For anyone wondering when Netflix will be available in their country, we have good news for you. The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, announced at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas that Netflix has expanded its service to 130 new countries.

Countries Where Netflix Has Expanded

Some of the popular countries to which Netflix has expanded include Russia, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Singapore, and Poland. The most notable exception from this list was China, a country where Netflix has a huge fan base.

Hasting was quick to address this at CES 2016, where he said that they are working on expanding in China but would require specific permission from the government to operate, which could take some time.

Other countries where Netflix won’t be expanding include North Korea, Crimea, and Syria due to the restrictions placed by US Government on American companies.

Content Available in New Netflix Regions

This global expansion gives Netflix a commanding upper hand over its competitors. Now we have almost 200 countries where Netflix is available, viewers can enjoy some of the best TV shows and movies without any delay. However, one thing still remains to be seen, will every country have the same content library?

Sadly, that won’t be the case. The library offered by Netflix will vary from region to region. For instance, the highly popular Netflix original series, House of Cards and Orange is The New Black won’t be available in regions where Netflix doesn’t have distribution rights. What this means is that new Netflix users won’t have access to full content library.

Use a VPN to Access Full Netflix Library

This is where using a VPN might come in handy. Previously used for unblocking Netflix, now you can use it to access Netflix libraries of other regions. It allows you to spoof your geo-location and access content on various Netflix regions. Here is one user complaining about lack of content on Netflix Europe:

Similarly, it can still be used to unblock Netflix in countries where it still hasn’t been released. Users based in regions such as China or North Korea can use a VPN service to access Netflix and enjoy their favorite shows and movies online.

Get Netflix Subscription at Cheap Prices

Now that Netflix has expanded to almost every country around the world, the prices of Netflix subscriptions also vary from region to region. To test this theory out, we conducted a small test. We used a VPN service to change our location (IP address) to different locations and found that the prices of Netflix subscription do vary. 

From our test, we found that when you change your location to Brazil, you get the lowest price possible. The standard Netflix subscription costs $7.99 in USA but in Brazil it costs $4.91 when you convert the currency.  Therefore, if you are a cord cutter and are looking to save money on Netflix subscription, then VPN is your best solution. 

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User’s Reaction to Netflix’s Expansion  

Since the announcement made by Reed Hastings at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas about Netflix’s expansions, users from around the world have been buzzing about the news.

Here is one person truly surprised after hearing the news by Netflix:

On the other hand, this person didn’t have any idea that 130 countries even existed:

While others saw this expansion by Netflix as fantastic news:

The Wrap Up

We were certainly taken by surprise by the mammoth list of countries where Netflix decided launch simultaneously. Now with just over 200 countries where Netflix has launched its service, the race is one for other streaming services for global expansion as well.

For now we know that Netflix is truly the global giant of internet television network. Launching in 130 countries and plans for adding more regions in the coming future, we just can’t wait to see what next Netflix has in store for us.

Check out the highlights from CES 2016 Keynote and announce made by Reed Hastings:


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