motogp-1The checkered flag hailed Marc Marquez at the Aragon Moto GP as he blazed past the competition with his Honda RC213V. The sheer talent of the 23 year old and the finesses of his powerful machine could be seen after he lost control and went 4 behind to finish at pole position.

It wasn’t easy, as Marquez tweeted himself:

Four races to go and an undisputed 52 points lead put Marquez in prime position to win the Moto GP championship ahead of his experienced rivals.  Marc Marquez looks destined to beat Rossi with only a handful of points to gather and some difficult tracks to race on.

MotoGP 2016 Points Table (Updated 7th Ocotber)

After his heroics at the Aragon GP Marc Marquez leads the table with 52 points clear of Valentino Rossi and 66 clear of Jorge Lorenzo. Here are the full standings of the MotoGP championship after the Aragon GP:



Top 3 Contenders for the MotoGP Championship

Marc Marquez

23 years old Marquez have shown tremendous skill and performance so far. The Aragon GP has been an exciting & lucky event for him considering the number of times he has survived near crashes. Champion of the 2013 & 2014 seasons and 3rd place in 2015, Marquez is finally on the road to another Moto GP championship title.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi stands 2nd position behind Marc Marquez, 52 points behind to be precise with only 4 races remaining. Rossi, the most decorated MotoGP driver in history and 9 times world champion, has been stalled after a penalty at the Valencia Moto GP which led him to start from the last position. With 2 pole positions and 4 second positions, Rossi still has a chance of catching up to the leader. If there is one contender who can pull out a miracle, its Valentino Rossi.


Jorge Lorenzo

The champion of 2015 currently Lorenzo stands at 182 points, 66 points behind Marc Marquez and 14 behind Valentino Rossi. 3 first place finishes and 3 second positions make Lorenzo the only other contender for the 2016 MotoGP title. After some shaky races, he may not be the most consistent but he still remains the reigning champion until the season ends.

MotoGP 2016 Race Schedule

The MotoGP season at its end with four races to go now, here are the details for the upcoming Japanese GP:

Japanese Grand Prix–14th Ocotber to 16thOctober


Average Track Speed – 147.5 km/h

Top Track Speed – 314.3 km/h

Circuit Record –1’45.350by Jorge Lorenzo(2014)

The Motul Japanese Moto GP will begin on the 14thof October with raceday scheduled on the 16th. The track has been owned by Lorenzo after marking it with his unbeaten lap record back in 2014.However, with sublime form MarcMarquez is expected to continue his heroics in the land of the rising sun.


motogp prediction

The 2.9 mile Motegi circuit was built as a test circuit byHonda in 1997 and became home to the MotoGP in 2000. The twin ring Motegi oval is also home of the Honda Collection Hall museum, housing an epic collection of motorbikes, cars and vintage racing machines. The track also offers its own safety and riding school, dirt track, go-karts, hotel, restaurant, shops and event halls.

Predictions for the 2016 MotoGP Championship

Marc Marquez practically has one hand around the title given his recent form and bike performance. Our pick to clinch the MotoGP World Championship 2016 therefore is Marquez. The Japanese MotoGP commences on the 14th of October, 2016 and according to many pundits will be the deciding race for the championship. A first three finish will see Marquez cancel out all chances of the other two contenders.


Even Moto GP fanatic & blogger Jesus Sanchez Santos believes Marquez has one hand around the championship with his unassailable lead over his Yamaha counterparts.

It seems difficult even for a legend like Valentino Rossi to put a halt to Marquez and his terribly powerful Honda. Although Yamaha & Rossi fans are praying for a miracle, chances of an upset are thin.

Poll – Who is going to win the MotoGP Championship 2016?

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