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The review you are going to read is written while keeping any personal biases aside. Our up-to-date BoxPN review pays attention to even the minutest of the details, exploring all the features and services to provide a better idea of how BoxPN works to provide you unlimited access and online security.

Servers of BoxPN

Spanning across four different continents, the BoxPN server count is impressive to say the least. They have more than 40+ servers all over the world, but we have to give them the credit for setting up the servers in all the right locations. From the US to Japan, BoxPN has smartly selected the locations to provide its users with unlimited data.

To be precise, BoxPN has 17 servers in America, 24 in Europe and 3 in the Asia/Pacific region. It has six servers in Canada, one in Argentina, one in Panama, nine in the United States, one in Russia, one in France, one in Switzerland, two in Netherlands, one in Norway, one in Iceland, one in Germany, one in Turkey, two in Italy, one in Luxembourg, two in the United Kingdom, seven in Sweden, one in Finland, one in Spain, one in Japan, one in Singapore and one in Australia.

Such diversity in servers provide the users the opportunity to surf and browse through the contents and websites that are blocked in their regions. For e.g. for a user who resides outside the US, BoxPN is a great tool for not only unblocking Netflix and Hulu but also for hiding from continuous surveillance from local ISPs.


You’re Safe with BoxPN’s Protocols and Encryption Support

We have already talked about the servers of BoxPN; it’s time we should talk about the other pillars of this VPN service as well. If you are a VPN-tech savvy person, you need to start by understanding the fundamental difference between a proxy and a VPN service: Without protocols and encryption support, you are as good as using a proxy service.

It will give you the access to blocked websites but will not guarantee a safe passage for your online traffic. Without the encryption and protocol support, your online privacy is as good as nothing. BoxPN offers assistance of OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols and makes sure all your traffic is tunneled through one of them.

We have personally tested all the VPN protocols and we were glad to observe that the speed was not an issue on any of the protocols. The speeds were consistent and the connection was stable. But more importantly, we knew that the protocols we used kept us safe with their security tunnels. Now we’ll come to the second part: the encryption.

It is very rare to see a VPN service providing 2048-bit encryption to keep the users’ data safe. The algorithms are structured to keep data away from governmental agencies, snoopers, hackers and malware by fully encrypting your traffic data.

We would like to give full points to BoxPN because the encryption and the protocols it offers to its users proves that it takes full responsibility of providing them top class online security.

Cheap Prices for Highly Functional VPN Service

What does an average user look for in a VPN service? Cheap prices and high functionality, right? We were amazed and surprised by the performance and the features of BoxPN so far. When we scrolled through their order page, we were actually pleased to see that it does not force its users to pay hefty amounts for the service.

The prices are rather cheap and affordable. BoxPN, like any other VPN service, offers three different pricing plans for an all-in-one package. If you are willing to pay for it on a monthly basis, you will have to dedicate a bit of room in your wallet for a €10 note. The service usually costs €14.99/month, but with the latest discounts on offer, you can subscribe to the monthly package for €9.99/month.

With 34% discount on the quarterly package, you can subscribe to BoxPN for as low as €19.98/3-months. To make it more convenient for you, you will have to pay only €6.66/month to use BoxPN services. We always advise our readers to opt for the yearly package – more for less.

It does not only provide you with enough time to test and run the service smoothly but it also ensures that you pay the least amount and reap full benefits of the service. We have seen VPN services going as far as offering a 60% discount on the annual packages but we haven’t seen anything like BoxPN before. It gives you an exceptional discount of 70% and gives you the margin to save €84! You can choose to order the annual plan, pay only €2.99/month and enjoy all the benefits.

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Devices Supported by BoxPN

Compatibility might be an issue for other VPN service providers, but when it comes to BoxPN, it outclasses others by a significant margin. It was designed while keeping the interests of users of different operating systems and devices in mind.

You can install and run it on Windows (both phones and devices), Android, iOS, Mac and Linux. Highly compatible with different smartphones and devices, BoxPN does its best to protect the online privacy of the users. Having sung all the praises, we still feel it can work on its device compatibility and include more routers, gaming consoles and SmartTVs.

Unblock Netflix, Hulu and other Streaming Channels

We wanted to test the unblocking features of BoxPN, so we decided to give it a go and connected with the fastest VPN server of the US. We set the protocol to PPTP because it is widely known and regarded as the fastest streaming protocol and unblocked Netflix and Hulu.

Suffice it to say that the streaming speeds were impressive, there were no limitations on the bandwidth and HD streaming was available even outside the US. Having personally tested the unblocking features, we feel that BoxPN is doing a decent job of providing access to blocked contents.

We also tested it regularly by switching the servers on a regular basis. The reasons were simple; we wanted to check if they had any server switching limitations in place and had any effect on the speed of the connection. We concluded that they provide unlimited server switching, but the speeds of the connections did vary, all depending upon, the servers we chose to connect.

Speed Tests

User reviews across the net stated that the speeds fairly consistent but we decided to test them out for ourselves. We wanted to ensure that we stress-tested the service before recommending it to you so we tested the connection speeds across different tunneling protocols. The original speed of the internet connection was 100MB, the tunnel we chose to connect to first was OpenVPN.

BoxPN Review -

You can see that we were getting 45ms of ping, not bad for gaming, considering you were connecting to a gaming server in another region. We were getting a Download speed of 66.93 Mbps and an Upload speed of 3.67 Mbps –  which works pretty well if you want to stream or download a movie, documentary or a TV show.

In the next attempt, we chose PPTP as our tunneling protocol. The server was switched to the fastest VPN server of the US and you can see the impact it had on the speed and ping!

BoxPN Review -

The Ping dropped from 45ms to 7ms, and the download speed increased from 66.93 Mbps to 95.43 Mbps, ideal for online streaming. The upload speed also increased from 3.67 Mbps to 4.66 Mbps. We enjoyed streaming and browsing through restricted content without experiencing any speed drops.

The next slide we are going to share will show the speeds when we were connected with L2TP protocol on the same server.

BoxPN Review -

The Ping increased from 7ms to 10ms, which is pretty good for the gaming users. Uploading speed also witnessed a very minute decline, reducing from 4.66 Mbps to 4.46 Mbps, but the download speed did a real nosedive! The decline from 95.43 Mbps to 49.48 Mbps was not a pretty sight for us, but then we were aware of the fact that we were comparing L2TP with one of the fastest protocols of the VPN services.

In the end, we chose SSTP as our tunneling protocol and were not surprised with the end results.

BoxPN Review -

The changes in speed were too hard to ignore when we decided to tunnel our traffic through the SSTP protocol. The ping increased from 10ms to 23ms. The download speed dropped significantly from 49.48 Mbps to 13.91 Mbps, and the upload speed remained almost the same, dropping slightly from 4.46 Mbps to 4.13 Mbps.

Download Torrents without Any Fear!

The increasing efforts to nip online piracy in the bud have only tormented internet users. The recent copyrights infringement saga of Dallas Buyers Club and Game of Thrones has only caused panic waves among the users. Torrent Freak reports that the makers and producers of DBC and GoT are out on a hunt, looking to punish everyone who has illegally torrent-ed the show.

ISPs and the government agencies are constantly snooping to get their hands on anybody they can lasso in for copyrights infringement. BoxPN has specially designed VPN servers for the sole purpose of P2P file-sharing. If you are located in a region where downloading torrent can land you in some serious trouble, or if you engaged in any P2P downloading in the past that you are not proud of, you should use BoxPN while downloading the torrents.

Logs and Multi Logins

Whenever we review a VPN service, the logs policy and multi-logins are some of the things we look for instantly! You might not know this, but the log policy of a VPN service speaks volumes for it. The logs policy of BoxPN is simple: it does not monitor any of your online data or traffic. In fact, it does not even store the meta-data logs, which is usually stored by a lot of VPN service providers.

Besides the simple and adequate logs policy, it also offers three multi-logins on a single account. You can actually install it and run it with a single account on your laptop, smartphone and tablet without paying anything extra!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee & Customer Support

BoxPN offers a 7-day money back guarantee to all of its users, irrespective of their regions and pricing plans. In case the service does not work out for you or if you think that the service has really let you down, you can always file a cancellation ticket and get your money refunded within 7-days of purchasing the service.

Customer Support

The customer support we observed put a major dent in their performance and features. They do not have any Live Chat support, which means if your VPN isn’t working, you will have to file a ticket and then wait for the answer from the concerned representative. The process is too long and frustrating, especially if you are a new VPN user.

The Final Say

BoxPN has impressed us with its features, performance and prices. But at the same time, their inadequate Customer Support left us thinking if they really are worth trying out. But, we were so impressed by the speeds, connection stability and online security that we think it would be a great injustice if you do not give BoxPN a shot! They are good at unblocking  websites and services from all over the world, and more importantly they are absolutely lethal in guarding your online identity.

Let us know in the comments section if you have enjoyed reading the detailed BoxPN review. We hope this review will be able to tell you a great deal about the services of BoxPN. Till next time.

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