Before we begin with the CyberGhost VPN review, there are a few things that are needed to be considered. The CyberGhost review, you are just about to read, focuses on the features of its paid version. From servers to money back guarantee, everything will be analyzed thoroughly to give you a better idea of how CyberGhost VPN works.

Impressive Servers Stats

What is the motive behind getting a VPN service apart from attaining maximum online security? More content accessibility? That’s right; most of the people opt for VPN services because they are bound by the restrictions on the websites, streaming services and online TV channels. Since, content accessibility becomes the number one priority, it is already expected of the VPN services to provide their users with more and more servers.

When we were writing this CyberGhost VPN review, we actually had the pleasure of testing its servers’ ability to hold up. We tried and tested all the 449 servers across 28 countries, and we can’t say that its server performance let us down. The servers connected within no time, the streaming speeds were fast, but most important of all, we were able to access the contents that were otherwise banned or blocked due to geo-restrictions.

CyberGhost offers 2 servers in Austria, 7 in Australia, 4 in Belgium, 10 in Canada, 34 in Switzerland, 24 in Czech Republic, 61 in Germany, 8 in Denmark, 12 in Spain, 8 in Finland, 28 in France, 23 in the United Kingdom, 3 in Hong Kong, 3 in Hungary, 8 in Ireland, 4 in Israel, 12 in Italy, 4 in Japan, 8 in Luxembourg, 4 in Mexico, 25 in Netherlands, 8 in Norway, 8 in Poland, 39 in Romania, 4 in Sweden, 4 in Singapore, 4 in Ukraine and 90 in the United States.

Device Compatibility

Since CyberGhost has a free version as well (with less features), their technical team has done a wonderful job in ensuring that it can easily be set up on various devices. You can set up CyberGhost VPN on all the popular devices ranging from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones with different operating software with ease.

From providing support to the users of Windows to the users of flash routers, CyberGhost VPN service gets full marks for providing support to all the popular devices. Just to be sure and clear, we are listing the names of the OS and devices that are supported by the CyberGhost VPN. Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Router and Raspberry are compatible with CyberGhost.

Pricing and Packages of CyberGhost VPN Service

CyberGhost Review

Since you are already aware of the fact that CyberGhost offers its limited services for free as well, the pricing plans and packages are kept very simple to facilitate the users. If you are interested in using the CyberGhost VPN service on a single device only, it is recommended to you that you opt for the Premium Package.

The Premium Package can be bought for £3.74/month, in case you are willing to pay the lumpsum amount for a full year. If you are interested in getting billed on monthly basis, the Premium Package will cost you only £3.99/month. The package includes access to 500+ servers (including the proxy servers), ads-free access to all the restricted websites and channels and 5 times faster connection speed!

Then comes the Premium Plus Package, to be honest, there is hardly any difference between the two packages except that you can set CyberGhost VPN up simultaneously on 5 different devices by subscribing to a single account, whereas the Premium Package allows you to use it only on one device. The same billing procedure applies in the Premium Plus Package as well.

You can pay £69.96 altogether for a year that will cost you only £5.83/month. If you are willing to pay on monthly basis, you will have to keep a separate pocket for £6.99 every month for the Premium Plus Package. We will advise you to pay altogether for a year and save £13.92!

Protocols and Encryption

CyberGhost provides an excellent overall protocol support to its users, which is very rare in the VPN industry these days. Unlike many other VPN services, it does not force you to connect to a single protocol because of unavailability of other protocols on specific operating software or a device.

All the protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec) are available for connectivity across all the platforms. If you are looking to attain maximum online security, we advise you to connect to CyberGhost’s OpenVPN protocol. Not only will your traffic be safe but you will also be able to stream at much faster speeds.

The PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols are pretty moderate when it comes to the online security. Add an encryption support of 256-bit and you are looking at a stable VPN provider that can guarantee you safety against hackers and malicious entities. We would be honest with you here; the encryption support falls short when you compare it with the other VPN providers.

No cap on Bandwidth and Internet Traffic

Are you a fan of online streaming? Do you like the idea of watching high definition movies, TV shows, documentaries, and games over the internet? If you are someone who resides in an area where the streaming and live broadcasts are not available, we advise you to set your eyes on CyberGhost VPN service.

Unlike the other providers, CyberGhost does not abruptly stop due to limited bandwidth and internet traffic. It provides you with unlimited bandwidth and internet traffic and takes load off your actual internet connection to provide you a better overall streaming and browsing experience.

Payment Options and Money Back Guarantee

When we were writing this CyberGhost VPN review, we had to keep a few things in mind. We had to not only rate the performance of the CyberGhost VPN service but we also had to take into account things like the payment options. For a VPN provider of CyberGhost’s scale, we think it falls a bit short off the mark.

They are accepting payments made through Bitcoin, Master Cards, Visa Cards, American Express, JCB and Paypal but we would have loved to see options like Payza and Web Money as well. Not taking away any credit from CyberGhost, we think it needs to further increase the mode of payments that it offers to its users.

We have seen only a few VPN providers that are providing full money back guarantee to their users. CyberGhost, to our amusement, is one of them. You can actually ask for a refund if the service does not work out for you or if it does not deliver what it promises. The case for a refund can be filed within 14 days of the purchase, that’s right; you get a 14-day money back guarantee with CyberGhost VPN service.

No Logs Policy & Ineffective Customer Support

CyberGhost does not keep your logs. The activities that you do over the internet are safe unless you turn off your VPN or someone is standing behind you. Jokes apart, many of the VPN providers have now made it mandatory to not to record their users’ activities while they are online. Some of them, however, still persist with meta-logs but they are recorded to further enhance the performance of their services.

When we contacted their support through Live Chat, we had to fill up a short form. We filled it up within two minutes and were prompted to a different window. A representative joined us in 15 seconds exactly and we asked him a couple of questions regarding the service. The support isn’t as great as they claim it is, the representative seemed to have inadequate knowledge of CyberGhost.

However, when we were told by the Chat representative that it does not keep any logs, we double checked it with the info on the website as well. May be it was a one-off bad experience, but we certainly didn’t enjoy the chat session because of delayed responses and lack of information.

CyberGhost Website

CyberGhost has a very neat and well developed website. The layout of the website makes it easy to use and navigate across various options. From the onset, you can find the major options at the top of the webpage, making it easy for you to find anything you are looking for regarding CyberGhost.

The different options include Pricing, Server Overview, Free Proxy, Help, Free Download, and My Account. You can access your client area through ‘My Account’ option and use all the features made available.

As you scroll down, you can see the different features, benefits, compatibility, pricing plans, and CyberGhost reviews by other users. We were impressed with the overall look of the website as it gave a very polished and finished look to it. Although CyberGhost offers a free service, judging from its website you can compare it to other premium VPN providers.

CyberGhost VPN Client for Windows

CyberGhost is compatible on various platforms and offers VPN software for Windows and Mac. It also has exclusive apps for Android and iOS.  For our CyberGhost review, we tested the VPN software for Windows and were pleased with its overall results.

The software is easy to install and use. Using the installation wizard, you can configure the software with few steps. Once you have installed the software, you can select the server and IP address of your choice or leave it to ‘Automatic’. To connect, just click the power button made on the CyberGhost VPN client and in few seconds you will be connected.

We really liked the VPN software for Windows in our CyberGhost review. The software is available for free along with the free package. Do keep in mind that there are selective servers available for free package. To have wider range of server availability, you will have to subscribe to CyberGhost’s paid packages.


We can’t say that we are not impressed with CyberGhost VPN’s performance. Yes there are a few areas where we think CyberGhost falls behind the other VPN providers.  Their protocol support is better than many VPN providers because of the fact that all protocols are available on all the popular platforms.

Same goes for the encryption and server support. Although we would like to admit that we were utterly disappointed with the Chat support of CyberGhost VPN, we can give it the benefit of the doubt because it was a one-time experience. Overall, it was a nice experience and we would recommend everyone to try out CyberGhost VPN service.

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  1. M1989 says:

    I am using Cyber Ghost in the UAE , Great Speed and good connection but since a couple of days i cant connect i always have a connection failure pop-up even though my connection is fine , any one has any idea ??

  2. Bearzus says:

    I used CyberGhost for 3 months and I liked it, as it was very user-friendly, but had almost constant problems with connection. It runs alright for few hours, but anything beyond it almost always breaks connection :/ and yes, I am premium user (because non-premium users are limited to 1 hour connection)

  3. Mark Berger says:

    i like cyberghost vpn, the speed is very good as well their tech support. Now they have added 100 new servers (650+) so you can really surf and stay protected without limits. If you want to know more you can also visit

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