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There are many VPN service providers that are providing their services for free. Spotflux is also one of the many providers. The users have downloaded and installed it in their devices to not only make sure their online traffic data is safe but also to view the websites that are prohibited from viewership in their regions. But having said that is there any downside to using the Spotflux VPN service? This review will reveal the exact same thing!

Multiple Servers all across the Globe

Never in our reviewing career have we come across a VPN service that tries to keep its profile very private. Unlike the other VPN services, there is something mysterious about Spotflux that keeps the fun element alive while constantly testing your patience. We tried to dig in to find out the exact server count, but we couldn’t find any server details on its website.

But, we can guarantee you that Spotflux VPN service does offer its servers in the UK and the US to guarantee you the access to some of the best streaming websites of the world and to ensure you are able to unblock Facebook, Twitter and all other channels that are blocked in your region.


We will continue to update the servers’ section in accordance with the updates.

Encryption Support – Check, Protocol Support – Double Check

It is hard to imagine a VPN service working without proper encryption support. You might not be aware of the fact but even the free version of Spotflux VPN service provides you with SSL 128-bit encryption to make sure all your browsing activities are safe. But before you assume that there is nothing different between the free and paid version, we will advise you to control your excitement a little bit.

The free version of the Spotflux VPN service only encrypts the data of your internet browsers, while the paid version takes responsibility of fully encrypting your data even if the internet facility is being used by any third-party app. With the SSL 128-bit encryption at your service, you can stop the websites from tracking cookies, posting ads and government from looking into your online activities.

We must admit here though that the SSL-128 encryption is pretty moderate, considering the technologies used by the hackers and snoopers these days. Now coming to the part that makes it perhaps THE BEST free VPN service – the protocols support.

How often do you see a free VPN provider offering you PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec as your tunneling protocols? It is as rare as jumping from a high cliff without a parachute, because even the thought is suicidal – no pun intended. Well, Spotflux VPN service caught us by surprise when we read that it offers some of the commonly used VPN protocols. We would really like to give Spotflux VPN service the credit here for it has not taken the protocols for granted.

Pricing Plans of Spotflux VPN Service

We will give Spotflux VPN service zero marks for not being able to provide diverse pricing and packages plans to its users. It means if you are interested in acquiring its services, you will have to buy the ONLY package that it is offering to its users for smartphones and Windows and Mac.

If you are looking to install the Spotflux VPN service app in your smartphone, it is recommended to you that you subscribe with the “Mobile only” plan that costs only $3.16/month. The package covers iPhones, Android smartphones, tabs and iPads and helps you save the bandwidth on your internet. Since the amount will be billed on annual basis, you will be required to pay only $29.99/year.

Similarly, the premium package of Spotflux VPN service is available for $37.99/year, making it only $3.16/month for you to equip five of your Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices with it. That’s right, you can use a single account simultaneously on five devices, without having the need to logout and login again.

Devices Supported by Spotflux

Where every other VPN provider seems to provide excellent device compatibility these days, Spotflux fails to understand its need. Nowadays where the technology is rapidly growing, and new devices and operating software are coming out in the tech industry on daily basis, Spotflux VPN service goes old-school and decides to support only the Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

They have got some work to do on their device compatibility if they are to catch up with their competitors in the VPN industry. The current device compatibility is mediocre, to say the least. Providing support to only four mainstream devices and operating software indicates that the creative minds behind Spotflux VPN service need to sit together and find out a way to make it work on the other platforms as well.

Customer Support

If we were to measure the Customer Support of Spotflux VPN service on a scale of ten, we would have given it a five for FAQs tab and zero for live chat assist. We wanted to talk to their Chat Staff to see how they handled their users and answered their queries, but instead, we got notified that the live chat support was available to the premium users only.

Not only did it feel insulting, but we also realized that it’s a common practice at Spotflux VPN service to give preference to the paid users only. We have never seen a VPN service treating its users like Spotflux does. Even though it claims to be available 24/7 to its users through Live Chats, Phone Calls, Facebook and Twitter, we believe it is nothing but just another tall claim.

Money Back Guarantee

How many VPN providers offer a 45-day full money back guarantee to their users? Oh, that’s right; none! We’ll be honest here, if Spotflux fails and falls behind other VPN providers when it comes to the device compatibility and customer support, it beats its competitors by miles when it comes to the money back guarantee.

It provides a full 45-day money back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied with its services. That’s a gigantic number of days, even by the standards of the best VPN services of the industry. However, there are a few clauses that are applicable, but with the availability of 45 days to test out its services, we would say it is worth a shot.

Concluding Remarks

When we began writing this review, we said that we would announce our final verdict once we have thoroughly checked its services and features. Just because it’s a free VPN service, people tend to prefer it, because let’s face it, who does not like free things? But we had decided to keep the excitement of reviewing a free VPN service to ourselves and boy did it not pay off!

This Spotflux VPN review will help you understand that a free VPN service will not only bring you one-dimensional results. If it is benefiting you in some way, it will be harming you in another and vice versa. For a free VPN service, it is doing a pretty average job as of now. The usage of SSL 128-bit encryption seems more of a formality than a necessity.

Similarly poor device compatibility and Customer Support facilities are the weakest links of Spotflux VPN service. We have maintained above as well that it will have to pick up the pace in order to compete with the giants of the VPN industry because otherwise Spotflux VPN service will be out of sight of the users within no time.

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