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  • All Tunneling Protocols
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • 99% server uptime
  • Unrestricted data usage
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Wallet friendly subscription plans
  • Strategic servers placement
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No anonymous payment methods provided
  • Maintains authentication logs
  • No iOS apps &installation guides

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Incognito VPN is owned by United Kingdom based Pseudo and is a fairly new brand to the VPN industry. Incognito VPN claims to provide 100% anonymity, top notch data protection features and wallet friendly pricing plans. In our review, we tested Incognito VPN’s claims of offering exclusive privacy & online security, claiming it as one of its unique competitive edge.

Unique Selling Point

Incognito VPN distinguishes itself in the VPN market by giving the option of a 30-day money back guarantee. Incognito VPN’ 30-day money back guarantee is a fair offer, allowing them to use the service over the month and discontinue if it doesn’t click.

Subscription Packages and Plans

Incognito VPN offers three very affordable pricing plans, each cleverly named after privacy synonyms to make them more appealing to prospects. The three subscription plans are and their respective features are:

  1. Cloak – $3.99 per month (Offers 7 locations, 1 simultaneous device connection)
  2. Disguise – $4.99 per month (Offers 30+ locations, 3 simultaneous device connections)
  3. Anonymous – $5.99 per month (Offers 30+ locations, 5 simultaneous device connections, free Smart DNS)

Incognito Pricing and Plans

Unlike other providers, Incognito VPN currently offers monthly subscriptions for its prospect users. Common features among premium plans include:

  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data Transfers
  • 4Tunneling protocols

Incognito VPN offers the 30-day money back guarantee offer for all paid services. Do remember that the money back guarantee takes 2 weeks to process and always keep track of your online usage to ensure you cannot be denied a refund.

Payment Methods

Incognito VPN offers minor selection of payment methods, which include credit cards and PayPal. redit card payments are offered through:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Exchange
  • Delta

Money Back Guarantee

Incognito VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee to all its subscribers. After filing for a cancellation, Incognito VPN’s support team processes the request which can take up to90 days to process.

The refund only includes basic service charges and does not include administrative fee, custom software installation fees or any other setup fee.

DO remember that, Subscribers who pay through bank wire transfers, Western Union payments, checks or money orders will not be eligible for a refund.


Incognito VPN offers 35+ servers strategically spread across 24 countries. Incognito VPN also offers more than 1,000 unique IP addresses to its users through its servers laid across more than 30 cities across the world. Incognito VPN’s server map includes Singapore, United States, Ireland, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and many more.

Incognito Servers Screenshot

Incognito VPN offers its servers in strategic locations allowing its users to enjoy favorite shows on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and many more. The provider also offers a very strong security framework allowing subscribers to proactively secure their network in every corner of the world.


Incognito VPN is compatible with almost all devices with a Wi-Fi connection. This includes Windows, Mac, Android devices and iOS devices. Incognito VPN is also compatible on Linux and it stated that it will offer native software for Chrome book & Windows phone soon.

Incognito VPN Compatibility


We found Incognito VPN’s Windows desktop app interface fairly simple and user-friendly. During our Incognito VPN review we rigorously tested the Windows, Android, iOS and Mac apps to establish their stability and reliability.

After carefully reviewing Incognito VPN apps we established that the service is very stable over their European & US servers. Rarely did the device disconnect over our office network, then the public network in a Costa coffee shop and over the mobile 4G network.

Protocols & Encryption

Incognito VPN offers 4 tunneling protocols to secure their users namelyIKEV2, PPTP, IPSec, and OpenVPN.

Each protocol offers its unique mix of security and speed so Incognito VPN users can stream, download, secure browsing activities, listen to music or simply send emails with complete privacy online.

Incognito VPN offers powerful AES 128 and 256 bit encryption along with the aforementioned tunneling protocols. Although it’s recommended that subscribers use 256bit encryption, you can always make the trade-off between speed and security depending on your usage.

Customer Support

Incognito VPN offers customer support through 24/7 live chat, a ticketing system, and FAQs. Incognito VPN offers a detailed tutorial section that helps users set up the VPN on their device with detailed step-by-step illustrations for each available device.

We were impressed by the CSR response time over Live Chat, but the same cannot be said during peak times. Incognito VPN chat agents took roughly a minute to join but took a while in answering our technical questions.

Using the ticket system, subscribers can choose between Technical, Sales or billing issues. Complainants can leave information about their OS, detailed explanation of the issues and an email to contact on.

Tutorials provided

Incognito VPN currently offers illustrated installation guides to help users setup, install and configure their VPN apps on their devices. Currently Incognito VPN offers guides for three platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android

Privacy and Log Policy

Incognito VPN mentions in its privacy policy that it needs at least one source or information that will allow it to contact the user. This may include name, telephone number, email address, types of services, or payment history. During our Incognito VPN we discovered that the brand also saves cookies on your browser, primarily to speed up browsing but also to extract marketing data.

In addition to this, Incognito VPN may also conduct customer surveys for feedback purposes but the surveys are voluntary. If the user clicks on any social media link on its website then these third party website may save your IP address and the page you are visiting.

Incognito VPN states that it collects your authentication logs but do not save information regarding the content that you view through its services. Incognito VPN’ logs include the source

  • IP address,
  • VPN username and
  • The VPN Protocol that you opt to connect through.

Incognito VPN’ also prohibits certain uses of its services, which includes infringement of intellectual property rights, illegal activities and non-personal use. In addition to this, Incognito VPN also has a Zero Tolerance Spam policy.

Free trial

Incognito VPN offers a free trial version for its users to try out the service before opting for the premium plan. The trial includes 3 locations to connect through, over 30 servers and connectivity over 1 device while offering limited bandwidth. Incognito VPN’s free trial is compatible on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It does not support iOS devices or Chrome book as yet.

How to Use Incognito VPN on Windows

We tested Incognito VPN’ Windows software with a free trial. To activate your trial sign up on the provider website and download the app from the official website. After login you will be directed to the app dashboard.

Incognito on Windows Screenshot

The main dashboard allows users to select servers, configure settings and get live help. The very user friendly app allows one click connect and can be set to automatic configuration

Incognito VPN Config Preview

How to Download and Use Incognito VPN on iOS Devices

In our guide, we used an iPhone with iOS 7 installed and the minimum requirement to run Incognito VPN on any of your iOS devices, you need iOS 6. The free trial is not valid on an iOS device, you need a premium service.

Step. 1 Search OpenVPN Connect on App Store (This is an OpenVPN client)

OpenVPN Connects on App Store

Step. 2 You need to download Incognito VPN’ OpenVPN configuration files by clicking here.

Step. 3 Unzip the files and email the servers of the country you wish to use to an email ID that is configured on the iPhone

Step. 4 Once the attachment is opened on the iPhone, it will open in the OpenVPN client.

Step. 5 In the OpenVPN app, click the green plus icon to complete the installation of the configuration file.

Incognito VPN Installation Open VPN

Step. 6 Enter the Incognito Username and password in the fields under the certificate. One important thing to note is that your username is not your email address. You need to login your account and go to my account section to see your username.

OpenVPN Connect

Step. 7 Then tap on the connect toggle and you will be connected.

Connected Open VPN

How to Use Incognito VPN on Android

Incognito VPN’ free trial supports Android devices and here is a step by step guide on how to download, install and connect to a server.

Step. 1 Search for Incognito VPN on Google Play Store and download the app

Incognito Android APP

Step. 2 Login with your credentials

Incognito App Preview

Step. 3 Select one of the available servers. We chose Keflavik.

Incognito VPN App Screenshot

Step. 4 Tap on connect and you will be connected to the server.

Connected Screenshot of Incognito VPN

Incognito VPN offers only the OpenVPN protocol on an Android and if you have any questions that you need to ask Incognito VPN support agents then you can tap on Settings and tap on Incognito Support.

Incognito VPN Rating Review

In a Nutshell

Incognito VPN has a number of features that classify it as one of the top VPN providers. Its 30-day money back guarantee, 99.99% uptime, unrestricted bandwidth, and wallet friendly pricing plans give Incognito VPN an edge.

In our review, we found one thing dissatisfying about Incognito VPN that it doesn’t have a zero log policy. Incognito VPN keeps a log of your original IP address, protocol you used and the duration you used the service.

If you have any questions regarding Incognito VPN or installing it on any device, kindly leave your comments in the comments section below.

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