Private Internet Access is a US based VPN provider offering privacy and security solutions through strong encryption levels and multiple servers located across the world. This Private Internet Access review evaluates the legitimacy and competency of the VPN service’s claim for providing privacy and anonymity to users over the internet.


  • 3386+ servers in 17 different countries
  • OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols
  • AES 256 bit encryption provided
  • 24/7 live chat feature
  • Good customer support
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Zero log policy
  • Easy to use VPN client


  • Slow download speeds
  • No free trial
  • Can’t select protocols from software client


Pricing and Plans

PrivateInternetAccess offers three pricing plans, just like most of the VPN providers in the industry. You can choose from a monthly account, semiannual account, and a yearly account.


The monthly package is offered at $6.95 per month which is slightly on the higher side compared to some other VPN providers. However, you can choose from the longer duration accounts to avail much lower prices as the yearly package costs $3.33 per month (half of what a monthly packages costs).

Private Internet Access review showed that it offers great value for money as each of the package comes with a 7 day money back guarantee and offers the same features and protection level across each pricing plan, ensuring that your data and privacy is safe from all kinds of threats over the internet.

Free Trial

If you are looking to try the service for free for few days, we are sad to report that Private Internet Access does not provide any free trials at this stage. The VPN service does offer a 7 day money back guarantee from the day of the sign-up.

We recommend that you utilize these seven days and test the service across all the platforms and devices you use. Try different servers, access various geo restricted websites, and check for any issues with the service and its features.


PrivateInternetAccess offers different servers located across the world. There are over 17 different countries where PIA has located its 3386+ servers. These countries include the likes of United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Hong Kong and more.

PIA is constantly adding more servers to its already established list of servers. The vast span of servers allows you to mask your original identity and remain anonymous over the internet.

This is achieve by connecting to the server you wish to connect, which then masks your original IP address and replaces it with the anonymous IP address of the server. This way the cyber-goons and surveillance agencies cannot track your geographic location, eavesdrop on your internet activity, or track your online whereabouts.

PIA Performance

In testing the performance of Private Internet Access, we conducted few tests to check the speeds that can be achieved. Speed tests were conducted using and compared with original speed and between different servers.

First, the test was conducted without PIA VPN connected switched on and the following results were obtained:

Private Internet Access Review

Next, we connected Private Internet Access with US server and the following results were obtained:

Private Internet Access Review

The test was further conducted when we switched to UK server and the following results were obtained:

Private Internet Access Review

The results of the speed tests show that there was a significant drop in download speeds while upload speeds remain consistent. The decrease in download speeds was almost 40%.

This was a downside of the service and we didn’t expect such a steep drop having known that VPN does cause a minor reduction in internet speeds. The impact was observed when accessing different geo-restricted websites and streaming various media content; as it took considerable time to buffer.

Customer Support

Private Internet Access utilizes different methods to respond to its users’ queries. It is important for any service, especially in the VPN industry, to have various channels through which users can communicate with the service to seek assistance.

PrivateInternetAccess uses a live chat feature as well as a knowledge base and a FAQ section to resolve user problems and answer to their requirements.

Live Chat

In our Private Internet Access review, we tested the live chat feature and were pleased with its overall result. Although it took a short while for the customer support staff to come online and attend our chat, the staff member was quick to respond to our query and guided us in an appropriate manner.

The live chat feature is available 24/7 throughout the day and is present 365 days a year. This shows that PIA is committed towards providing high quality user experience and devoted towards resolving your VPN related problems.

Knowledge Base

PIA has a well versed and detailed knowledge base that can be accessed from the ‘Client Support’ option from the website. In the knowledge base, there are setup guides, configuration files for OpenVPN protocol, and information on the different features offered.

FAQ Section

The FAQ section can be accessed from the ‘Contact Us’ accessible from the top of the website. The Frequently Asked Questions section holds basic information about PIA VPN service, its features, privacy policy, and payment information.

If you are a new user or are planning to use PrivateInternetAccess then going through the FAQs is a good starting point as it will give you sufficient starter information about the service.

Payment Options

Private Internet Access accepts different methods for payment. These include credit and debit card payments, as well as PayPal, American Express, BitCoin, Ripple, Pay Garden and many other payment methods. You can also pay for the service anonymously using the gift cards from Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Macy’s, etc.


Sign-up Process

The sign-up process for Private Internet Access is easy and requires few steps. The process is dependent upon the payment method that you select. We used PayPal for purchasing the service and it redirected us directly to PayPal’s webpage. All you need to do is fill out the details and that’s it, you are done.

If you chose to use the credit card option for payment, it requires a little more personal information including your email address. You can use a use a gift card or you can pay with Bitcoin if you want to pay anonymously.

PIA Windows Client

Once you sign-up for the service, you can either configure the VPN service using manual configuration or use the VPN client. The client is available for Windows (XP and later versions) and Mac OS X (10.6 or higher version). You can download the clients from the ‘Client Support’ page for free.

Once you download the client, you just need to enter the username and password and connect to the VPN service. There are some advance settings that you can also use while logging in to the client.

You can select the connection type you want, remote port, or if you wish to use the port forwarding, VPN kill switch, DNS leak protection, or IPv6 leak protection.

You can also use the client to select the encryption level, data authentication, and handshake settings you want for protection.


In our Private Internet Access review, we were pleased with the number of devices and operating systems the service is compatible on.

You can configure the VPN on your Windows and Mac using the software client or manual setup. The service can also be used on iOS and Android devices using the setup instructions provided. PIA also works on Ubuntu Linux devices, different routers, and Boxee Box device.

This provides protection on multiple platforms and along with the multi login feature you can stay protected while enjoying internet freedom.

Tutorials Provided

Private Internet Access offers setup guides and tutorials for configuring the service on each of the devices it is compatible on. The setup instructions for PIA can be accessed from the ‘Client Support’ page on the website.

These guides provide step by step instructions for configuring the service and there are separate tutorials for configuring different protocols on the compatible devices. There are OpenVPN configuration files that can also be downloaded from this page.

Protocols and Encryption

PrivateInternetAccess provides strong security measures by combining different protocols and encryption levels. The protocols offered by PIA are PPTP, L2TP/ IPSec, and OpenVPN. These protocols work in combination with encryption levels to safeguard your data against various threats.

The encryption levels include AES (CBC Blowfish) 128 bit and 256 bit encryption. If you use the client software of the service, you can also choose the data authentication and handshake settings for protecting your data and identity.

However, there is no option to select the protocol using the client software as it comes with default OpenVPN protocol settings. You can manually configure the protocol of your choice if you do not wish to use OpenVPN.

Logs and Privacy Policy

Private Internet Access does not keep any logs of its users. The privacy policy of PIA clearly states the data that is collected from the users and the way it is used. This is a good sign as the service guarantees privacy to its users and lives up to its promise by no recording any activity logs of its users.

Even the with the DCMA policy, PIA requires valid and complete DCMA notice from authorized agents before it is asked to takedown any of its user for copyright infringement.

Additional Features

In our Private Internet Access review, we came across some impressive additional features offered by PIA. These features included an internet kill switch, port forwarding, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and multi login feature.

Internet Kill Switch

The internet kill switch allows you to stop your internet connection when the VPN disconnects. This keeps you protected and negates any chance of malicious entities accessing your data or knowing your identity if VPN fails.

Port Forwarding

The port forwarding feature allows you to redirect certain communication to a specific gateway. However, this reduces privacy and PIA advises to keep this feature off it you value high security.

DNS Leak Protection

Using this feature, you get ultimate protection as your DNS is routed through the VPN. This way you are protected from DNS leakage and your privacy remains intact.

IPv6 Leak Protection

The IPv6 leak protection disables the traffic going through IPv6 while you use PIA VPN. This ensures that there is no leakage of IPv6 traffic.

Multi Logins

With Privateinternetaccess you can connect up to 5 different devices at the same time using the same account. The 5 multi login feature allows users the flexibility and safety over the internet no matter which device or platform they wish to use.


Private Internet Access is one of a kind VPN service that offers tight security and privacy. The service values protection against different threats over the internet and delivers it through its secure protocols and encryption levels.

In our Private Internet Access review, we were pleased with overall package that is delivered by the service. Apart from slow performance speeds, the service is easy to use and setup. Combined with good customer support and detailed setup instructions, PIA offers good value for money.

So if you are looking for a VPN service that provides top notch internet security and protects your privacy over the internet, nothing comes closer than Private Internet Access.

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  1. Random Guy says:

    I just tested a VPN connection to the UK from Vancouver. 90Mb download and upload. I have been a customer for several years and they get better and better. I do have a delay when connecting and disconnecting on my mac, but I am blaming OSX for that. My laptop using tunnelblick is fine. I also use their Proxy connection as well and that works with Deluge for torrents, without needed to VPN all traffic. They also now have servers in 24 countries.

  2. miles morales says:

    Great VPN, easy to use for a low price. For a first-time VPN user PIA is
    totally idiot-proof, and they have LiveChat support for all your
    bumbling needs. Awesome PIA Review.. thanks.

  3. eugene says:

    During my search for the best vpn provider I found that private internet access is the for
    all purpose like torrenting, unblocking and anonymity, I have been using
    private internet access for more than a year and I never had a single
    issue with their service and customer support. Thank you for the private internet access review.

  4. ockknowsbest says:

    Excellent and very easy to use! It’s so easy, I use it all the time, especially on airplanes and I’ve had no issues.

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