Kodi, or previously known as XBMC, is a free open source media center designed for Windows, Android OS, Linux and OSx platforms. The award winning software is known for delivering its vast collection of videos, TV shows, music, pictures, games, apps plus media in other categories. While it has an extensive catalog of add-ons that support official streams for various channels and programmes… Many of them cannot be accessed from most regions. Luckily, you can easily get around that if you have a Kodi compatible VPN handy. In this post we will review the best Kodi VPN on all platforms. You can also follow this guide and instructions on How to Setup VPN on Kodi or How to Install Openelec Kodi Manager with OpenVPN.



Kodi VPN Video Installation And Configuration Guide:

Free Top Kodi VPN (XBMC) Media Player

While most Kodi users’ go with a premium VPN service there are those who are either limited by their uses or the strength of their wallets, which is not bad at all. There are several free VPN or XBMC now available offering lightening speed services for the media player.

To make things easy for our readers I went ahead and tested 11 free VPN services with Kodi to ascertain their compatibility and speed. Three providers caught my eye with some superb results while streaming both movies and live TV. The three best free VPN services are:

  1. BetterNet
  2. ZenMate
  3. Tunnel Bear

Compare the fastest VPN services for Kodi using our top notch comparison tool to know which one ranks best for streaming.


The Best Kodi VPN Service Providers 2017

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is the easiest and cheapest way to unblock geo-restricted add-ons in Kodi media player. You can unblock favorite channels including ESPN, MTV, NBC, NBA Game Pass and many more. Have a look at the best cheap vpn for kodi reviews rated after careful testing on the media center:


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3.5 / 5.0
4.5 / 5.0
4.0 / 5.0
3.0 / 5.0

In addition to unblocking millions of streaming channels, music apps & service, news Kodi is a great alternative for streaming & music fans who wish to enjoy free entertainment online. However, geo-restrictions may try to put viewers off but a VPN can solve that within minutes. Unblock all your favorite geo-restricted Kodi US & European channels from anywhere with a click today.

With tons of awesome new TV shows and thrilling sports events coming up I would suggest power up your Kodi media center and get those add-ons setup.



Free Kodi VPN For Fire Stick

Now if you are an avid streamer on Amazon Fire Stick, you can use various free VPN services. Since Kodi users get into trouble for accessing free content, copyright infringement issues are always a threat. However, by using a free VPN for Kodi Fire Stick, you negate most of these issues. Here are a few VPN providers you can try:



Owned by Opera, SurfEasy is free VPN service you can use on Amazon Fire Stick while streaming on Kodi. The provider is compatible on several platforms including Android based streaming boxes. SurfEasy offers several servers in more than 28 countries around the world. This way, Kodi enthusiasts can unblock Kodi add-ons and keep themselves anonymous while streaming.



Hide.me is another free VPN service that works like a charm on Fire Stick. Offering server spread across 20+ regions, this Malaysian based free VPN delivers good performance. Hide.me offers exclusive apps and software for various platforms and has an easy-to-use user interface. Therefore, if you are looking for a free VPN for Fire Stick, try Hide.me.



Another VPN option to try out is Windscribe for Kodi. The provider offers one of the slickest services amongst freemium VPNs. The privacy policy is transparent and its boast good security measures. However, the only downside to the service is its capped bandwidth on free packages. Therefore, you will have to use it sparingly while streaming on Kodi.


Free Kodi VPN For Windows

While the use of Kodi has increased considerably, the need for a VPN has also risen over the years. You have numerous VPNs at your disposal, but what about free Kodi VPN for Windows? Here are a few options you can check out:


VPN Gate

It might not be the slickest or most notable free VPN services out there, but it does deliver all the benefits of a VPN. While using Kodi on Windows, VPN Gate delivers good performance. A group of volunteers located all over the world, offer numerous servers through which you can unblock any Kodi add-on you wish to access.



ProtonVPN  is lightweight free VPN you can use for Kodi on Windows. The provider offers wide range of security features that work well to secure your identity while streaming content on Kodi. Likewise, you will not face any difficulty in accessing various Kodi add-ons with ProtonVPN’s server presence. However, in the free plan, you only have choices of three server locations and one device connectivity, which is something to keep in mind while purchasing.


Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a VPN service created by the same folks that developed OpenVPN. This VPN service offers excellent security and privacy through strong encryption ciphers and OpenVPN protocol. That said, it offers a free trial for 7 days only, but with full functionality. Therefore, apart from this drawback, Private Tunnel is a worthy VPN service.


How to Install Top Kodi VPN for XBMC

Usually, there are two ways to unblock geo-restricted channels on the Kodi media player, either configuring the VPN for Kodi service manually or installing the official VPN app.


Setup Kodi VPN Manually on Windows

Configuring a VPN to use with Kodi in Windows OS is a simple process. We will configure and unblock Kodi using IvacyVPN.

Step 1

Go to the Windows Control Panel and click on “Network and Sharing Center”

setup kodi vpn step 1

Step 2

In the Network & Sharing Center window, click on “Set up a new connection or network” as shown below. A setup wizard will launch, from the menu choose “Connect to a Workplace”.
the best kodi vpn setup step 2

Step 3

The setup wizard will require choosing an existing VPN connection or creating a new one, select “No, Create a New Connection” and click next. In the next windows click “Use my internet Connection (VPN)” as shown below

kodi on windows step 3

Step 4

The setup wizard will now require you to input the server address and give a name for the connection in the “Destination Name” box. Then click “Next” to proceed.

kodi on windows step 4

Step 5

The next step will require the “Username & Password” provided by the service and tick the remember password box; leave the Domain Name field vacant. Fill out the fields and click connect button when ready.

kodi on windows step 5

Step 6

Once you click connect the VPN will connect for the first time. The connection can then be found in the taskbar.

Step 7

Just to be sure, we proceeded to unblock NBC Sports & ESPN3 successfully after configuring the VPN for Kodi.
kodi unblocked using best vpn for kodi


How to Install Openelec Kodi Manager with OpenVPN

The OpenElec Kodi Manager is one of the few services that offer a pre-configured OpenVPN client that you can control from within the Kodi Media Player. You can always install OpenVPN as a program on its own in the PC version, but it is recommended that you use the OpenElec Manager with OpenVPN when using an OpenElec device. You will require the following pre-requisites to begin:

  1. A VPN account from PureVPN, NordVPN, HMA, IPVanish or ibVPN
  2. An OpenElec device
  3. VPN Manager for OpenVPN Zip File
  4. OpenVPN Zip File(do inform us if link doesn’t work)

Here is a step by step guide to install OpenElec Kodi Manager with OpenVPN:

  1. Copy both Open VPN Manager & OpenVPN zip files to your OpenElec Box
  2. Now, Go to System >Add-Ons> Install from Zip File > Select VPN Manager for OpenVPN zip file and install
  3. Once again, Go to System >Add-Ons > Install from Zip File > Select OpenVPN zip file and install
  4. When both Add-ons are enabled, go back to the home screen
  5. Go to , Home Screen > Programs> VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Add-on Settings> Wizard
  6. A list of VPN providers will come up, choose your provider from the list
  7. Enter VPN username and password in respective fields then click done
  8. VPN Manager will now start
  9. You can choose a VPN profile that can auto-connect and you can choose to change auto connect too
  10. 4 VPN servers or locations can be added to VPN Manager for Open VPN, otherwise, you have to manually configure it on the OpenVPN app when you use the service.


Install KODI VPN Manager Using Zomboided Repo

The Zomboided Add-On for Kodi is truly something special that I loved for the OpenElec box. Zomboided allows you to add  VPN for Kodi. You can use a huge list of VPN services on your OpenElec device. To begin setting up your VPN download the Zomboided Repo from GitHub then transfer it to your Open Elec device. Now follow these simple steps

  1. Launch Kodi Media Center
  2. Go to SYSTEM>Add-ons>Install from zip file
  3. Go to the folder where you saved Zomboided Repo and select it
  4. Let the Add-on enabled notification appear
  5. Next, click Install from repository> select Zomboided Add-on Repository>Services
  6. Click on VPN Manager for OpenVPN>then click Install
  7. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  8. Next, click OK in the new window that appears asking to “Setup a VPN provider”
  9. Next, on the VPN Configuration Window click VPN Provider
  10. Scroll through the list and click on your VPN Provider
  11. Fill in your VPN Username & Password
  12. Now, click the VPN Connections option
  13. Choose First VPN connection
    • A popup will inform you that connection to your VPN provider is being made. Once logged in a list of available servers will be displayed
    • Choose the server you wish to connect to and this will be your Primary VPN server
  14. You will now see the option for a “Second VPN connection”.
  15. Choose Second VPN connection and the list of servers be displayed again. You can choose up to 10 servers that you can switch between.
  16. Once adding servers is complete,click Cycle through primary VPN connections to see all the servers in one place rather than going through them one by one.

Zomboided offers connecting through the following providers:

  1. Purevpn
  2. Expressvpn
  3. Hidemyass
  4. Nordvpn
  5. IPVanish
  6. Ivacy
  7. Saferweb
  8. Strongvpn
  9. Tunnelbear
  10. Cyberghost
  11. Hotspot Shield
  12. Boxpn
  13. Totalvpn
  14. Ironsocket
  15. Kepard
  16. Witopia
  17. Spotflux
  18. Shadeyou
  19. Astrill
  20. Private Internet Access
  21. Safervpn
  22. Hideipvpn
  23. Vypr VPN
  24. IbVPN


How to Setup Kodi VPN on Apple TV through a Router

Since the Apple TV box has no support to configure Apple TV VPN on it, you will be required to get a separate router and configure your VPN for Kodi on it instead. Do remember never to configure VPN on your ISP router, always consider buying a DDWRT or other router with PPTP, OpenVPN, iKEV2 or L2TP protocol support.

You can always install apps on your PC, smartphone, Mac or other devices but sometimes users’ simply consider to do the same through a router. Setting up your Best VPN for Kodi client through a router is simple given you have the right hardware.

As a word of caution, never configure the VPN on your ISP router. Always consider a separate router that you can connect with the ISP router and setup your VPN on that. We chose an ASUS RT-AC66U router to demonstrate how to setup through the router:

  1. Open up a web browser and type in the search bar“”then press enter(different for different makes & models, check router manual)
  2. You will now be at your router configuration login
    1. Type in your Username & Password
    2. They should be printed on the back of the router
  3. Once in the router configuration go to Internet Connection >Advanced Settings > WAN

how to setup kodi through router

4. Change WAN Connection Type to PPTP

kodi wan router setting


5. Change the following settings to

  • Enable WAN to Yes
  • Enable NAT to Yes
  • Enable UPnP to Yes
  • Get the WAN IP Automatically to Yes

configure kodi wan ip

6. Change the WAN DNS Settings to

  • Connect to DNS Servers Automatically to No
  • In DNS Server 1 box enter 8.8.8
  • In DNS Server 2 box enter 8.4.4

kodi wan dns settings

7. In the Account Settings section fill in

  • Your VPN Account Username in the User Name box
  • YourVPN Account Password in the Password box

kodi account settings

8. Change PPTP Options or Encryption box to Auto

kodi pptp options

9. In the VPN Server box type the name of the server you wish to connect to, we have used a US server

kodi router server

10. Once you have completed all sections successfully, click Apply and then reboot your router.

Once it’s restarted all your data will pass through the secure VPN gateway.


How to Watch Channels on Kodi with a VPN

You will notice that a number of channels under all available categories are geo-restricted outside their official regions. This means in able to watch videos, listen to music or use programs that are restricted by regional vendors from other countries. For instance, you will be unable to stream NBC Sports and ESPN add-ons outside USA.

To watch geo-restricted channels outside their official regions you will require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use an IP address from that region. So, if you wish to watch NBC Sports:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN from our exclusive list provided above
  2. Download the correct software app for your device Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android
  3. Launch the VPN provider app
  4. Connect your VPN app client to a US server
  5. Once connected you will be assigned a new IP address from the US
  6. Launch Kodi player and watch your favorite channels from the US


Why Use a Top Kodi VPN for Media Player?

Kodi media player provides access to hundreds of channels from around the world, some of which are geo-restricted from accessing. Channels primarily from the US & Europe are restricted if you try to access them outside their prescribed regions.

kodi geo restriction


How to Choose the Best Kodi VPN in 2017

VPN services usually specialize with online security & privacy features; today however, these services are being established as high speed unblocking solutions for websites geo-restricted outside certain regions.


Server Network

The best vpn providers are usually the ones with server networks strategically placed in regions to unblock geo-restrictions placed on various video streaming, news and music websites. A vast server network may not be the ideal VPN for Kodi player, considering the servers offer low bandwidth, which is useless for streaming video.

The introduction of cutting edge technologies has enabled Kodi player VPN vendors to provide blazing fast speeds through their servers all over the world. For instance, Ivacy VPN offers 10 Gigabit/Sec speeds on their US, UK and some European servers. The best way to test these claims is through hands-on testing using a flash based bandwidth test like OOKLA and on a torrent client (e.g. uTorrent).


Desktop & Mobile Apps

VPN providers for Kodi media player must offer handy desktop and mobile apps for users to setup the service without hassle. For instance, all the reviewed providers listed above offer exclusive Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps making it very easy for users to install & use Kodi VPN.

Having ready apps for all compatible OS & devices is a major advantage for any VPN service for Kodi media player in 2017. Apps allow instant installation, one click connectivity, advanced VPN features, and provide instant customer support.


Kodi VPN Reddit Reviews & Recommendations

Using a VPN on Kodi has picked up some much traction that users around the world turn to reddit for suggestions, reviews, and troubleshooting. I explored reddit vpn for Kodi feedback and came across some interesting discussions. Here is one user warning new users about the dark side of VPN services and that they should check if a provider keeps activities logs or not.


Then there are some folks trying to pair different Kodi sources with a VPN. Below is comment by a redditor who suggested using Real Debrid.


Lastly, many Kodi users face the problem of bandwidth throttling where ISPs deliberately slow down internet connections once they know you are using Kodi. Take the case of a redditor who resides in the UK and wants to bypass ISP throttling. One of the ways to overcome this issue is by setting a VPN your router.



Kodi Without VPN and Whats The Consequences?

Geo-restrictions have targeted Kodi users for a while denying them access to various US, Canadian, Australia and European streaming channels. Inevitably netizens go for alternative means to unblock their favorite channels on Kodi media desktop. During my research I found that the following channels are geo-restricted and can’t be accessed outside prescribed regions:

  • CNN
  • Channel 7
  • ESPN
  • USTV Now
  • Nine Network


So, what’s the best method to access these channels on Kodi?

Considering the geo-restrictions placed on these channels, VPNs for Kodi are the ideal solution to bypass them. Kodi viewers can also access unlimited channels from anywhere in the world on both mobile & PC. Furthermore, you can stream video streaming services on Kodi such as XMovies, Putlocker, OpenLoad, Vidzi, MoviesHD, PubFilm, PrimeWire and many more.


Safe & Secure Torrenting

The addition of utorrent and BitTorrent on Kodi the software has become a target for copyright trolls who can’t bear to see a free internet. Kodi users’ should take charge since there is no guarantee of being victim of copyright infringement and receive DMCA notices. Hence, it becomes necessary for citizens to use a VPN for Kodi while streaming channels, downloading and viewing torrents on Kodi.

A VPN ensures you to safely access & watch torrent videos on Kodi without worrying about copyright trolls and infringement notices.


Kodi VPN Vs Kodi SmartDNS

VPNs for Kodi is create an encrypted and secure connection between the user and a remote VPN server. The VPN server executes all website requests & communications on users’ behalf and makes them anonymous while coding all their online communication.


Kodi VPN Pros & Cons


  • Servers bases across 6 continents
  • Apps to secure PCs and Smartphones
  • Torrent supported servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth & Data
  • High speed streaming by removing ISP throttling
  • Unblock geo-restricted channels instantly
  • Encryption of data to secure from ISP, NSA, hackers etc.
  • 24/7 Live customer support for instant solutions


  • Slightly expensive than SmartDNS
  • Disconnects if bandwidth falls below a certain threshold


Kodi SmartDNS

Kodi SmartDNS helps netizens to only stream geo-restricted entertainment generally video & music services. The ultimate objective of Kodi SmartDNS services is to offer a solution to bypass geo-restrictions. Kodi SmartDNS providers play an intermediary role between the website users is trying to reach and user devices, there is no data security nor is there any identity protection through these tools.


Kodi SmartDNS Pros & Cons


  • Extremely fast
  • User friendly interface& easy to use
  • Slightly cheaper than KodiVPN


  • Does not offer encryption and protocols for user security
  • Does not conceal user IP address



Access our expert editorial reviews of the 5 best vpn for kodi services to unblock limitless entertainment on PCs and mobile devices. In case you face any issues, leave us a message in the comments section below, alternatively tweet to us @VPNBest and feel free to share the post. Also Check out the best kodi addons list.

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