With the recent acquisition of HideMyAss VPN service, AVG has enhanced its privacy offering to its users with this latest Chrome extension called Crumble. This extension provides enhanced privacy by blocking tracking cookies.

AVG already provides a similar anti-tracking extension for different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. So how is this different? Crumble does not rely on any blacklists or database of domain names; instead it identifies different tracking cookies and blocks them.

AVG has been reported to say that the extension does not block the third party advertising cookies but works more like preventing any data leakage. In our opinion, this is a good thing as you get complete privacy and data security while having full browser functionality. 

You can try out the latest extension on your Chrome browser right now. It is in the testing phase (alpha mode) and you are bound to experience certain hiccups along the way. Overall, we tested the extension and it works has seamlessly so far. It also shows a small display like notification on the bottom left corner, showing the cookies that it has blocked. Perhaps other web browser extensions for privacy can take the approach of Crumble.   

Ameer Abbas

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