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A Netherland based VPN provider, ShadeYou VPN is one the cheapest services out there. ShadeYou VPN offers all the benefits of a VPN with good user experience. It is an easy to use service and provides online security, internet accessibility, and anonymity.


  • Cheap pricing plans
  • Supports torrents & P2P file Sharing
  • Good customer support service
  • Easy to use Windows VPN client
  • 24 hour free trial period
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Zero Log Policy


  • Limited server spread
  • No router compatibility
  • Brief Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Pricing Packages

The ShadeYou VPN service standout point is its low pricing scheme. Compared to other VPN providers in the industry, ShadeYou VPN is perhaps the cheapest paid VPN service that you can avail. It offers four different pricing packages, ranging from one month, three months, six months, and yearly plans.

  • 1 month plan will cost you $3.95 per month.
  • 3 months plan will cost you $9.97 ($3.33 per month).
  • 6 months plan will cost you $16.98 ($2.83 per month).
  • 1 year plan will cost you $25.99 ($2.17 per month).

ShadeYou VPN

Looking at the pricing packages, you get all the features and benefits of other premium VPN providers. Each of the packages has the same features and has no cap on the traffic or the speeds that you can achieve. You also get 7 day money back guarantee on the purchase of any of the packages.


ShadeYou VPN has a limited server spread and currently offers only 18 servers located in different countries. Some of these countries include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, and Sweden.

One of the positive aspects that we liked about ShadeYou VPN in our review was that it offers designated severs for torrent and P2P file sharing. ShadeYou VPN is continuously adding more servers from various locations to its server pool. This showed positive intent as the company is improving its service and offering more server options to its users.

ShadeYou VPN Performance

In your ShadeYou VPN review, we evaluated the performance of the service through different tests. These included speed tests, IP leak tests, and browsed different geo restricted websites to gauge the overall performance.

Speed Tests

The speed tests were conducted using to judge the overall download and upload speeds offered by ShadeYou VPN. First, the test was conducted without any VPN connection and the following result was achieved:

ShadeYou VPN

Then we connected ShadeYou VPN with the US server and PPTP protocol. Following was the result that was observed:

ShadeYou VPN

Then we connect ShadeYou VPN with UK server and PPTP protocol, and following result was obtained:

ShadeYou VPNThe results show that there was steady decline in download speeds with ShadeYou VPN connected. The US server showed considerable decrease in download speeds while the UK server had better results. The upload speeds also declined but within reasonable limits and did not impacted the upload performance.

We also accessed different geo restricted websites such as Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV, etc. while being connected to these two servers. The streaming performance was good with the UK server, while with the US server, the performance was average as HD videos took time to buffer.

Also, the UK server that we tested supported torrent and P2P; this showed that you can upload and download torrents at good speeds.

Customer Support

ShadeYou VPN offers customer support through different methods. These include FAQ section, news, messaging and feedback systems. We tested the customer support service of ShadeYou VPN and were pleased with the overall results as it offered quick customer support and is available 24/7.

FAQ Section

The frequently asked questions section holds all the basic information about ShadeYou VPN and its features. It also contains answers to some technical questions pertaining to OpenVPN protocol. If you are new to the service, then going through the FAQ section is a good starting point for troubleshooting a problem.


ShadeYou VPN provides all the latest updates and improvement to its service in this section. These are small news posts that give you an overview of what is updated or added to ShadeYou VPN. You can access this section from the ‘Support’ tab given on the top right corner on the website.

Messaging System

On the bottom right corner of ShadeYou VPN website, you will see a dialogue box being displayed. Clicking on this option opens a messaging box. This acts as a live chat feature which is available on certain parts of the day. If the live chat is not available then you can enter your name, email address, and the message; then a customer support staff responds to your query through the email.


Alternatively, you can get your ShadeYou VPN problems resolved through the Feedback section. This can also be accessed from the ‘Support’ option given on top of the website. It act similar to the messaging system and when we tested this feature out, the customer support was very quick in responding to our query.

Payment Methods

In our ShadeYou VPN review, we were pleased to see the different payment methods offered. Compared to the small scale of ShadeYou VPN, providing vast range of payment options is impressive and offers users with wide range of flexibility.

The payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Web Money, PayPal, and many more. ShadeYou VPN also offers anonymous payment method in the form of BitCoin. This was a positive factor and showed that the service valued a user’s privacy.


ShadeYou VPN takes into account that users would want online security and privacy on every device that they use. Based on this factor, ShadeYou VPN has high compatibility and works on all major platforms.

These include all versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. You can easily configure the service on your laptop, PC, Mac, Smartphone, and tablet. On a downside, we didn’t find any compatibility with different routers. This is one area that ShadeYou VPN could improve upon.

ShadeYou VPN Client

One of the pleasing things that we found in our ShadeYou VPN review was its Windows VPN client. The VPN software is easy to use and can be downloaded from ShadeYou VPN website. The software is currently available only for Windows operating systems.

Once you sign up for the service, you can download the client by accessing the ‘Connect’ option given on top of ShadeYou VPN website. The process for installing is very simple as the installation wizard takes care of the entire steps and with minimal input, your ShadeYou VPN client will be installed on your Windows PC or notebook.

After you have installed the client, you can now easily select the location you want to connect too, the protocol you want to use, and the simply switch ‘On’ the ShadeYou VPN.

ShadeYou VPN

You can also play around with further options given in the ShadeYou VPN client by clicking on the settings icon given on the bottom right corner of the software. This will present you with more options such as, if you want the ShadeYou VPN to connect automatically or conduct auto updates.

Tutorials Provided

ShadeYou VPN does provide detailed and in-depth tutorials for setting up its service for all of its compatible platforms. You can easily setup ShadeYou VPN manually using these tutorials. The tutorials will guide you step by step and have pictures to guide you in setting up the service.

ShadeYou VPN has made it simpler for its users by providing separate guides for each of its protocols (PPTP, L2TP, & OpenVPN). And, if you do not fancy using its Windows VPN client, then ShadeYou VPN also provides manual setup guides for Windows operating system as well.

Protocols and Encryption

ShadeYou VPN offers you three different protocols to choose from. These include PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols. The choice between the protocols depends on the level of security you prefer. PPTP is the lightest of all the protocols and will offer you basic online protection but is good for streaming.

L2TP is will offer better online security measures as compared to PPTP. It works best on Smartphone’s and other handheld devices. OpenVPN offers the strongest online security and is known to keep out the most notorious of cyber-goons.

ShadeYou VPN encrypts your internet traffic through 1024 bit key encryption. This is one of the highest encryption levels that is available and is sure to keep your private and sensitive data save over the internet.

Log and Privacy Policy

In our ShadeYou VPN review, we examined the privacy policy and terms of service to find out if the provider kept any logs of its users. According to the privacy policy, ShadeYou VPN has clearly stated that it does not keep any forms of logs or records any of its user’s activities.

This was a positive sign for the VPN service but we found the terms of service and privacy policy to be very brief as more information would have been helpful. However, with ShadeYou VPN having zero log policy, and the service being located in Netherlands, it means that there are no laws or regulations pressurizing the service to monitor your online activity for the time being.

Free Trial

ShadeYou VPN offers a 24 hour trial period. The trial period has all the features and options that the paid service has. You can sign up for the trial period from the website; all you need to do is select a user name, provide a valid email address, and choose a password.

You will then be sent an email for activating your account. Just click on the link given in the email and your free trial account will be activated. Then from the list of tutorials, you can choose the platform on which you want to setup ShadeYou VPN.

Additional Services

ShadeYou VPN offers an additional feature of free proxy service. From the homepage of ShadeYou VPN website, you can access this additional feature. The proxy service is known as ‘Anonymizer’ and with it you can access this website while staying anonymous.

All you have to do is enter the URL of the website you want to access and click ShadeYou. This will change your IP address, hide your history, and allow you to access the website.


ShadeYou VPN is one of a kind VPN service. If you are looking for a cheap option to remain anonymous over the internet and access geo restricted websites then ShadeYou VPN is your best option. Available at lower than industry prices, ShadeYou VPN gives the best value for your money.

Given the few drawbacks of the service, ShadeYou VPN is easy to use and you can easily setup ShadeYou VPN on your chosen platform using the tutorials. The Windows VPN client is also well made and is user friendly. With zero log policy and torrent supported, ShadeYou VPN will keep your identity hidden and protect your data from theft and fraud at all times.

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