HideIPVPN is gradually gaining some mass appeal overtime. With that in mind, we thought that it’s time that we take HideIPVPN for a test run, and see what HideIPVPN is really made. Here, we will give you a candid HideIPVPN review, covering all the aspect from encryption and security to user review and software interface.

Multi-Platform Availability

The best VPNs in the market have their services available on multiple platforms for the users to utilize. Before spending their dime, one should assure that the VPN service they are willing to go for has availability on their desired platforms. Also, the emergence of BYOD or bring your own device culture has made it important for everyone to keep their handheld and on the go devices protected and secured.

Luckily, HideIPVPN cares about every type of Netizens and made their magnificent VPN service available on each and every platform. Here is a table presenting every possible platform HideIPVPN is available on:


Pricing Plans:

HideIPVPN has a really interesting package line-up for its potential customers. The HideIPVPN team have come up with 5 attractive packages that the users can choose from whenever they’re looking forward to subscribe to the services of HideIPVPN. Here’s an in-depth review of these 5 packages:

hideIPVPN pricing plan

  1. First, we have the US VPN package that includes a US based SmartDNS server and a free proxy for the users to utilize in just $5 a month.
  2. Second, we have the UK VPN package consisting of a VPN service, UK Smart DNS server and a UK proxy for unblocking media and geo-restricted websites in just $5 a month.
  3. Third, we have the Poland VPN package which is made up of a VPN service subscription, a Poland SmartDNS server, and a Poland Proxy in just $5 a month.
  4. Fourth, this package is a bit different from the other four. This package is centric on users that are looking to do some heavy torrenting over the internet and want no interruption whatsoever. In this package, users get high-quality P2P enabled servers along with a free proxy for just $5 a month.
  5. In the Fifth package, you will receive a VPN and a high-quality SmartDNS server in just 9$ a month. This package is specially made for netizens that are highly concerned regarding their online security and privacy.

We find the level of discrimination amongst these packages to be non-existent, as every-thing is simple and easy to grasp. According to our understanding, these packages are quite affordable and offer ample services for Netizens to utilize at their maximum potential.

Payment Methods

Having a wide variety of payment mediums in a VPN service is also another important element to seek before acquiring a VPN.

HideIPVPN likes to diminish difficulties to the maximum that is why it’s wide spectrum of payment means are nothing less than a paragon of convenience.

hideIPVPN payment method

In their website, you can find Google Wallet, Bitcoin and PayPro along with all leading Debit/Credit Cards for you to carry out your transaction as per your ease.

Customer Support

In our search of any flaw in the HideIPVPN service, we tested the HideIPVPN live chat and had a little conversation with one of their customer support representatives.

Our question was simple: We asked whether HideIPVPN has an Android app currently available. The HideIPVPN’s representative took no more than 5 seconds to reply, which was quite impressive. Also, he dropped us a Google Play store link just to make things even more convenient for us.

HideIPVPN’s Website

HideIPVPN really took their time to come up with a sleek, easy-to-navigate website. The moment we entered the URL of the website and pressed enter, we witnessed a state of the art website infront of our screens.

In the website, we saw that everything was layed out nice and properly with the intent to keep things easy and simple.

On the top, you can see there are multiple navigational buttons to choose from:

  • An “order VPN” button for users that are looking to subscribe to HideIPVPN right away
  • A SmartDNS button for users that are looking forward to access geo-restricted content
  • A “support” section that caters customers regarding their queries and concerns
  • A “blog” section that covers all the hot stuff happening in the world of online security and privacy
  • The client section that acts as a portal for current users to configure their credentials and other preferences.

At the very bottom of the website, you can find privacy policies and other legal concerns, along with the links to their accounts at social media websites for you to check out.

At the bottom right, there’s a chat box for users that have confusions regarding the HideIPVPN service at first-hand. We have covered the chat in-depth on the customer support section.

Users’ HideIPVPN Reviews

In order to weigh the legitimacy of a VPN service, one should look at what the masses has to say about its reliability and quality. Here are some HideIPVPN reviews coming straight from its users:


This HideIPVPN review indicates that Solix has been a fan of their services from a long-time and was awaiting for their android app to launch. Luckily, the people at HideIPVPN managed to nab themselves a loyal customer that has nothing to say, except for good remarks.


This user kept it straightforward with his HideIPVPN review and stated the lack of stable service in Iran. This HideIPVPN review shows that the user might have previously used HideIPVPN without any inconvenience; however, the same experience couldn’t be replicated within the region of iran.


According to Jennifer in her HideIPVPN review, the HideIPVPN app seems to be crashing every time she attempts to launch it. This indicates a potential flaw in the Android app of HideIPVPN, and we hope to see some changes that’ll fix all types of obstacles that users face with HideIPVPN’s app.


We believe this HideIPVPN review is quite self-explanatory and straight-forward. Judging by the user’s excitement, we can presume that things are going well for Slobodzean, and he has no issues so far with the service and the app of HideIPVPN.


This HideIPVPN review chants in the favor of HideIPVPN. According to Tom Galecki, his experience with HideIPVPN has been tremendous so far. He is satisfied with the convenience and the service that HideIPVPN has to offer.

HideIPVPN Review: Windows Client & Server Availability

The HideIPVPN’s Windows client lands on the exact of definition of perfection and convenience. Not only the software is easy to use, but it’s also a looker aswell. The moment you start-up HideIPVPN’s windows client, you will see every tool laid out pretty neat and clean for you to select and tweak.


On the main page, you can find your severs and protocols line up, allowing you to select protocols and servers of your choice. In the servers’ section, you can view what countries HideIPVPN offers its servers in. Also, every region or country comes with an average of 9 servers for the users to utilize.

If we look into the protocols section of this page, we see our essential four protocols available that are OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP. The best part about this is the fact that the user can toggle between protocols during his or her online session with HideIPVPN.

There is another amazing feature that caught our attention on this page. Unlike many VPN services, HideIPVPN proved itself to be a cornerstone of individuality by giving users the command to save their logs if they desire to.

On to the settings menu, we saw how adaptable HideIPVPN service can be. Every feature existent in HideIPVPN software is tweak-able as per users’ preference.

In the Start-Up Settings section, you can find numerous options regarding the launch of the software itself. Whether you want it to launch with the start-up of windows, or whether you want to launch whenever you log into the software, your call.

Moving on to the bottom of the page, we see few preferences related to the OpenVPN protocol. Here, you can select your OpenVPN Port, and toggle DNS Leak protection on and off whenever you want.

The next section of the software is titled “Application Killer” mainly because of its primary function. The “Application Killer” section allows you to select the applications that you want to close whenever there’s a connection drop, or hiccups.

And finally, we have the “Info” section at the very end of the HideIPVPN software. This section is designed to cater user queries and confusion in a matter of a reasonable time-span. Plus, you can find hyperlinks to HideIPVPN’s blogs and downloads page, so you stay up close and personal with each and every update that HideIPVPN implements on their website.

HideIPVPN Review: Android Client

We thought it was time to check whether HideIPVPN is a worthy service when matters come into the palms of your hand, thus inducing us to download the HideIPVPN Android app.

As we opened up the HideIPVPN android app, we were left in awe due to its attractive layout. We were welcome with a sign-in/sign-up page that requested us to input our HideIPVPN credentials, and so we did.

One thing that we actually found quite refreshing is how HideIPVPN kept the user interface almost as same as its Windows counterpart.

As before, you can find your servers line up right at the middle of the main menu, along with country selection on top of it.

On top, there is a navigation button that gives you access to the settings and info section. Under the settings section, you have your OpenVPN port selection button, allowing you to select either UDP or TCP.

Last but not least, you have our “Info” section that directs you to the downloads and blogs page of the HideIPVPN service with the help of hyperlinks.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a useful little tool that comes in handy when things get to streaming geo-restricted media networks and content online. This is can be done by simply changing your basic DNS server connection to the SmartDNS server connection provided by your VPN service provider.

HideIPVPN has ample SmartDNS servers for the user to choose from. Plus, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if the service of these SmartDNS servers don’t meet up to your requirements.

Encryption And Security Tools

Encryption protocols are requisite for any VPN to ensure its users’ privacy and anonymity. Encryption protocols are solely responsible for converting data packets that travel from users’ end to the destined server or pc. These data packets are converted into the most impenetrable form of alpha-numeric binary codes possible, repelling any type of hackers and snoops from fetching users’ personal and confidential data.

However, if we take HideIPVPN’s protocols into consideration, the HideIPVPN service is equipped with the most reliable and secure protocols known in the world of networking. Here is a list of them:


The best protocol to go for if you’re a skeptical netizen who is really concerned about his or her online privacy and anonymity. OpenVPN is based on the open-source OpenSSL engine and it’s highly customizable. Also, OpenVPN relies on the AES encryption instead of the decrepit Blow-fish encryption. It’s nice to see its inclusion in the HideIPVPN software and app.


L2TP is one of the most traditional encryption protocols known to date. It has no encryption on its own as such which contributes to the inclusion of IPSec key with it. It’s slow, yet strong enough to knock hackers out of their comfort zone and try new methods instead. This protocol is a must use for paranoid netizens that are not willing to sacrifice their privacy and security at any given time.


PTTP, or Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol, is a very outdated and washed up mean of encryption, which has many reported security flaws and is vulnerable to the lowest of hackers over the internet. This protocol is best if you’re looking forward to access blocked websites and forums, rather than that, it’s of no use.

However, its inclusion in the HideIPVPN software is nothing less than a display of wide variety that the HideIPVPN has to offer.


Originated from the infamous Windows Vista Service Pack 1, SSTP is one of the most substantial protocols known to date. It’s fast, offers impenetrable level of encryption and is easy to set-up. Just like OpenVPN, SSTP is dependent on the reliable AES encryption instead of blow-fish encryption. HideIPVPN included this protocol for users that use a Windows  Operating system.

HideIPVPN Review: Sign UP Process

Signing up for HideIPVPN is as easy as counting from 1-10. When you have decided to go for HideIPVPN service, all you have to do is to select your preferred package, and you will be directed towards this page:


While we found the requirement of “too much” information tiresome, the sign up page is pretty simple, and quick nonethless. All you have to do is to input your name and other information  along with billing address, and you’re all good to go.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS Leak is a situation where your network shows a false flag of anonymity while your private data is being leaked unnoticed. The idea to add DNS Leak protection in HideIPVPN software is surely a smart move from the team at work in HideIPVPN’s headquarter. With DNS Leak protection, your data packets and connection gets a second layer of masking that ensures even a higher level of security.

P2P Enabled Servers

P2P servers are essential for sharing or downloading media over the internet. Netizens that are into downloading immense amount of media from torrent clients or websites would require stable, high architecture P2P servers. Luckily, HideIPVPN has ample P2P enabled servers for its users to utilize without having to care about anything.

Final Verdict:

Internet security is an essential need in these days, as hackers are polishing their tools and tactics to take you down virtually. There are many security tools available mostly in the form of a VPN to corroborate users’ online confidentiality; however, not every VPN is right for the job.

Covering from user reviews to the functions itself, it’s evident that HideIPVPN is one of the best VPN services one can get today. It’s the optimal remedy for anyone that is concerned with their online security and privacy. Not only that, HideIPVPN’s performance on handheld devices proves that its service is nothing less than an essence of perfection. We highly recommend HideIPVPN to anyone reading this HideIPVPN review.

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