Get ready as NBA history is about to be made with The Finals starting from June 4th between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Both the teams come into the NBA Finals with hot form and the winner is sure to rewrite history for a long time.

Golden State Warriors have reached the NBA Finals for the first time since 1975. After a 40 year wait, the Warrior’s will look to reclaim the crown of being NBA Champions. On the other hand, Cleveland Cavaliers have not won a major professional sports trophy since 1964. With LeBron James having experience of winning the championship on two previous occasions, can he guide the Cavs to victory?

To find out, you can catch the live action from NBA Finals with the help of a VPN.

Watch NBA Finals Live Online Using VPN

To watch the NBA Finals, you have two options; use a NBA International League Pass or use different streaming channels (WatchESPN or ABC). However, with both the options, there is a problem.

The League Pass is subject to Blackout in which you cannot watch the game online if it is broadcasted live on television or on OTA networks. The International League Pass is also geo restricted and can only be purchased in certain locations. If you don’t have a league pass, you can use different streaming channels but they are also geo restricted and cannot be accessed from anywhere in the world.

You can overcome these problems using a best VPN service. Below are some of the best VPN providers that you can choose from. They will allow you to overcome geo restrictions and bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts.

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What a VPN does is that it offers you wide spread of servers located in different regions. You can connect to a server located in different countries to overcome the League Pass Blackout. Similarly, if you are living or traveling outside US, you can use a VPN and lift the geo restrictions to watch the NBA Finals live online on different streaming channels.

The Wrap Up!

Which team will come out on top? Only time will tell whether Stephen Curry will guide Golden State Warriors to victory or will the prolific LeBron James stop the blistering Warrior’s and help Cavs secure their first ever major championship. Here is the schedule for the NBA Finals 2015.

Game Match Date & Time
GM1 CLE vs. GSW June 4, 9:00PM ET
GM2 CLE vs. GSW June 7, 8:00PM ET
GM3 GSW vs. CLE June 9, 9:00PM ET
GM4 GSW vs. CLE June 11, 9:00PM ET
GM5 CLE vs. GSW June 14, (if needed)
GM6 GSW vs. CLE June 16, (if needed)
GM7 CLE vs. GSW June 19, (if needed)


This is perhaps one of the biggest NBA Finals, if not the greatest. Both the teams have risen to the top from each of their conferences and will look to end their trophy drought this year.

To watch all the matches live online, all you need to do is select a VPN from above, connect to the respective server to remove blackout and geo restrictions, and enjoy the NBA Finals 2015.

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