP on Windows 10, Windows XP, and various other platforms.

Protocols and Encryption

Total VPN offers three protocols at the moment and you can choose from PPTP, OpenVPN, and IKeV2 protocols. We would recommend that you use OpenVPN from the four protocols as it provides better security compared to the rest.

PPTP offers the fastest VPN speed among all other protocols but you would have to compromise on security and privacy. The encryption strength provided include AES 128 bit encryption and AES 256 bit encryption keys. 256 bit encryption is the highest level of encryption available to date and protects your data from hackers, spammers, snoopers, malware, and various other cyber threats.

Logs and Privacy Policy

It is explicitly stated on the website and privacy policy that Total VPN does not monitor your browsing activity while you are using its service. This is one of the positives about the service as zero log policy means your privacy is protected and you can use the VPN service without the fear of being tracked by someone else.

But not everything is that bright and breezy as there are certain areas of concern in the privacy policy of Total VPN. The VPN service collects too much personal information for our liking. It collects information such as your name, address, telephone number, email, fax number, type of service provided, date of service provided, amount and date of payments, credit card or debit card information, methods of payment, and payment history. However, Total VPN does state that it uses this personal information for billing and customer support purposes only. This data is also used for improving the overall service and provide better performance to their customers.

Furthermore, the region where the service operates from (U.K) also raises many flags. According to their clause in the ‘Disclosure of Information’ section, it would disclose information about any user if requested by the government or law enforcement agency.

TotalVPN Review

If that’s not all, Total VPN shares your personal information with partners and sponsors, third party service providers, advertising agencies (although the data is non-identifiable), and in case there is a merger or transfer of assets with another company. This may be the case but since the service doesn’t record any activity logs, you should not be worried that your browsing history is shared with other third party entities.

Free Trial

As we mentioned earlier while reviewing the pricing plans, Total VPN offers its service for free as well. Do note that the free version has certain limitations as only 3 servers are available to use and the bandwidth and data transfer are capped. What this means is that you cannot enjoy unlimited data transfer or bandwidth, and stream full-length videos back to back.

The advantage of the free version is that it allows you can try out the service before committing to a paid package. In addition to the free version, the service also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the paid packages. You can claim for a refund if you are not satisfied with the performance, provided you meet the refund policy.


In a nutshell, Total VPN offers great features, good all around performance, and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to bypass geo-restrictions and internet censorship. We were really pleased with various aspects of the provider; especially with its customer support, compatibility and the VPN clients that are easy to use. So if you are a VPN beginner, you should definitely give Total VPN a try.

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Total VPN Review
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13 Responses to Total VPN Review 2017
  1. Kairat Mynbayev says:

    TotalVPN is a terrible service, on several counts.
    1) I am in Kazakhstan and want to watch HBO boxing and Netflix. Both providers immediately discovered that I was using VPN.
    2) I canceled the service on their site but they continued to charge me at $14.97, which is higher than $6.95, to which I initially subscribed.
    3) When I called them, their rep said I should have received a reminder from them 15 days prior to each charge. I never received any reminders.
    4) When I said I canceled the service through their web site, they said I should have canceled by email. Even the fact that after cancellation I was not able to access my account did not matter for them.

  2. Gerald L. Smith says:

    On an off service very inconsistent sometimes servers are overloaded and cannot stream videos properly, the windows app just disconnects for no reason, and then have to wait to reconnect to the same server. Was so busy on a Sunday that I couldn’t unblock HBO NOW streaming, had to watch the GoT episode late.

  3. Robert C. Schiffer says:

    I mainly use TotalVPN to encrypt my emails, WhatsApp and Facebook was using PIA previously but got really bad speed with them so changed provider. Total VPN has been really fast on my Virgin Media 100 MBPS broadband connection when I watch BBC iPlayer shows and football matches live, always get excellent speed and watch in HD, love it, full points for Total VPN.

  4. Mary J. Mitchell says:

    You should email them about the connectivity issues with evidence using the ticket help section. They will send you a proper solution in 24 hours and even try to help you online when they receive your problem. I had a software problem because of another VPN app already on my Android Phone, they took 2 days but found me a solution, works fine now.

  5. Alicia Bennett says:

    Got it after I saw an ad on a streaming website, stays connected on public WI-FI and never disconnects. I connected it from home, went to work and had Total VPN connected all the way during the train journey, worked flawless. Doesn’t let me download torrents with fast speed but streaming is really fine. There is no iOS app, and that annoys me because a similar Android app is available. Had to configure manually using the tutorials.

  6. Ronnie Davis says:

    I got TotalVPN Super Premium for myself and my wife she likes Netflix and we are living in the UAE so I can’t access many news websites so it works fine for me. We watch movies on Netflix on Saturdays and although the connection is throttled by my ISP, the VPN bypasses throttling and I can stream in HD. The ISP has never reported me or even knows I’m using the VPN.

  7. JustinConstantino says:

    slow as shit connections for the price. you have to actually email the company for EVERYTHING, like turning off auto renew, getting a refund, cancelling your account. when you click the email links on the sight however it simply reconnects you to their FAQ page that doesnt seem to contain an email address. also they only have one p2p server that i got a whoping 42kbps at max… stupid, the free trial for Anonymizer gave me almost a MBps. and no lower than 4-500kpbs.

  8. Claudia S. Espinal says:

    It was really fast couple of months ago, but its understandable more users means less bandwidth. Works bitchingly fast for YouTube, Netflix US, HBO, BeInSports and Star Sports streaming (given I’m in Malaysia). Also tested Total server in Netherlands and UK with Overwatch, didn’t work at all. Torrents give me slow speeds, so they might want to solve that problem.

  9. Ralph S. Morales says:

    Don’t like it at all, wanted it for streaming, the windows app disconnects sometimes. Went to live help, waited for 15 minutes and never got assisted. My browser is also showing TotalVPN ads now had to clear my browser cache and delete their super cookie so it doesn’t show me the ads on every website.

  10. Amanda Cohee says:

    I downloaded torrents using the service even though the provider claims they don’t allow P2P or torrent use. It was blazing on the Netherlands server and downloaded a 2 GB movie in 22 minutes, that’s some blazing speeds as promised. Streaming was really ordinary on the United Kingdom server, kept buffering and reducing video quality to 360p and below. Wouldn’t give it a 5 star rating, but, decent for torrent downloads.

  11. Michael T. Mercado says:

    Customer service is really bad, wanted help with my Amazon Fire Stick and had to wait in queue for more than 20 minutes first. After I was attended it took the support guy so long to get my issue sorted. Works fine now, but seriously get your issues sorted out.

  12. Amy J. Tigner says:

    Not really over the top, decent service with just about enough servers to manage my streaming and social media needs. Been using with HBO NOW to watch Game of Thrones and when using my social networks at university and 3G network works fine,connection drops sometimes but that’s usual with any of them.

  13. Olaf says:

    wow testing with a 10Mbps connection really? so if the provider maxes out of maybe 8 it’s fast? LOL
    TotalVPN is the slowest I have used. Actual ridiculously slow. Tried multiple locations and it cuts down download speed 90 to 95%. Upload by over 90%. As example I used Switzerland servers. With VPN active I got below constant below 4 Mbps, sometimes even down to 0.4Mbps. Download 2 to 3Mbps. VPN off using same test server I get down 55 to 60Mbps and up between 45 and 55Mbps.
    Contacted them multiple times about the speed and they gave me a runaround. for over a week they didn’t believe me what my user name was (was actually funny and frustrating (they said it’s wrong format etc. etc.. and to look in my account, what do they think where I got it from in the first place?)). Later on they just said that they will be working in the future to update their systems. They actually had the guts to agree and stated that using a VPN users will lose about 5 to 10% speed. ha again funny but they only provide less than 5 to 10%/ Seriously. If you look for a VPN provider do not use TotalVPN and fall for their cheap offers. They are not worth it.

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