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UK based VPN provider, HideMyAss, is one of the biggest VPN providers in the industry. It has numerous VPN servers spread across the world and combined with efficient performance, HideMyAss is one of the best VPN services that you can use today.

HMA Pros

  • 840+ VPN servers located in 180+ countries
  • 113,400+ IP addresses to choose from
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN Protocols
  • Impressive additional features
  • Good overall performance

HMA Cons

  • Slow customer service
  • No free trial
  • Log Policy requires to keep IP logs

Hidemyass Review

Pricing & Plans

HideMyAss comes with one package available in three pricing plans, enabling users to choose from monthly, semiannual, and yearly plans.

HMA Pricing Plan

The awesome names given to each of the plans define them perfectly. In our HideMyAss review, we found the prices of all three plans to be slightly on the higher side as compared to other providers operating in the VPN industry.

You could get a standard one month VPN account for half the price from other providers that are offered by HideMyAss. However, with the overall performance of the service (as you will see in the section below), it is worth it.

Subscriptions come covered with 30 days money back guarantee. Within this period, you can test HMA VPN service and other features extensively. By our reckoning, this is sufficient time for evaluating the performance of the service.


When it comes to servers, no other provider comes close to the number of servers provided by HideMyAss. One of the highlights in our Hide My Ass review is that there are around 843 VPN servers offered by HideMyAss which are located in 190 different countries around the world.

This gives you over 113,300 different IP addresses to choose from, to stay anonymous over the internet. The servers are located in almost every major location on earth, including some locations you may have never heard of before.

The bulk of the servers are located in North America and Europe. The vast array of servers means that you can bypass geo restrictions and watch all your favorite content from around the world.

HidemyAss Review

HideMyAss has been adding servers on a regular basis and has continuously pumped up its server roster with over 250 servers from last year alone.

HideMyAss Performance

In our HideMyAss VPN review, we tested the service on the basis of internet speeds and streaming quality achieved. The overall performance was good on all fronts as we were able to achieve commendable internet speeds and unblocked geo restricted websites with quick streaming.

Speed Test

In evaluating the performance of HMA VPN, we conducted speed tests using the built in speed evaluator given in the HMA client.

The speed tests were performed while connected to US server and using OpenVPN protocol. The following results were achieved from the speed test:

HidemyAss speed

The speeds achieved were consistent with the standard internet speeds experienced without any VPN service connected. Even though there was a slight drop in the upload speeds – but the overall performance was not hampered in anyway.

The speeds that you might achieve are highly dependent upon numerous factors such as the distance between you and your ISP provider, protocol you use, the DNS server you connect to, and the method of data transfer you select.

With that being said, HideMyAss allows you to enjoy seamless online streaming in high quality by lifting geo restrictions. You can also enjoy downloading different content over the internet at high speeds, and also play various online games without any lag or delay during gameplay.

HideMyAss Customer Support

HideMyAss utilizes different methods to respond to customer queries and resolve their issues. The customer support service includes the use of live chat, email ticketing system, knowledge base and other articles available on the support page, and through different social media communities.

Live Chat

HideMyAss provides users to interact with their support staff through live chat and get their VPN related issues resolved at hand. The customer support service is available 24/7, as stated on the service’s website. But do note that live chat support is only available 12 hours during the day.

In our HideMyAss VPN review, we noticed that the live chat feature and the overall performance of the service was slow. We made a general enquiry about the service but had to wait for a while before anyone could attend to our queries.

We asked about the overall performance and speed issues that could be faced when using HMA VPN and after a long delay, we got a reply explaining how a VPN could affect our internet speeds.

HidemyAss customer support

Email Ticketing System

You can have your HMA VPN issues resolved through the email ticketing system. This can be accessed through the support page of HideMyAss; click on the ‘Help’ option given on top of the website.

You will be presented with a simple form, asking about the nature of your problem, your email address, the subject, and a description of the problem.

The performance of the email system was also slow as we submitted a ticket inquiring about a split tunneling feature around 12:30 PM.

HidemyAss Review

The reply to our query did not come within the same day and we received a response well after 24 hours. This was not a pleasing experience and it seems like HideMyAss is not entirely on top of customer support.

Support Page

The support page of HideMyAss can be accessed through the ‘Help’ option located at top of the website. The support page holds a wide range of articles, setup guides, and troubleshooting tips to help resolve different customer problems.

You can explore through this section and look for the relating article that can offer assistance in resolving various issues. Within this page, you can also learn how to setup the HMA VPN service on your chosen platform using the setup instructions and tutorials.

Social Media Communities & Forums

In our Hide My Ass review, we explored different social media communities that can also be used by users to ask about the service and features. The communities included Facebook page, Twitter, and Google Plus pages.

There you can post your feedback and suggestions in these communities while staying updated with the latest news and happenings taking place in the world of VPN.

In the knowledge base and other articles available on the support page, HideMyAss presents a forum where users can further discuss their issues in the comments boxes below the article.

Payment Methods

HideMyAss offers a wide range of payment options for users to choose from. We were pleased to see this in our HideMyAss VPN review as various payment options allow users from all round the world to pay through the method convenient to them.

The payment methods include credit card payment, PayPal, bank wire transfers, WebMoney, iDEAL Banking, Bit Coin, and through Onebip.

HidemyAss cart


HideMyAss is compatible on multiple devices and operating systems. In our HideMyAss VPN review, we configured the service on different devices running on various operating systems and were pleased with its dynamic compatibility.

HideMyAss can be easily configured on all the major platforms and includes Mac and Windows OS devices, iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, and Android operated devices.

The VPN service can also be configured on various Routers. Make sure to look for yours in the list of routers that are compatible with HMA VPN service.  Some of the compatible routers include AsusWRT, DD-WRT, and Tomato routers.

HidemyAss compatibility

Hide My Phone

While conducting our HideMyAss review, we came across an interesting new feature made available for Android and iOS users. Hide My Phone allows these users to hide their original phone number just like a VPN hides the original IP address.

These way users can mask their phone number against various goons trying to use it for malicious purposes. This app is useful for all those who look to use their personal number for selling products, posting it online, or travel abroad on a frequent basis.

Setup Instructions & Tutorial

HideMyAss provides step by step configuration instructions and tutorials for different devices and operating systems. These tutorials and setup instructions can be retrieved from the support page.

The setup instructions are provided in detail with pictures and snapshots, making it easier for users to understand and follow the steps for setting up or troubleshooting the service. However, we ran into a bit of trouble during our HMA VPN review.

The information is scattered all over the place in the support page and was like solving a puzzle when we tried to find a particular tutorial or setup guide. Our advice would be to simply use the search bar given in the support page if  the live chat is not online.

Protocols and Encryption

Two things that make a VPN service stand out from the rest in the industry is the level to which they can protect your data and identity from various threats online. Using these protocols and encryption, your data will be safe from hackers, spammers, malware, and your identity will remain anonymous to surveillance agencies.


HideMyAss comes with three different protocol levels including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. The choice between the protocols depends on the level of security you wish to have.

  • PPTP: Point To Point Tunneling as it is known, offers fast browsing and internet speeds but provides minimal protection and is usually unstable at times.
  • L2TP: offers stronger protection compared to PPTP and gives almost the same speed as PPTP protocol (depending on various factors).
  • OpenVPN: it is the strongest of all the protocols and offers the greatest online security compared to other protocols. It is also stable than other protocols but is slower in speeds compared to other protocols.


HideMyAss provides different encryption levels based on the protocol that is in use. The encryption levels range from 128 bit to the highly secure 1024 bit. When you use PPTP protocol, 128 bit keys are used for encryption; while L2TP uses IPSec with 256 bit keys for encryption.

OpenVPN is the strongest of all protocols and uses OpenSSL with AES, RC5, 3DES, Blowfish. The encryption level 128 bit encryption with 1024 bit keys.

Logs and Privacy Policy

One of the things that bothered us in our HideMyAss review was the company’s privacy and log policy. It is a UK based company and by law they are required to keep a certain volume of logs and will hand them over to the authorities if required.

Although HideMyAss explicitly states that it does not keep any usage logs or monitors any of its user’s activities while they are connected to the service, they do keep time stamps and IP addresses their users used to connect to HMA VPN.

This data is stored for up to 2 or 3 months after which it might be deleted. However, these partial logs are a downside for the service. Users who are willing to slack a bit on their privacy and anonymity should be fine.

Free Trial

HideMyAss does not offer any free trial at the moment. In our hide my ass review, we inquired through live chat and also through email if there are any way a free trial can be obtained. The response clearly stated that no free trials are offered to any user.

The alternate response we got when we requested for a free trial account was that there is a 30 money back guarantee upon the purchase of the service. We think the 30 day money back guarantee provides ample time for trying out the service.

Additional Services

There are various additional services offered by HidaMyAss and get full marks for offering users with more than just a VPN service. We have already discussed one of the recent additional features of Hide My Phone earlier and in addition to this, there are more services offered by HMA.


This is a free service offered by HideMyAss and allows users to use their web-proxy service to access different blocked websites. Do keep in mind that it might not be as stable as the HMA VPN service and at times does not allow access to various websites.

HidemyAss proxy

IP-Port Proxy

HideMyAss offers a list of working public proxies for free. This is an impressive feature we came across in our HideMyAss VPN review as you can use this real time database to access different proxies.

The database can be sorted through region, protocol, anonymity level, speed, connection time, and ports.

Anonymous Email

HideMyAss offers a free anonymous email service that allows you to hide your original email address from spammers, hackers, surveillance agencies, and other malicious entities.

This is an impressive feature and if you don’t have any problem with your email address ending with ‘@hmamail.com’ then it is an excellent tool for masking your true email ID.

Anonymous Referrer

If you facing sharing a link of a different website with your friends, family and other audience but don’t want the owner of the website tracking all the internet traffic back to you, then the Anonymous Referrer feature offered by HideMyAss is best suited for you.

Privacy Software

If you want to enhance your online security, you can use the additional feature of Privacy Software offered by HideMyAss. The Privacy Software comes in 3 different packages:

  1. Panic Button: this is a browser extension that closes all the tabs or restores them at a click of a button.
  2. IP Checker: allows you to check your current IP address.
  3. Web Proxy: with a click of a button, you can route all your internet traffic through a web proxy server.

Unique Selling Point

When we review different VPN providers, we always look for a unique selling point in each of them. For our HideMyAss review, we found two unique selling points. First is the number of servers it offers and second is the impressive list of add-ons.

The total number of servers and different IP addresses offered by HideMyAss dwarfs all other VPN providers in the industry. Using these servers, you can easily hide your true identity and remain anonymous over the internet. These servers also allow you to unblock web content from any location on earth.

The additional features offered by HideMyAss makes it standout from the crowd of other VPN providers. There are only a handful of providers that offer such add-ons and HideMyAss is among them. These features enhance your overall user experience.

User Reviews about HideMyAss

HideMyAss is one of the leading brands in the VPN industry and is not short of popularity. There are users from around the world that have enjoyed its service and have been pleased to express their reviews across various platforms.

One of the strong points about HideMyAss is its wide spread of servers. It offers the largest pool of servers compared any other VPN provider. Based on that, many users have been able to bypass geo restrictions and internet censorships in the remotest of places. If you can think of a place, we are sure that HideMyAss has a server for you located in that region.

To give you a taste of what we are on about, here are some of the top reviews of HideMyAss by different users.




To conclude everything about our HideMyAss review, we were pleased with the overall performance, the features, and the service. HideMyAss has the largest number of servers currently offered in the VPN industry and offers users tight internet security with secure protocols and data encryption.

In our HMA VPN review, we came across certain areas that could be further improved such as the customer support service – and offering a free trial account would also help.

Overall, HideMyAss is a tool for unblocking geo restricted websites, keeping your data safe over the internet, and also protects your online privacy.

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  1. Lizzy says:

    I wouldn’t suggest to buy HMA when there’s a couple of similar yet cheapest services like Hide My IP. I find Hide My IP the best VPN service I have ever used. The price is affordable, particularly with the yearly plans and 90+ servers for $2.95/month.

  2. ockknowsbest says:

    Its great service but I have heard they sell our data to the government. How true is this?

  3. Flash thompson says:

    Thank you for the hidemyAss review, Hidemyass has been my life saver. I have never had to contact their support because they are just that good. But they could improve on their speeds though.

  4. Felicia Hardy says:

    Hidemyass suits my needs, it has plenty of servers and IP addresses. It helps me circumvent the internet with ease. Thank you for this Hidemyass review.

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