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  • Fast Speed
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Strengthened security and protection
  • Anonymity
  • Easy to use interface
  • Exclusive 60% discount for BestVPNProvider.com’s visitors


  • Only two simultaneous logins (with only 1 OpenVPN protocol)
  • No 24 hour live chat

IPVanish Review

*Exclusive 60% Discount 


Looking for secure internet connection, anonymity, and the freedom to access limitless geo restricted websites – IPVanish VPN is best service that money can buy today. With 15 years of experience, the team that built IPVanish VPN provides Tier 1 VPN service, offering over 25,000 IP addresses from multiple servers located across 60 different countries. The service is available on multiple platforms and devices, offering wide range of services and features.

Key Features of IPVanish VPN

  • Anonymity
  • Fast browsing speeds
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Secure Internet Connection
  • Accessibility to Geo Restricted Content
  • Wide range of IP Addresses
  • Availability on different platforms
  • Two simultaneous logins

IPVanish Log Policy

Reviewing IPVanish VPN service provided exceptional and outstanding performance. We were amazed at the high speed and the secure internet connection provided by IPVanish VPN. One of the most interesting and probably the staggering points revealed during the review of IPVanish was their ‘Zero Log Policy’. The company does not record your every move that you make while browsing the internet – meaning they do not keep logs for all the websites that you visited. This point has been clearly made evident on the IPVanish VPN website (Privacy Policy page). You must be wondering who reads this kind of stuff. Well you should READ this dry, boring, lengthy and lifeless stuff if privacy is on top of your criteria list for purchasing a VPN.


Among the large pool of VPN services that are available, IPVanish VPN provides the best return for your money – in our opinion. There are three different price plans offered by IPVanish ranging from monthly plan to quarterly and yearly plans. Prices start off with $10.00 per month and go as low as $6.49 with yearly package (providing comparatively low average cost per month), which compared to other VPN services, IPVanish is a sound investment.

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Payment Method

One of the striking features that we liked about IPVanish VPN is the 7 day money back guarantee. It will provide you ample time to test and see if the service is any good or not, and if you don’t like the service you can easily cancel your account – although we don’t think such need will ever arise. There are different payment methods to choose from as well; IPVanish accepts credit cards, PayPal, Worldpay and even Bitcoin.

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Speed Test

For any VPN service to be of standout quality and perform exceptionally, it must be able to provide fast internet speeds and quick connectivity. The charm of a VPN service is won or lost in regards to the speeds it is able to provide.

IPVanish VPN is no slouch – speed tests show that while service varies depending on the protocol you are using – the speeds are breathtaking. The test was conducted using Speedtest.net and were performed using different servers located across the world. There were no drop in browsing speeds, all the tests were consistent and everything worked seamlessly – like fluid!

Our actual speed, without using VPN, is as follows:

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Speeds achieved using servers located in USA:

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Speeds achieved using servers located in UK:

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Speeds achieved using servers located in Belgium:

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

The speed test showed mesmerizing performance with little or no variations in connectivity and internet speed.

The speed test showed mesmerizing performance with little or no variations in connectivity and internet speed.

Vanish your IP Address

IPVanish VPN safeguards your internet connection and strengthens your network. IPVanish VPN provides you limitless access, replacing your IP address with IPVanish IP address, the service allows you to mask your identity to internet hackers, government agencies, marketers and search engines.

This way the software enables you to protect your sensitive and private information. The strong data encryption shows that hackers, marketers, and the governmental agencies will have a very difficult time in retrieving your information and track your steps.

Lightening Fast Content Streaming

IPVanish VPN offers wide ranges of services and key features that would not just make your internet connection secure, but also allow you to access your favorite web content located anywhere on the web. One of the key features of using IPVanish VPN is the accessibility to geo restricted content. There are many websites that are available based on geographic location. Websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other similar websites are restricted in certain geographic locations. Using IPVanish VPN, you can enjoy and stream all your favorite content on these websites. So how does this works, the following section explains the science behind IPVanish.

Geo Restriction, Not a Problem!

The point made earlier about having multiple servers located across the world enables you to choose an IP address that you would want to be in; allowing you to access all these websites. Let’s say you went for a semester abroad, went on a vacation or plan to visit someone in the United Kingdom, India, China, or whatever place it may be. During that time period you feel the urge to view your favorite TV series on Hulu. HOLLY SMOKES! Hulu cannot be accessed outside United States – there is nothing to worry about as using IPVanish VPN will give you the power to access the website by routing your IP to a location in US and satisfying that imminent need to watch the TV show.

Pay Less, Enjoy More!

IPVanish goes beyond providing security and accessibility. Ever considered that you may be paying more for any service over the internet than you should actually pay? Just a food for thought, your location may be tracked by different websites that offer you products and services. These companies then package and charge you the price according to the location you are based in. For instance, call charges or airline tickets may be sold at a higher price to a person living in New York, Manhattan as compared to someone living in Albuquerque. IPVanish VPN is the solutions to this problem – helping you select the location that you want and enjoy call rates, airline fares, and other deals at low prices.


IPVanish VPN service is present on all the major devices and operating systems – it is even available as a free app on Google Play Store. IPVanish VPN uses OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols; enabling you to choose the protocol that suits you (we would recommend the use of OpenVPN as it performs better than other two protocols).  However, our review of IPVanish VPN divulged an interesting fact that while the service can be used on two devices simultaneously, OpenVPN can only be used on any one device  – the other device would have choose from PPTP or L2TP protocols.

Sign Up Process

IPVanish VPN has an easy to use process when it comes to signing up for the service. The usual requirements are selecting a username, password, providing an email address, and selecting the payment method. The process is even simpler if you choose to pay through Bitcoin – where you would only need to provide email address and password.

User Interface

Once you have logged into the software, the initial interface / start up screen is easy to use and navigate. Unlike the old days where setting up a VPN service would require you to master the expertise of coding and develop other technical capabilities; IPVanish provides detailed step by step instructions that would help you to configure the software on your device. Tutorials are present on the provider’s website for setting up IPVanish VPN on different OS and devices.

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

The overall outlook of the software is very neat and clean; offering all the necessary tabs and options right where the user would want them to be. A world map points out the location where you are connected and also promotes you to choose the location.

Server Selection

IPVanish VPN provides wide range options to select the server you wish to connect. You can select the servers based on your usage, list of servers categorized by location, ping, last used or going to the world map (point the cursor on the location and see the list of servers) and selecting the desired server.

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

User Settings

Devolving further into the easy interface of IPVanish VPN, it lets you select the settings according to your requirements. From selecting the protocol to the startup options, you can customize the settings based on your ease.

IPVanish Review - BestVPNProvider.com

Support Plan

Support service is an integral part of any software and how it manages to resolve the queries of their customers shows the integrity of the company. At IPVanish VPN, we tested the support service and the reviews were positive. The support page has a highly detailed FAQ section – long enough to make a short novel, probably. The FAQ section covers vast areas and would answer any basic query that might arise.

If the FAQs cannot handle any question, the customer support center provides quick response through emails; this is partly because of impressive ticketing service incorporated by IPVanish. In addition to this, IPVanish provides live chats with support staff to answer all your queries and problems. However, be mindful that the live chats take place during working hours from 9AM to 5PM EST on weekdays.

Internet Kill Switch Feature

While reviewing IPVanish VPN, we came across an interesting feature that will further enhance your online security. What the internet kill does is that it shut down all internet access and halts your internet activity in case the connection from the VPN drops.

The Internet Kill Switch acts as a failsafe measure that prevents any chance of hackers, spammers, snoopers, and other malicious entities from entering your network. This way your sensitive and private data is safe at all times and your true identity is never revealed online.

IPVanish Compatibility

IPVanish has great all round compatibility and you can easily setup the service on your chosen platform. IPVanish VPN offers exclusive VPN software for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also download and install their apps for Android and iOS devices as well.

In addition to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, we were pleased to see in our IPVanish VPN review that it is compatible on Windows Phone, Chromebook, Linux (Ubuntu) devices, and routers (DD-WRT and Tomato routers). For our IPVanish VPN review, we tested its compatibility on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPhone) platforms.

IPVanish Device Compatibility

IPVanish VPN Client for Windows

The IPVanish VPN client for Windows is very slick and user friendly.

IPVanish VPN Client for Mac

IPVanish has introduced a new and improved version of its VPN software for Mac users. The new look is very neat and provides impressive new additions that makes the overall experience that much easier.

With the new version, you can now easily control the Internet Kill Switch feature from the settings, sort the servers based on the map provided in the software, and also add servers to your favorites list. In our IPVanish review, we were really pleased with its overall performance. The software was fast to operate and switched between servers with little response time.

IPVanish App for Android

You can download the IPVanish VPN app for Android from Google Play Store. The app is free to download and is very easy to setup. The overall interface of the IPVanish Android App is simple and anyone can easily navigate through the various options.

At the start of the App, it will ask for your login credentials. Once you have entered the login details, you will be asked for selecting the server to which you want to connect. Select the server of your choice and you will be connected in a matter of seconds.

Things that can Improve

Although IPVanish VPN does almost everything you would ask from a VPN service provider, there are certain elements that the company can improve upon. For starters, IPVanish live chats can be expanded beyond normal working hours and also on weekends. There can be occasions where the user would require prompt assistance of a support staff but due to unavailability of live chat during that hour, a potential customer could be lost.

IPVanish VPN can increase its simultaneous login and usage sessions. The service currently provides two simultaneous logins; increasing this number would further enhance their service.

The seven day period to return the product if it does not meet your requirements is sufficient time in our opinion – but then again it is our opinion. IPVanish VPN can provide a free trial period in addition to the seven day money back guarantee period. This would allow users to fully test out the service, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a FREE trail before purchasing anything.

Overall, there isn’t much that we hate or dislike about IPVanish VPN just that these elements could make it perhaps the best VPN so far.

You are Being Watched!

Ever wondered that the browsing you do over the internet is being watched and monitored? As disturbing as it sounds, this is one of the harsh realities and the dirty side of using internet. There are numerous agencies and parties that might be tracking and recording all the information about you whenever you use the internet. Yes it is true! Technological advancement has provided ease and accessibility to wide variety of things – the publically accessible information about you is also among them. Government agencies, marketers, hackers, search engines, shopping websites, and various other entities can gain access to your information.

When did I provide information about myself?

There will be many occasions where you are required to provide information, let it be talking to a friend on Facebook or setting an email account. In the background, there are invisible forces (malicious software and cookies) working to track your every key stroke. This is where some of your most precious and sensitive information is accessed by unwanted entities. Here is where, VPN comes into play; masking your identity, securing your network connection, and protecting personal information. Never before the need for VPN service had become as important as in today’s environment – IPVanish is the correct tool to safeguard against all such threats.

The Verdict

To conclude our IPVanish Review, there are not many VPN services that are quick, reliable, and a good investment other than IPVanish VPN. To simply put it, IPVanish is among the best VPN service out there in the market as off today. Here are some of the pros and cons we have highlighted after our review of IPVanish VPN.

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  1. pfcrup says:

    i can’t find a fault with ipvanish, it’s fast secure and reliable with friendly helpfull support superb service i am very happy i chose to use them and will carry on using when i have to renew my subscription. it doesn’t cost a lot and for the security worth every penny

  2. Brian says:

    I used IPVanish for a month. Great speed and good client. If you use Canadian servers from the west coast you will be glad to use their Vancouver server. So far IPVanish is best in allowing P2P on their Sydney server and in terms of no logs. Personally I will stick with IPVanish because I have no issue with and and its fast in speed if I compared it to other providers that I used before.

  3. betterdays says:

    Thank you for the review, all in all it is a good VPN provider, but they seriously need to work on their support.

  4. Heavenknows says:

    I have used IPVanish for Gaming and it has been by far the best gaming VPN I have used. You should add this in your review too.

  5. Tina says:

    I have two accounts of IPVanish VPN, one for my cousin and one for me. Its Fast and Reliable connections. Highly appreciate IPVanish VPN service for everyone!

  6. Juan says:

    I’m very happy with ipvanish vpn. I strongly disagree for all the negative speech.

  7. Brenda says:

    Well, I am very muck pleased with IPVanish, everything works fine for me. I really appreciate their services.

  8. Aiden Murphy says:

    I currently have a year plan at IPVanish and I’ll tell you a little about my experience with them.

    I primarily went with IPVanish because it was on a very nice sale and it had OK reviews. The features that I wanted in a VPN service was: proper privacy, simultaneous use on multiple devices, nice Windows interface with low system resource usage, Android app, torrenting allowed and can’t remember anything more.

    What I like about IPVanish the most is that’s it’s pretty speedy and it has servers all around the world. The Windows client supports the usual VPN protocols including OpenVPN which is great.

  9. Neymar says:

    IPVanish is by far the best VPN service I have used. they have awesome streaming speeds.

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