Privacy Policy

At privacy is of top concern and highly important. All the policies, clauses, and sub-clauses apply only to and do not have any influence, impact, relationship, or apply to the third party websites / products / service & affiliate listings.

These policies are subject for an update or may get revised from time to time. Kindly check back later for any alterations and updates.

Data Collection at

The data that we collect at results from your usage activity on our website; the clicks you make, the pages you visit, and the time duration you sent on our website.
The data collection is done through cookies that are stored on your web browser in order to improve our service and enhance your online experience of our website.

When you access, an automatic process of communication initiates where items such as the type of your browser, language, your IP address, the URL you visited on, time & date you spend on our website during a session.

Information Collected from User Generate Data

At we also collect data from your voluntary inputs. This is in addition to the automated data collection. The user generated data that is collected includes:

  • Your participation in surveys, polls, & feedbacks.
  • Your comments, likes, and sharing on our blogs & other content.
  • Your reviews and grading of our providers listed on
  • Your email ID, username, and other personal information (like First Name or Last Name) provided while subscribing / signing up for our newsletter or newsfeeds.

The information that is collected is used for the betterment and improvement of our website in order to provide you best possible experience. We do not share your information to any third party.

If a situation arises where sharing of your information is required, we will not proceed without your esteemed permission.

Data Usage at

Our primary object for collecting user data is to enhance our service and ensure user satisfaction. The data collected at is used in the following manner:

  • Meta data like browser type, average visit duration, date & time, and visit to different URL allow us to modify and customize different elements on our website.
  • Data provided during sign up or subscription (email ID, name, etc.) are used to inform and message our customers about different services and products at We do not provide this data to any third party and is exclusively used to aware our users.
  • The comments made on our blogs or content are subject to moderation policies and guidelines. We have the right to delete, improve and moderate comments. We may use data from comments to be marketed or republished on all marketing channels used by
  • Data collected from surveys, polls, & feedbacks are used for research purposes & for improvement of our website.

Affiliate Websites and External Links

There are different hyperlinks present on that lead you to provider website, affiliates, advertisers, and other third party web pages. We do not have control over these websites.
If you click or are redirected to any one of these external links, we will not hold any responsibility or bear any liability of data privacy on these third party websites.

This is because each of these external links has their own privacy policy and may vary. We suggest that you go through the privacy policy of each of the external (third party) links independently.

Discounts, Coupons & Advertisements

From time to time, we offer different discounts, coupons, vouchers, and free VPN account to our users. All these deals are the properties of individual / respective providers and at we do not hold any responsibility of their service in any way.

The advertisements that you see on our website are not part of our recommendations and we suggest that you go through each provider’s detailed review before making the final purchase decision.

Protection of User Data at

At, we protect our user’s data that visit our website. We have databases located in highly secure data centers that are protected with military grade encryptions.
The personal information of our subscribers (email address, username, First name, etc.) are protected with our secure severs equipped with military grade and top notch cyber security technology.

All the information provided by our users is backed up offline so that no data is left on-site and is not misused by other parties.