Looks like Nintendo might’ve been in a bit too much of a rush to get the Nintendo Switch console out the door and into gamers hands, as we have just received reports that an openly-known browser exploit previously found on the iOS had made its way into the hybrid-handheld gaming device’s stock browser.

nintendo switch hacked

The source of nintendo switch hacked is the legendary qwertyoruiop, known best for his iOS and PS4 jailbreak contributions. According to the hacker himself, all he had to do was make basic modifications to the iOS-specific parts of his code to break in (albeit in a limited capacity).

At the time of writing the hack has revealed some interesting information about the OS running on the system; that being a modified or souped up version of the 3DS OS. The exploit might also allow users to run unsigned code on the machine even though there’s no such code to test that out at this time. Aside from that, not much of note is known yet… HOWEVER, at this stage, the priority for any hacker would be the holy grail known as gaining kernel access, which is when we will start to see some real action.

The Nintendo switch was released on March 3 2017 and is currently the best-selling launch for a Nintendo console yet, expected to surpass 2 million units sold by the end of March 2017.

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