It was a great day for Instagram as the app celebrated 500 million monthly users. Mark Zuckerberg celebrated with millions of his Instagram customers by posting a cheeky commemorative photo, but also gave away his online privacy secrets.

zuckerberg instagram

Sitting behind to his right we can see his Mac laptop with its camera & mic covered with tape. Yes, Mr. Zuckerberg is truly concerned about his online privacy and securers it from hackers by covering the camera and mic with tape to ensure no one knows it’s him behind the computer.

zuckerberg webcam

While online publications have called the poor man paranoid, we give him full points for having a sharper mind than the 3 billion plus unsuspecting netizens around the world. While there are other tools to secure your online privacy like VPN and encrypted email (also seen on Zuckerberg laptop screen), the billionaire social media kingpin has done it, yet again.

mark zuckerberg tapes webcam

Even FBI Director James Comey established in an interview that he tapes up his camera too, after he saw “someone smarter” do the same.

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