What is Proxy.sh?

Established in 2013 and based in the Republic of Seychelles, Proxy.sh is a service that offers both: proxy and VPN packaged together in the same product. Boasting a wide range of unique features, the provider generates quite the reputation in the marketplace. Utilizing a no-logs policy, users receive the utmost level of privacy and convenience. In addition, the VPN has a huge list of servers, which boosts its versatility and reliability. Are you planning to use the service? Read this detailed Proxy.sh review below!

1.       Kill Switch Feature

2.       Open-Source Software

3.       Strict No Logs Policy

4.       Multi-Hop VPN

5.       Strong 256-bit AES Encryption

1.       Top 2 Plans are Expensive

2.       No Free trial available


Proxy.sh Pricing Review

Our Proxy.sh review unveils that the VPN offers four different pricing plans to its customers. Each plan offers different features. For instance, the Quick plan is available for $2, but only grants access to the service for a temporary 72-hour period. It is a good way to test the service if you are not yet willing to opt for a higher priced plan. You get access to all core features, which include unlimited bandwidth on their 1Gbps network, private DNS, proxy servers, SoftEther, and Safejumper VPN client.


Proxy.sh Pricing Review


The Basic plan gives you access to the VPN for a year. The monthly pricing starts at $5 per month. However, if you choose to go with the yearly package, the pricing drops to $3.33. This means, you only have to pay $39.96 for 12-months access. The features you receive are identical to the Quick Plan. If you want to receive good value, there is a “Solid” plan available. For the monthly package, you will have to pay $10. If you go with the annual package, pricing drops to $7.50 per month (accounting to $90).

If the above plans are not good enough, Proxy.sh even offers a “Pro” plan, which adds some extra features. The only problem is the pricing, which starts at $20 per month. This is probably the highest price we have ever seen for a VPN service. However, if you opt for the annual package, the pricing reduces to $16.66 per month. Though it is still quite high and accounts to almost $200, you receive premium security features and server nodes for high speed and anonymity.

Accepted Payment Methods

According to our Proxy.sh review, the VPN supports more than 100 different secure payment options from all over the world, which are available through gateways like OKPay, SafeCharge, and Payment Wall. Prominent names include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Diners, and WebMoney. You can even buy the service anonymously using a cryptocurrency service like Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Refund/Money Back Guarantee

Our Proxy.sh review discovers that the VPN does offer a refund/money back guarantee to its customers. It is the first provider to provide unconditional refunds to customers, without any time limit restrictions. Though the reason must be valid, the VPN has responded to refund claims. If they are unable to refund the transaction for your payment method (e.g. Bitcoin), they convert their membership into an anonymous voucher code worth the same amount.


Proxy.sh Voucher Codes

If you find the pricing too high for subscribing to Proxy.sh, you do have the ability to use Voucher Codes. You can visit VPNSP or Hosting Coupon Spot for the best deals. Simply enter the code when signing up and purchasing a plan of the service. You can receive as much as 10% off on all membership plans, which can greatly reduce the pricing of the “Solid” and “Pro” plans.

Proxy.sh Client Area Review

According to our Proxy.sh review, signing up for the service is incredibly easy. All you have to do is visit this link and provide an email address with a suitable password. Upon clicking on the sign-up option, you will quickly gain access to the Client Area (screenshot below). It boasts a dashboard that displays all crucial details about your account. If you purchase a plan, you even gain additional features. These include:

Proxy.sh Client Area Review


  • Multi-Hop Technology – This feature is available with the “Pro” plan and allows users to use a VPN with an entry server in one location and the exit node in a different one. It is quite similar to other products that go by the name “DoubleVPN”. It is the perfect choice for users, who want to receive maximum protection when browsing or downloading torrents online.
  • Auto-launch/auto-connect/re-connect – When you install the Proxy.sh VPN client and enter your username and password, you active the Safejumper platforms auto-launch/auto-connect/re-connect feature. This rids the hassle of constantly switching back the VPN client for reconnecting, if the network drops or if there is a pause in connection.
  • IPv6 and DNS Leak Protection – Our Proxy.sh review unveils that the VPN takes solid measures for getting rid of DNS and IPv6 leaks that can cause a great deal of trouble, especially if you live in a country with strict copyright infringement laws. When you establish a VPN connection, all request pass through Proxy.sh’s private DNS servers. This guarantees good security and anonymity.
  • Access to Private 50Gbps VPN Nodes – According to our Proxy.sh review, this feature is only available with the “Pro” plans. If you subscribe to the plan, you gain access to the exclusive 50Gbps server nodes, which allow you to leverage great torrenting and streaming speeds. This combined with the multi-hop feature, ensures you receive exceptional security with high bandwidth!
  • Kill-Switch – Even though the kill-switch is one of the most vital features for any VPN client, many providers still forget to include it as mandatory. Proxy.sh ranks among the services that optimize their clients with a built-in kill-switch feature, which automatically disconnects all internet access to your computer until the connection is normal.
  • Speedtest – The client area comes with a feature that allows you to test the VPN server speeds through the desktop website directly. All you have to do is visit this link, choose the server you want to test, and hit the “Test Speed for Selected VPN Nodes” option.


Proxy.sh Speed Test


Proxy.sh Servers Review

According to our Proxy.sh review, the VPN boasts a huge list of servers. You can establish connections in 57 countries to almost 300 different server addresses. This ensures you have plenty of versatility available for securing your network and making it appear you are located in a different location for unblocking geo-restricted websites. You can check the server status here.

Proxy.sh Servers Review


Privacy and Security

Our Proxy.sh review discovers that the VPN takes its privacy and security incredibly serious. Not only do you have a huge list of features available, but the provider also makes sure to provide all details regarding the use of technology. From encryption, protocols to logging, everything is laid out in a beautiful and detailed manner, which builds trust among customers.

Proxy.sh Protocols Review

According to our Proxy.sh review, the VPN service supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols. Each protocol boasts strong encryption features. If you want the best level of security though, go for the OpenVPN configuration. The service integrates its client with TOR’s obfsproxy, XOR Scrambler, and ECC curves for the protocol, which guarantees excellent anonymity. The best part of all: the 256-bit AES encryption pairs with 4096-bit keys for handshaking. The industry standard is only 2048-bit!

Therefore, the encryption you receive from Proxy.sh is thrice the times stronger than other VPNs. Subsequently, you can feel free to engage in torrenting, without worrying about your identity being traceable. The service even allows users to create config files. Simply select the OS and the country you want to connect with the suitable protocol and click the “Generate & Download config” button.

Proxy.sh Protocols Review


P2P/Torrenting Review

Our Proxy.sh review discovers that the VPN does not impose any restrictions whatsoever on P2P file sharing and torrenting activities. Torrent users can go crazy downloading the files they want to on a high bandwidth network. This goes true, especially if you opt for the “Pro” plan. It gives you access to “The Boost Network” that has a 50Gbps backbone.

Proxy.sh Logging Reviews

According to our Proxy.sh review, the VPN only records certain user information, but no connection/session data. The service collects email address for sending payment confirmations and subscription information, payment data for managing cancellations, payments, sign-ups, and Google Analytics data for improving the overall website.

Transparency Report

To ensure customers receive nothing but complete security while providing proof, Proxy.sh publishes a daily transparency report. This impressive tactic lists every warrant and legal request the provider receives and the responses taken to tackle the situation. Most of the times, it is about blocking a port # or DMCA notices generated by torrent downloads. You can take a complete overview of the reports here.

Proxy.sh Support Review

Our Proxy.sh review unwinds that the service offers a pretty active 24/7 customer support system. Upon exploration of the website, we came to know that the site answer queries within an average of a “few business days”. However, upon sending a general query to the support department, we received a quick response within two hours. The first option is to send tickets.

Proxy.sh Support Review


If you feel the problem is not very serious, you might want to check out the FAQ page. Here you can find comprehensive, yet concise answers to common problems users face with Proxy.sh. Make sure to always check the FAQ before sending a query.

Proxy.sh Support Review


Proxy.sh also boasts an active and helpful knowledgebase that will provide you all the information you need regarding basic VPN knowledge, new releases from the provider, and other general topics of discussion. Below is a screenshot of how the blog page looks.


Proxy.sh Support Review


Proxy.sh Apps Compatibility Review

According to our Proxy.sh review, the VPN offers dedicated applications for all popular platforms, which include Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. In addition to this, you also have direct download links for OpenVPN, Tunnelblick, and Viscosity – if you are more comfortable using a configuration loader. Regardless, you can use the client on all popular platforms and devices!


Proxy.sh Apps Compatibility Review


Windows Client

Proxy.sh calls its VPN client “Safejumper”. It is the only proprietary software in the world of VPNs, which boasts an open-source code with no secret backdoors or built-in malware. This allows users from all over the world to create new and improved versions of the client to help improve user-friendliness and intuitiveness. While it is not the most elegantly-designed software, it is very easy to use and displays all important information in a single outlook. Below is a screenshot of how Safejumper looks.


Proxy.sh Windows Client


Proxy.sh Setup Review

If you are facing trouble installing the Proxy.sh software, the provider offers detailed guides for getting started with the process. From configuring the VPN to tweaking advanced settings, you have guides available for every platform. These include setting up Safejumper, OpenVPN, Tunnelblick, or Viscosity on Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS, and Android.

Proxy.sh Reddit Reviews

Our Proxy.sh review discovers that the service has quite the reputation on Reddit. You can find many users posting questions on the platform to figure out how to use different aspects of the service or troubleshoot common problems. Here is a Reddit thread on a user asking on whether or not the service is a good choice. You can see various replies in discussion of the VPN.

Proxy.sh Kodi Review

There is no Proxy.sh add-on/extension on Kodi itself. However, if you are facing trouble installing a particular third party client, due to geo-restrictions – the VPN can definitely help you out. All you have to do is connect to a server of your choice and the VPN will unblock any extension that was previously giving you trouble during the installation process.

Final Verdict

Our Proxy.sh review establishes that the VPN is a great choice for any user looking for exceptional privacy and anonymity. With its tremendous security features and 50Gbps network, you can receive the utmost level of protection online. Since the service is based in the privacy haven of Seychelles, the VPN is also less vulnerable to pressure from spy organization in Canada, US, and UK. The only problem: high pricing. Judging for the reliability and security you get though, it is not an unfair bargain.

The Good

  1. Zero Logging Policy
  2. Based in Seychelles
  3. User-Friendly Client
  4. VPN + Proxy Included
  5. 4096-bit keys for handshaking

The Bad

  1. Top 2 Plans are Expensive
  2. No Free trial available
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