OverPlay Introduction


Overplay primarily began as a SmartDNS provider to bypass geo-restrictions placed on various VoD & live TV streaming services like ABC, Netflix, HBO and many others. My OverPlay review for 2017 will cover the SmartDNS+VPN service offered by the provider.

Although the website doesn’t mention it, for the sake of my OverPlay review I crosschecked where the company was based and the following address came up on Hoovers & Corporation Wiki807 W Morse Blvd Suite 101, Winter Park, FL, 32789 US.


Unique Selling Proposition


OverPlay develop their niche in unblocking websites, especially video streaming services, with their leading SmartDNS service. OverPlay VPN is also established with the mission to provide you a restrictions free internet, as the website constantly mentions.


overplay review

OverPlay Plans & Pricing Review


Currently, OverPlay offers its SmartDNS+VPN service only in two denominations:

  1. Monthly Package – $9.95 payable every month
  2. 12 Months Package – $8.33/month (One-time $99.95 Payment every 12 months)


overplay smartdns + vpn

The SmartDNS+ VPN package comes with:

  1. Use over 3 devices simultaneously
  2. VPN servers in 49 countries
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited server & region switches
  5. P2P & Torrents allowed
  6. Software for Windows PC & MacOSx
  7. Mobile Compatibility
  8. Military Grade AES-256 bit encryption
  9. PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN Tunneling Protocols
  10. 5 days Money Back Guarantee


OverPlay Servers Review


OverPlay has significantly stretched its server coverage to 49 countries including popular locations including USA, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Singapore and many others to choose from. You can check out the complete list of Overplay VPN servers from here.

overplay 450 servers

To confirm the number of VPN servers I contacted OverPlay on Facebook and their social team confirmed a count of 450 VPN servers. Inclusive of these, Overplay also offers some 200+ SmartDNS servers for high speed browsing, video streaming and music.


OverPlay DNS Servers Review


The SmartDNS+VPN plan comes loaded with the complete service bundle including access to all OverPlay DNS servers. OverPlay Open DNS servers give you access to geo-restricted websites for video streaming, music, news, health &well-being and many other services around the world.

Instead of using Google’s intrusive and data retaining DNS servers, you can use OverPlay DNS servers that provide you unrestricted internet access to the internet without spying on your browsing activities. You can manually configure OverPlay DNS servers on mobiles, PCs, SmartTVs, streaming boxes, routers, and gaming consoles using official guides from the provider’s website.


OverPlay Customer Support Review


OverPlay currently offers only two channels for subscribers to get help & support for technical or account problems. OverPlay review identified support methods including:

  1. Website FAQ
  2. Email Support

The website FAQ is brilliantly managed and offers a wide range of resources for news, billing, setup guides& tutorials, and other literature to ensure your Overplay service works top notch.


overplay customer support


The Email Support section is also available from the FAQ page. The email support form is the ideal way to provide complete details of technical issues. I really like their detailed form and it’s just so simple to use, no rerouting your queries or transferring to a separate team.

Another place where you can possibly contact the OverPlay VPN team is their Facebook profile. The response time was good but it depends on their social team’s working hours.


Payment Methods


OverPlay offers 2 globally accepted payment methods for subscribers, these include:

  1. Credit Card/ Debit Cards
  2. PayPal


overplay payment methods


You can visit the signup page to process payments from the SIGNUP button on the homepage navigation.


Overplay Apps Compatibility Review


OverPlay is a very compatible service available over a large number of operating systems and devices including:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  6. Gaming consoles
  7. Routers
  8. Smart TVs
  9. Streaming Boxes & Sticks


overplay apps compatibility

While reviewing OverPlay’s FAQ section, I was delighted to see that there were proper illustrated guides for all devices that the provider supports. This is a very customer centric approach that makes OverPlay a decent service to go for.


Overplay Protocols and Encryption


OverPlay offers a mix of high speed and high security features including 3 tunneling protocols and choice between 128bit &256bit encryption. My in depth OverPlay review identified the following tunneling protocols with their respective encryption standards:

  1. PPTP–128bit AES
  2. L2TP–256bit AES
  3. OpenVPN –AES 128bit/256bit


Overplay Logs and Privacy Policy Review


Probably the trickiest part of this OverPlay review was analyzing the privacy policy of the provider. A very customer friendly policy compared to most of the competition. OverPlay claims plain & simple “NO LOGGING” of any kind whatsoever when using the VPN service, as the privacy policy establishes:


overplay logs

After careful OverPlay review of privacy policy, I did notice that the provider also mentions above that in case you attempt to break any regional laws on their servers, your service will be terminated. So, what I need is someone from OverPlay to explain to me,just how they will identify illegal activities unless they retain/monitor user activities?

OverPlay is still based in the USA so there still remains doubt just how the provider exercises this privacy policy. In accordance to US law, meta-data of VPN users is not considered data and thus must be retained in unencrypted form. This certainly proves that US based VPN give you no privacy, data security and anonymity at all.


excerpt from wikipedia

Since this meta-data is constantly demanded by the NSA, we still are unable to comprehend how providers claim zero logging with data retention mandatory for all US tech providers.


Overplay Netflix Blocked


During the 2 months (Jan & Feb 2017) Netflix placed its block on VPN users who were spoofing IP addresses to access US & UK Netflix libraries from other countries, OverPlay servers were immediately blocked by the service. The issue was confirmed by a very distraught Reddit user who was sold an Overplay account that didn’t work with the Netflix library:


overplay netflix blocked

A massive number of Overplay subscribers have reported since 2016 that their service is not working while accessing Netflix. When connecting to Netflix US & UK with Overplay, the VoD service displays the message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”As a personal recommendation, always use a VPN to unblock Netflix US & UK. A SmartDNS service may be fast, but remember that it’s neither protecting your network nor your IP address.


Overplay Download


OverPlay app are available to download from the official website downloads section for Windows, Mac, Android &iOS. Due to its massive popularity OverPlay apps are also available to download from various websites and official app stores. You can download OverPlay from:

  1. Free Download Manager
  2. Download Astro
  3. Apple iTunes Store for iOS & Mac
  4. Google Play Store for Android
  5. DownloadaTOZ


OverPlay VPN Free Trial


OverPlay VPN does not offer a free trial, rather a 5 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The 5 days evaluation period is a risk free to conclusively test the service over all your favorite video streaming, P2P file sharing, browsing and other online services, making sure the speed is good.


Overplay Review Forum


For a more comprehensive user perspective I took to forums discussing various SmartDNS services to unblock streaming services and other websites. To my surprise there wasn’t much to gather from other forums, I already had a great idea about Overplay from Reddit.

In the first few Overplay forum reviews that I came across,were basically queries regarding the installation of the service over Linux. Yes, the service is compatible with Ubuntu so will possibly work withMintsince it requires the Terminal Window commands to install.You can read the complete “Configuring OpenVPN with Ubuntu 10.04” tutorial on the Overplay support section.

Although no issues have been reported while using OverPlay through a router, there have been issues where users have ruined their devices due to unexpected errors, so do be careful when setting up your OverPlay service on a DDWRT router.

Overplay’s performance has always been excellent irrespective of which service you use it for. BBC iPlayer was easily unblocked, HBO Now messed up but worked fine with a different server, Netflix remained inaccessible in March when I reviewed them, HULU unblocked and so did beINSports USA. I also tested the app with an AppleTV and not only werevideo streaming & music playback excellent, I could watch movies in full HD.

The absence of detailed user reviews online makes it quite difficult for ordinary home users to make a proper choice when it comes to Overplay. Always remember to share your experience with as much detail as possible for other users to take advantage. Remember to share your reviews in the comments section below for other Overplay prospects.


Reviewer’s Verdict


After the detailed OverPlay review, we rate it at a respectable 3.5 out of 5.


Features we loved

  • Excellent server coverage
  • Brilliant& vast compatibility
  • Archived & update FAQ section
  • 5 daysRisk Free Money Back Guarantee


Areas of Improvement
  • No Live Chat
  • Expensive
  • USA based VPN provider
  • Fewer Tunneling Protocols
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