After gaining much popularity, the time has come for movie studios to start taking action against Popcorn Time users. Various Hollywood studios have started suing users of Popcorn time, a free service that delivers pirated content using torrents.

The service has a user friendly interface (similar to Netflix) and contains an impressive list of movies and TV shows you can stream online. It is perfect software for anyone wanting to watch all the latest movies and TV series without having to use BitTorrent and waiting for the large files to be downloaded and stored on your PC.

The popularity of Popcorn Time has been such that according to VentureBeat, total downloads of Popcorn Time on non–jailbroken iOS devices have crossed over one million. It also reports that the rate of download of Popcorn Time is now 100,000 per day, which almost matches the rate of signups of Netflix accounts in the last quarter of 2014 (a total of 138,000 signups).

In spite of such high popularity, Popcorn Time users are now not under strict scrutiny. Earlier last month, 11 Popcorn Time users from Oregon, United States were sued by the makers of Adam Sandler’s movie, ‘The Cobbler’ for infringing copyrights.

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Similarly, Millennium Films, the movie studio that created ‘The Expendables’, also sued 16 Popcorn time users for pirating the movie ‘Survivor’. If that’s not all, various countries are now monitoring the users of Popcorn Time and blocking the service at ISP level.

You can take the example of Norway where Rights Alliance claims that Popcorn time has single handedly expanded piracy in the country. It estimated that 750,000 people pirate content in Norway and among them 250,000 users are of Popcorn Time. The head of Right Alliance, Willy Johansen, reported that a list has been compiled consisting of 75,000 Popcorn Time users that have been involved in infringing copyrights and a lawsuit is imminent this fall.

Following the footsteps of Norway, the courts in Italy have ordered the blocking of Popcorn Time at ISP level. Meaning the service is subject to internet censorship laws and you’ll need a VPN to get pass this blocking. Similarly, in Denmark, two personal were arrested for operating websites that provided information about Popcorn Time.

The fact of the matter is that makers of Popcorn Time had warned users that the service operates using Torrents and is not legal if torrents are frowned upon in your respective country. They emphasize the use of VPN services before streaming on Popcorn Time. This is because when you watch a movie or a show on Popcorn Time, you also seed little pieces of the media, just like in using BitTorrent.

This is what gets you caught as your IP address is visible while you seed. The few unfortunate users that have already been sued by the movie industry were tracked in similar fashion through their IP addresses.

If you are currently using Popcorn Time or are thinking about using the service in the coming future, be sure to use a VPN service as well. With a VPN by your side, your original IP address is masked and you become anonymous to copyright holders, ISPs, and governmental surveillance. You can select a cheap vpn from the list below to stream on Popcorn Time and avoid being sued by movie studios. Read our latest blog, Is Popcorn Time Legal

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2 Responses to Popcorn Time Users Sued by the Movie Industry
  1. Miguel Lopez says:

    I been using popcorn time for a while now and I both a vpn because my internet service providers told me that I was using a illegal torrent or side and they going to cut off my service and take action anyway I bought a vpn with Norton like two months ago I have one issue after that my questionhaving Norton vpn is good,secured and save to use?
    What is the best vpn company to get or all of them are the same?
    Thanks you for your time and any advice,information or feedback you can give me I will really appreciate and maybe tell me the best way to use the vpn I love popcorn time is the best thing I ever have but the series are not completely working need to fix or improve that thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Miguel
      We haven’t reviewed Norton VPN as of yet but it is on our list. It belongs to a powerful brand name so there is no doubt over legitimacy. Not all VPN work the same for every user and are dependent on a number of factors. I will suggest if you are interested have a look at NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Both ar3e known for their excellent streaming speeds, either will work perfectly for you popcorn time and no chance of the ISP sending you another notice.

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