What is PrivateVPN?

Based in Sweden, PrivateVPN is a private network service that offers high levels of security and privacy to customers for exploring the internet anonymously. It boasts reasonable pricing, a good support system, and offers a dedicated application for all popular platforms. This has enabled the service to earn quite the recognition in the marketplace. However, is the provider really worth the money? Find out in this detailed PrivateVPN review below:

1.       Inexpensive VPN Service

2.       Six Simultaneous Connections

3.       IPv6 Leak Protection

4.       Zero Logs Policy

5.       7-Days Refund Guarantee

1.       No Free Trial

2.       Torrenting only on UK servers


PrivateVPN Pricing Review

Our PrivateVPN review discovers the provider offering three different payment options to customers. The first is a monthly plan, which gives you access to premium features for 30 days. You have to a pay a high $10.95 per month. The service has increased its monthly pricing from $7.46, which means PrivateVPN is no longer a budget-friendly service.

The second is a 3-month plan, which reduces the monthly pricing to $7.50. You receive a 24.6% discount, which means you pay $22.5 every third month. The yearly payment option drops the monthly pricing to $6.00, which means you only pay $72 for 12-months access. If you want to receive the best value, purchase the same 24-months plan from Best VPN Provider, which drops the monthly pricing to $2.55. This means, you only pay $61.2 for 2 years access!

PrivateVPN Pricing Review


PrivateVPN Free Trial

According to our PrivateVPN review, the service does not offer a free trial to customers. This means you cannot just signup with the VPN, without buying a subscription plan. Nevertheless, the provider does make sure to offer a money back guarantee. Though we would like seeing a free trial, the ability to get a refund is not a bad offer either.


PrivateVPN Login Process

Signing up and logging into your PrivateVPN account is no rocket science. Simply click on the Pricing tab on the top right corner of the page. For the first step, select a suitable plan that works according to your budgetary and private network needs.

PrivateVPN Login

Upon selecting an appropriate plan, enter your email address. Carefully select a password that you will be using for accessing your account. Choose a suitable option for payment and complete the checkout process. You will receive an activation link for validating your account.

privatevpn plan

Click on the “MY ACCOUNT” tab and you will gain access to the login page. Enter the email address and password you used for signing up. Hit the “Login” button for accessing the account dashboard and activate your 24/7 support and other features.

privatevpn account


PrivateVPN Discount Code

Our PrivateVPN review unveils that the service accepts discount codes for lowering the price of subscriptions. You can find these codes at Hosting Coupon Spot and other discount code websites like Todays Coupons and use them while signing up to reduce the pricing of any desired plan you want to buy.


PrivateVPN Refund/Money Back Guarantee Review

According to our PrivateVPN review, the provider offers a remarkable 7-day money back guarantee to its customers. This applies to all customers who choose to cancel before the last day of the subscription. The service usually takes five business days to process the refund and does not ask many questions.


PrivateVPN Servers Review

During its initial months, PrivateVPN had a limited set of countries available for connectivity. However, now the service has grown considerably. It has 80+ servers in 44 countries worldwide for you to enjoy privacy and protection, wherever you go. There are some restrictions to connecting to servers in countries like China, as you can only use the L2TP protocol. However, even so the list of countries available for connectivity is quite diverse.PrivateVPN Servers Review


PrivateVPN Privacy and Security

Our PrivateVPN review unveils that the service does its due diligence in offering complete security and anonymity. Unlike most beginner VPNs, the provider avoids being vague and instead provides as much information as possible on its website. This gives users assurity on using the service, especially while connecting to the internet in unsecured locations i.e. public Wi-Fi hotspots at the mall or local library.

Since the VPN supports a good range of protocols and couples its connections with high-grade encryption, you can feel assured that governmental agencies and local ISPs cannot eavesdrop or snoop on your private data. By creating security layers on the tunneled connection, even if someone does gain access to your data, it will be incredibly tough to decipher.


PrivateVPN Protocols Review

During our PrivateVPN review, we discovered that the provider supports all popular protocols available for connection. You can use OpenVPN with either TCP or UDP, L2TP coupled with IPSec, PPTP, or the standalone IKEv2. All networks use military-grade AES 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit DH key for ensuring that your connections are always secure, minus any interruptions in speed.


PrivateVPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Our PrivateVPN review discovers that the VPN allows users to leverage P2P/Torrenting, but only on its UK servers. Since the service buys high-quality network capacities from top providers in the UK, you can feel assured to receive good bandwidth speed and unlimited data. You cannot use servers located in other countries for torrenting.


PrivateVPN Logs Review

On its Privacy Policy page, the VPN clearly states that it does not record any session and connection related information, but contradicts its statement later on. The only information that provider claims it uses is your e-mail address for signing up and sending you promotional/marketing information.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to receive info about the VPNs products, you can always write to the provider at support@privatevpn.com. Third-party providers are responsible for handling your payment data. This further assures that your personal information is completely secure.

Apart from this, the provider states it “collects some information about all visitors to our site such as IP address”, but fails to specify what information exactly. However, this is quite normal, as almost all VPNs do store some IP address related data some way or the other.


PrivateVPN Netflix

One of the best things about using PrivateVPN is that you can gain access to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. Thanks to its high-grade encryption, it is impossible for these websites to trace back your IP address. This enables you to bypass geo-restricted content. Our PrivateVPN review even finds the provider giving users a list of servers that you can use for accessing Netflix.

PrivateVPN Netflix


PrivateVPN Support Review

In terms of customer support, our PrivateVPN review discovers that you leverage quite the remarkable assistance and help from a number of options. Unlike most providers, this VPN offers a live chat service. You can use it for gaining instant replies regarding questions you might have regarding PrivateVPN. You can expect to get a response within seconds of your query.

If live chat does not work, you can always choose to email the service at support@privatevpn.com. This system is a little slower than live chat. Therefore, expect to receive replies within at least 3 or 4 hours. However, before you go to contact the support team, make sure to scan through the helpful FAQ section. Here you can find detailed, but brief answers to common queries.

PrivateVPN Support Review


If the problem is one you cannot solve, our PrivateVPN review discovers the service offering something incredibly UNIQUE. The VPN will get you help faster by providing TeamViewer support, which allows the technical team to take over your PC and correct all issues that may be creating trouble in establishing a connection. Here are some download links for installing TeamViewer on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

If all else fails, you can always leverage support from the social media pages of PrivateVPN. Yes, the service has quite the active presence on SM with plenty of followers. If by any chance, you encounter a problem and need a quick response, feel free to approach the support team directly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube.

Privatevpn customer social support


PrivateVPN Apps Compatibility Review

Our PrivateVPN review discovers that the service offers intuitive and user-friendly VPNs apps for all popular platforms devices, which include Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You also have manual setup guides available for using the VPN on Kodi, Amazon Fire TV, and other DD-WRT enabled devices.


PrivateVPN Download

If you want to install the relevant app for your device, simply visit the “download” page. The site will automatically provide you a link to the Windows client. For other clients, simply click on the tabs named as Mac, iOS or Android. Once the download is complete, install the application and run the VPN for establishing a secure connection.

PrivateVPN Download


PrivateVPN Manual Setup Guides Review

According to our PrivateVPN review, the service offers helpful setup guides for users to manually establishing connections on a variety of protocols. For each platform, you have a guide available for creating a L2TL, PPTP, OpenVPN, or IKEv2 connection with the suitable encryption, you prefer.

PrivateVPN Manual Setup Guides Review


PrivateVPN APK

If you are facing trouble in installing PrivateVPN on your Android device, you can always download the APK file separately. This proves to be quite useful, especially in circumstances where you were more comfortable using an earlier released version of the application. If you want to download the APK file or gain access to earlier versions, click on this link.


How Many Devices Can you Connect to Simultaneously?

A single subscription can allow you to access the VPN on at least six different personal devices/platforms at the same time. For the reasonably low price, this is quite an amazing trait and something that not many VPNs offer. As a result, it works as a great selling point for the provider. If you are looking for a VPN that offers good multi-login capability, then PrivateVPN is definitely a good choice.


Final Verdict

Our PrivateVPN review establishes that overall the service does quite well in offering good reliability, compatibility, and support. The pricing is very reasonable, considering you get unlimited bandwidth and six simultaneous connections. You have multiple options for assistance, which include live chat and even TeamViewer support. The encryption is excellent and you leverage maximum security at all times.


The Good

  1. Budget-Friendly VPN
  2. Money Back Guarantee
  3. Supports OpenVPN Protocol
  4. Servers in 44 countries
  5. Access to Netflix


The Bad

  1. No Free Trial
  2. Lacks Kill Switch.
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