What is Kodi

Kodi, or previously known as XBMC, is a free open source media center designed for Windows, Android OS, Linux and OSx platforms. The award winning software is known for delivering its vast collection of videos, TV shows, music, pictures, games, apps plus media in other categories.

Kodi allows users to access live TV channels, videos, podcasts, music and various forms of digital media through local & network storage over the internet. Dedicated Kodi apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux are available on the Kodi media player official website, while proper guides are available to setup the service on Amazon Fire TV, Chromebox, Raspberry Pi, Razor Forge TV, even x86 PCs and many more. You can also follow this guide and instructions on How to Add Channels on Kodi.


Why Use a VPN for Kodi Media Player?


Kodi media player provides access to hundreds of channels from around the world, some of which are geo-restricted from accessing. Channels primarily from the US & Europe are restricted if you try to access them outside their prescribed regions.

best vpn for kodi


Choosing the fastest Kodi VPN for 2016

VPN services usually specialize with online security & privacy features; today however, these services are being established as high speed unblocking solutions for websites geo-restricted outside certain regions.

Server Network

The best Kodi VPN providers are usually the ones with server networks strategically placed in regions to unblock geo-restrictions placed on various video streaming, news and music websites. A vast server network may not be the ideal VPN for Kodi player, considering the servers offer low bandwidth, which is useless for streaming video.

The introduction of cutting edge technologies has enabled Kodi player VPN vendors to provide blazing fast speeds through their servers all over the world. For instance, Ivacy VPN offers 10 Gigabit/Sec speeds on their US, UK and some European servers. The best way to test these claims is through hands-on testing using a flash based bandwidth test like OOKLA and on a torrent client (e.g. uTorrent).

Desktop & Mobile Apps

VPN providers for Kodi media player must offer handy desktop and mobile apps for users to setup the service without hassle. For instance, all the reviewed providers listed above offer exclusive Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps making it very easy for users to install & use Kodi VPN.

Having ready apps for all compatible OS & devices is a major advantage for any VPN service for Kodi media player in 2016. Apps allow instant installation, one click connectivity, advanced VPN features, and provide instant customer support.


How to Setup VPN for Kodi


Usually there are two ways to unblock geo-restricted channels on the Kodi media player, either configuring the Kodi VPN service manually or installing the official VPN app.


Setup Kodi VPN Manually on Windows


Configuring a VPN to use with Kodi in Windows OS is a simple process. We will configure and unblock Kodi using IvacyVPN.

Step 1

Go to the Windows Control Panel and click on “Network and Sharing Center”

setup kodi vpn step 1

Step 2

In the Network & Sharing Center window, click on “Set up a new connection or network” as shown below. A setup wizard will launch, from the menu choose “Connect to a Workplace”.
the best kodi vpn setup step 2

Step 3

The setup wizard will require choosing an existing VPN connection or creating a new one, select “No, Create a New Connection” and click next. In the next windows click “Use my internet Connection (VPN)” as shown below

the best kodi vpn setup step 3

Step 4

The Kodi VPN setup wizard will now require you to input the server address and give a name for the connection in the “Destination Name” box. Then click “Next” to proceed.

the best kodi vpn setup step 4

Step 5

The next step will require the “Username & Password” provided by the Kodi VPN service and tick the remember password box; leave the Domain Name field vacant. Fill out the fields and click connect button when ready.

setup kodi vpn step 5

Step 6

Once you click connect the VPN will connect for the first time. The connection can then be found in the taskbar.

Step 7

Just to be sure, we proceeded to unblock NBC Sports & ESPN3 successfully after configuring the Kodi VPN provider.
kodi unblocked


How to Add Channels on KODI

KODI allows installing add-ons from a huge variety of channels including those for movies, TV shows, sports, news, documentaries, and lifestyle amongst others. To add channels on KODI Media player, here is what you do:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device
  2. Select the relevant category you want the add-on for (we have chosen Videos)
  3. Select Add-ons from the menu, for example Video Add-ons>Get More
  4. A list of available channel add-ons will appear
  5. Scroll through the list and select your add-on

how to add channels on kodi

6. Click install to download and add the channel to your Kodi Player

7. You should now be able to see the Channel in your Videos section

add channels kodi setup


How to watch Channels on Kodi with a VPN

You will notice that a number of channels under all available categories are geo-restricted outside their official regions. This means you will not be able to watch videos, listen to music or use programs that are restricted by regionalvendors from other countries. For instance, you will be unable to stream NBC Sports and ESPN add-ons outside USA.

To watch geo-restricted channels outside their official regions you will require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use an IP address from that region. So, if you wish to watch NBC Sports:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN from our exclusive list provided above
  2. Download the relevant app for your device Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android
  3. Launch the VPN provider app
  4. Connect your VPN app to a US server
  5. Once connected you will be assigned a new IP address from the US
  6. Launch Kodi player and watch your favorite channels from the US


The Best Kodi VPN Service Providers


A VPN or Virtual Private Network is the easiest and cheapest way to unblock geo-restricted add-ons in Kodi media player. You can unblock favorite channels including ESPN, MTV, NBC, NBA Game Pass and many more. Have a look at the best Kodi VPN reviews rated after careful testing on the media center:

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In addition to unblocking millions of streaming channels, music apps & service, news
Kodi is a great alternative for streaming & music fans who wish to enjoy free entertainment online. However, geo-restrictions may try to put viewers off but a VPN can solve that within minutes. Unblock all your favorite geo-restricted Kodi US & European channels from anywhere with a click today.

Access our expert editorial reviews of the 5 best Kodi VPN services to unblock limitless entertainment on PCs and mobile devices. In case you face any issues, leave us a message in the comments section below, alternatively tweet to us @VPNBest and feel free to share the post. Also Check out the best kodi addons list.

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