What is nVPN?

Based in Eastern Europe and registered in Seychelles, nVPN is a provider of secure/encrypted servers for exploring the internet anonymously. It offers a good selection of servers, reasonable pricing, and excellent encryption for protecting user privacy. However, its page does seem to lack crucial information regarding the logging policy. At the same time, users do not have dedicated apps available and can only connect to one server from one plan. Continue reading this nVPN review for more insight into the provider:

1.       sTunnel installed on all servers

2.       Multiple payment options

1.       No free trial

2.       No kill switch

3.       Unclear logging policy

4.       Lacks own DNS servers

5.       Unavailability of VPN apps


nVPN Pricing Review

Our nVPN review unveils that the VPN has one of the most distinctive pricing structures in the marketplace. There are two plans available technically: Monthly and Annually. These are divided into selections of Shared and Private IP.

nVPN Pricing Review


Shared IP Plans:

The Shared IP is available on both: monthly and annually plans. If you opt for the monthly package, you have to pay $6 per month. You can also change subscription length on the order page. If you extend the plan to 3 months, you pay $15 (saving you -16.67% on the original cost).

For a 6-months subscription of the shared IP, you will have to pay $20 in total. This means, you save an impressive 44.44% on the initial price! If you have an annual subscription for the shared IP, you will have to pay $40 in total. These costs are quite low, as comparative to other providers.


Private IP Plans:

The Private IP plan is also available in both monthly and annual packages. If you opt for the monthly package, you will have to pay $8 per month. If you want to extend the subscription to three months, you will be paying $20 in total. This means, you save almost 16.67% on the real price.

For the six-month subscription, you will have to pay a staggering $30 (saving you 37.50% on the original price). If you opt for the annual subscription for the private IP, you will have to pay $60 in total. These prices are still quite reasonable, considering you get a dedicated IP!


nVPN Login and Cancellation Process

According to our nVPN review, signing up with the service is incredibly easy. Just visit the website and click on the order now tab. Select a suitable plan that suits your budgetary needs and VPN requirements. Choose the VPN country of your choice.

The next page will guide you to the order information. Here you can decide on the subscription length, IP type, location, and payment options. After completing the checkout process, your account is instantly setup. You will receive the details via email.

Upon activating your account, you will gain access to the client area. From here you can download configuration files for setting up the VPN on multiple devices. For cancelling your account, simply submit a ticket to the support department.

Another option is to stop paying your invoices. Our nVPN review discovers that the service automatically cancels subscriptions, if the latest invoice is not paid. Your account will close within a few days of non-payment. The service will not charge you recurrently.


nVPN Cracked

Just like many other VPN services, users are always in search for cracked accounts for gaining access to the client area. However, why risk hacking premium users and accounts, when you can get an account for as low as $6? At least try out the service. If things do not work out, you can always ask for a refund!


nVPN Accepted Payment Methods

Our nVPN review uncovers that the VPN accepts a variety of different payment methods for purchasing plans. These include Liberty Reserve, Amazon Giftcode, Paysafecard, Webmoney, Skrill, PerfectMoney, Payza, and the most secure method Bitcoin! There is an extensive 2-Day clearing period for first-time payments made via PayPal.

Users even have the option of paying via LTC, ETH, Dashcoin, Yandex, AliPay, CashU, and Qiwi. If you prefer making your payments via credit cards, you can use MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. If you want more local choices, the VPN even uses Paymentwall.


nVPN Refund/Money Back Guarantee

For testing the service quality, our nVPN discovers that the provider offers a good, 3-day money back policy. However, getting the refund is not an easy task. To prevent abuse, the service only offers refunds if the client is experiencing technical issues or their servers have been down.

If you claim to accidentally make an account, find another VPN provider in the meantime, forget reading about 2 days delay time with PayPal, or simple just do not need the service anymore, you will not receive a refund. The same goes for owners of Paysafecards. Read the Refund Policy on the T.O.S here.


nVPN Servers Review

According to our nVPN review, the VPN has 52 servers located in almost 35 countries around the world. This includes Kaliningrad, Iran, Tunisia, Panama (password holding database), Belgium, Spain, India, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

You can even find multiple server choices at Sweden (2x), Russia (3x), France (3x), Canada (3x), Switzerland (3x), and USA (6x). This wide assortment of servers makes it easier to unlock location-limited content, regardless of your current location.

You connect to different servers around the world to unblock sites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, AMC, etc. The only catch: to connect to different servers you need to create a separate account! The nVPN does not offer unlimited server switching, which is quite surprising to say the least.

When you factor this into the pricing, nVPN possibly becomes one of the most expensive VPN services.  You have to pay an extra $10 per month, if you want to switch servers without limitations.


nVPN Privacy and Security

During our nVPN review, we found that the provider offers decent privacy and security to customers. You can easily unblock restricted websites by using their VPN, while gaining added protection via features like Anti-DPI. This technology provides additional encryption to bypass DPIs in countries where security is tight like Iran or China.

This allows you to securely exchange files, transfer money, run a business, send e-mails, run a blog, and browse social networking websites. However, where the VPN does offer excellent security, we are not exactly sure about the anonymity. Since there are no Privacy Policy pages on the main website, we do not know if nVPN logs user data.


nVPN Protocols Review

According to nVPN review, the VPN provider supports all the relevant protocols for giving users top encryption and security. You can easily establish a private VPN connection using OpenVPN, L2TP with IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv1/IKEv2 protocols.

These protocols have use default 256-bit AES-CBC ciphers with SHA 512 authentication. Users also have the ability of choosing between SHA 1 and 128-bit Blowfish CBC. Another great thing about the service is its Squid and SOCKS5 addition.

Every subscription plan includes these two proxies, which allow for exceptionally fast P2P Torrenting and downloading – minus the worry about security/privacy. Since nVPN users Anti-DPI features to bypass Deep Packet Inspections using OpenVPN over SSL method, you can also use the VPN in restrictive regimes like Iran and China.


P2P/Torrenting Review

Our nVPN review unveils that the provider does indeed support P2P/Torrenting. This means, users from all over the world can enjoy downloading/sharing torrents. Thanks to the addition of SQUID and SOCKS5, you even leverage an extra layer of security and privacy. This not only hides your Tor browser usage, but also blocks circumventing firewalls – ensuring your torrenting activity remains private.


nVPN Logs Review

During our nVPN review, we thoroughly searched every corner of the website to find information regarding the logging policy. However, we ended up dissatisfied completely, as nVPN does not have a privacy page. This is quite surprising, considering it is vital to provide users information concerning what information is being logged and not.

All the website says is “No Logs!” in its page title and that is just about it. We need more than just two words to tell us we are safe. There should be a valid explanation in text. Without a privacy policy page, you will never know what you are agreeing to. This means, your IP address, cookies, page requested, email address, and other session/connection data is under risk of logging – without you knowing it.


nVPN Port Forwarding

Our nVPN review unveils that the VPN provider supports port forwarding. This feature allows for the redirection of communication requests from one port number combination and address to another, while the packets transverse a network gateway. This allows for the bypassing of firewalls installed in routers for preventing access to certain sites, while giving you top security.


nVPN Support Review

According to our nVPN review, the provider offers decent support in the form of ticket based system. If you click on the support tab, you will be redirect to submitting a ticket. Here you can choose to send a query to the general support and setup support, along with pre/post-sales questions and connectivity issues. You do not have live chat or phone support available.

nVPN Support Review

There is a dedicated knowledgebase of blogs, where all technical and setup issues are discussed. The response time may vary from some minutes to hours. The support team is quite clear in their responses. They directly solve the issue, proving to be quite helpful and friendly. The provider also has a Facebook page, but it seems to be inactive since 2012.

nVPN Technical support


nVPN Apps Compatibility Review

During our nVPN review, we were a little amazed to discover that the VPN did not have dedicated software for any of the major operating systems. Once you have created an account and gained access to the client area, you will get configuration files to download and load on a custom VPN application.

These files will be compatible to any open-source VPN solution. There are a number of setup guides available on the FAQ page for help. You can set up the VPN on gaming consoles, as well as routers running DD-WRT and other custom firmware.


How to Setup nVPN on Android

Since nVPN does not have a dedicated Android app, users will have to establish a connection manually via OpenVPN. Follow the steps below for connecting to nVPN servers on your Android device:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download OpenVPN
  2. Download the configuration files from nVPN website
  3. Tap on the “import” button in the OpenVPN application
  4. Select the suitable configuration .ovpn file to load
  5. Close import dialog after tapping on “Done reading config file”
  6. Choose a server of your choice for VPN connection
  7. Enter nVPN username and password
  8. Check the “I trust the application” box and tap on “Ok”


Final Verdict

Our nVPN review establishes that the provider definitely has a lot of work and diligence to do for exceling in the VPN market. For starters, the inability of connecting to different server locations is baseless. No user would want to stay restricted to a single location. Add this to the missing Policy pages; you do not have any idea whether the service logs your internet activity. It might just be better to go for more reliable and famed providers like PureVPN, Ivacy, and ExpressVPN.


The Good

  1. Helpful FAQ with setup tutorials
  2. 3-days money back guarantee
  3. Unmetered bandwidth


The Bad

  1. No free trial
  2. Lack of transparency
  3. Missing ‘Privacy Policy’ page
  4. Restricted access to a single server
  5. No VPN software for Android, Mac, Windows, iOS
  6. 2-Day clearing period for first-time payments via PayPal
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