What is PandaPow?

Based in Hong Kong, PandaPow is a VPN service that offers decent performance and security for exploring the internet. It even offers a remarkable VPN-enabled Wi-Fi router, which makes it easier to use a secure connection for unlocking the full potential of the web. However, there are some problems concerning its support and privacy. For more info, read this detailed PandaPow review.

  1. VPN-Activated Wi-Fi router
  2. 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  1. No Free Trial
  2. Lacks Kill Switch Feature
  3. Baseline OpenVPN Encryption
  4. Extensive Connection/Session Logging


PandaPow Pricing Review

Our PandaPow review unveils that the VPN has quite the remarkable bundle of pricing packages available. If you opt for the classic VPN service, you have three different plans available for choosing. The first one is the 1 month plan that can be purchased for $9 and gives you access to the full capabilities of VPN, while allowing you to enjoy 3 simultaneous connections.

The second plan gives you access to the VPN for 3 months. You receive an 11% discount on the original price, dropping it to $8.01. This means, you only pay $24 for three months of access. The third plan is a 12-months subscription to the service. You receive a 22% discount, dropping the monthly pricing to $7. As a result, you only pay $84 for 12 months of access.

PandaPow Pricing Review


PandaPow Wi-Fi Pricing Plan

According to our PandaPow review, the service even offers a Wi-Fi router-based VPN. The pricing for this Wi-Fi plan starts at $99 per year, which includes a 12 months subscription for the device. The router is actually available minus any charges. It is yours to keep forever. Best part of all: PandaPow is even offering a special deal on this plan. If you avail the offer now, you can get three extra months for FREE!

Pandapow Wi-Fi Pricing Plan


PandaPow Combo Pricing Plan

For users who would like to leverage the best of both worlds, PandaPow even offers a Combo Plan. This allows you to use both Wi-Fi and Classic. The package includes a 12-month subscription for both: PandaPow Wi-Fi and Classic with an additional 3 months of access. Best part of all: the pricing is quite reasonable. You get the package deal for only $149.

Pandapow Combo Pricing Plan


PandaPow Free

Our PandaPow review discovers that the VPN does not offer any kind of free plan. This means, you cannot try out the service, without subscribing to a premium package. However, this is not the end of the world. Many providers in the marketplace offer free trials to customers. Among the best names, include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and HideMyAss.


PandaPow Promo Code

If you want to leverage an amazing discount, our PandaPow review discovers that you can always use a Promo Code. There are plenty of websites where you can find promo codes for the service. Some of the best places to check out discount deals are at MMODM and VPNSP. Simply enter the codes during the signup process to activate discount.


PandaPow Payment Methods

According to our PandaPow review, the best cheap VPN service accepts all popular forms of payments. You can use major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover for signing up. In addition to this, users can consider using Coinbase, UnionPay/AliPay, 2Checkout, PayPal, eCheck, and Bank Transfer. The service also accepts Bitcoin to ensure complete anonymity while signing up for the VPN.


Money Back/Refund Guarantee

While users do not have a free trial available, they can always signup with PandaPow and take advantage of their 7-day money back guarantee. This gives you good enough time to decide if the VPN is what you expect it to be. If not, simply hit “unsubscribe” and request for a refund. The process will take a few days, but you will get your money back, without any hassle.

However, if you download the application from Apple App store, the service will not process refunds. This is because purchases made from Apple must be request from their store. Since the refund policy differs from PandaPow, we cannot say for sure whether you can receive your money-back or not!


PandaPow Servers Review

According to our PandaPow review, the provider has a limited list of servers available for connectivity. Most of these are only available to Classic VPN customers. Locations include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Tokyo, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, and France. All servers support unlimited bandwidth and data.


PandaPow China

Our PandaPow review unwinds that the VPN does not offer any servers in China, due to the strict internet laws of the country. However, when you first run the Windows client, the VPN will ask whether you are located in China. If the answer is yes, PandaPow will active certain obfuscation methods to protect you from legal issues and securing your internet connection.


PandaPow Privacy and Security

In terms of privacy, the service does manage to support many popular protocols with high-end encryption. This ensures that your internet activity remains secure wherever you go, especially if you are joining an insecure public network. However, there is a little uncertainty regarding PandaPow’s privacy laws. The service records varied connection/session data. This reduces its credibility, as it could partially be possible to decode the data sent and received by your computer.


PandaPow Protocols Review

Our PandaPow review discovers that the provider supports almost all popular protocols. You can easily establish a connection using openvpn review (TCP and UDP), L2TP, IPSec, and the traditional PPTP. All connections use 256-bit AES encryption with 2048-bit authentication. This ensures that you internet activity remains secure.


PandaPow Privacy/Logs Review

As a provider of online-enabled services, PandaPow does record user contact information for improving and maintaining their services. This may include details, such as email addresses and names for sending customers information about the company, along with promos and newsletters. In addition, the provider may also store connection/session information, such as total amount of data transferred, bandwidth speed, IP addresses, and times connected to the VPN.

The privacy policy further states that it may take measures to prevent legal actions towards it service, upon receiving complaints regarding copyrighted materials, such as movies/music shared over their network. This gives a clear idea that the VPN is not torrenting friendly and does monitor much of your internet activity. However, we do give the service credibility for being honest regarding its offerings, but using the VPN is completely up to user disclosure.


PandaPow for Kodi

Our PandaPow review unveils that the service can work smoothly with Kodi. If you are facing trouble downloading a particular add-on due to geographical restrictions, you can connect to servers in other countries for gaining access. This will allow you to install location-restricted extensions, while also leveraging good speeds for streaming TV shows/movies. if you want to install PandaPow on kodi, read our kodi vpn blog here


PandaPow Support Review

In terms of support, our PandaPow discovers that the provider offers plenty of options to help its customers out. You can leverage live chat support for quick responses regarding any issues encountered while using the VPN. If you have a lengthier enquiry, you can always take advantage of the ticketed email support available. Phone support is no longer available.

PandaPow Support Review

PandaPow even offers a helpful FAQ page, where you can find detailed answers to the most common questions asked by customers of the service. From VPN, billing, technical, to compatibility related queries, this page will give you all the answers you need for understanding more about the service and its offerings.

PandaPow FAQ

Support does not end on a simple FAQ. The VPN also makes sure to provide users with updated knowledge about its offerings via a blog page. Here you can learn about general topics surrounding VPNs, while gaining the latest news concerning PandaPow itself.

PandaPow Facebook


PandaPow Apps Compatibility

According to our PandaPow review, the VPN offers dedicated applications for all popular platforms/devices. You can download relevant apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Currently, the VPN does not offer support for Linux, but you do have manual setup guides available.


PandaPow Windows Client Review

The PandaPow Windows client is incredibly simple to use. It uses a customized version of OpenVPN GUI for providing users with secure access on the internet. After downloading and installing the service, you will be required to enter your username and password. For connecting to the VPN, simply press on the On/Off button and you will be live within seconds.

PandaPow Windows Client Review


PandaPow Download

Downloading PandaPow is not a difficult task. All users have to do is visit the Download page. Here you will receive links for updated versions of each client for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Simply click on the “Download Now” button to begin the process!

PandaPow Download for Windows


PandaPow Wi-Fi Router

Our PandaPow review discovers the provider even offering a Wireless VPN router. It works with all devices, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple TV that cannot connect to a VPN on their own. Of course, you can even use it with your smartphones, tablets, and computers. There is no limit on how many devices can connect simultaneously.

PandaPow Wi-Fi Router

The router is battery-powered and offers unlimited sever switches for all servers, along with no restrictions on bandwidth and speed. The easy to use admin interface also makes it easy to configure the router. Best part of all: the connections use strong SSL+TLS 2048-bit encryption. This guarantees your internet activity remains completely secure.


PandaPow Reddit Reviews

Although PandaPow does not have its own profile on Reddit, you can find many threads of users getting intrigued about the service. You can see comparison threads between the VPN and other providers. At the same time, you can find many comments of users praising the service, while others tend to share their disappointment. Read out detailed reddit vpn review here.


Final Verdict

Our PandaPow review establishes that the VPN offers a good level of reliability to users. However, its logging policy is definitely bound to get quite the negative attention. No user wants their connection/session data logged, as it defies the entire purpose of using a VPN. Support is just okay and the clients definitely need a revamp. One thing we find appealing about the service is its VPN-activated Wi-Fi router, which comes with a good pricing plan and offers remarkable compatibility.


The Good

  1. Based in Hong Kong
  2. VPN-Activated Wi-Fi router
  3. Android and iOS Applications
  4. Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Live Chat Support


The Bad

  1. Extensive Connection Logs
  2. Baseline OpenVPN Encryption
  3. DNS Leaks detected
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