KickAssTorrents was shut down after Apple Inc. lodged a complained against its owner Artem Vaulin. Vaulin was accused of distributing pirated content worth over $1 billion through a Chicago based server. Apple demanded Artem Vaulin’s Canadian ISP (that hosted KAT’s Chicago server) to hand over the personal information of the user who had downloaded an iTunes music album.

Just in case you were wondering, we pay our ISPs money to keep our personal data safe and inaccessible. This whole issue is based over one simple fact, THERE IS NO PRIVACY LEFT ONLINE, if its not surveillance it’s copyright trolls invading our personal networks.

kickass torrent alternatives list

Currently, there are alternatives available with the entire KAT library that are accessible from all regions. Just in case your ISP does restrict access to the clone KAT domains, you can simply access them from a different region using a VPN service. Note that in this case, using a VPN that hides your IP while downloading torrents can protect your identity from being traced online, which leads to companies sending you threatening copyright notices and even legal action in some cases. 


Protip: Use a VPN to Secure Your Torrent Downloads


Experts and enthusiasts alike recommend using a Torrent VPN service to secure your torrent downloads in regions where DMCA and other copyright laws are prevailing. Here are some tested options for torrent fans to choose from:

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Download Torrents on iPhone with iDownloader

After torrenting was finally discovered on iPhones, iPods and iPads, Apple fans have gone berserk over different cloud download & storage services providing this support. Of the prominent ones zbigz, iTransmission and BitPort etc. download the torrent on the your behalf and provide the complete file after downloading it. You can learn how to download torrents on iPhone or start torrenting on your iPad with our exclusive guides.

iPhone users’ can now download torrents straight to their phones & iPad tablets using the iDownloader app ( the app is not available on App Store now). Have a browse through our detailed setup guide in the link to download torrents on your iPhone with iDownloader. Do remember that you will have to get the iDownloader app from a third party store.

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The Importance of Using VPN Online


For those of you guessing just how the FBI was able to get their hands on one of the most wanted and secretive people on the planet, it was a complete comedy of errors.

Artem Vaulin, alleged owner & administrator of KickAss Torrents, made one little mistake that got him noticed online. Mr.Vaulin was caught making a small purchase on Apple iTunes with an IP address that he used to manage his KickAss Torrents website with and had listed on Facebook.

Once Apple Inc., the ISP and Facebook had confirmed personal details with the FBI, Artem Vaulin was already done. If only Mr.Vaulin had thought of using a VPN service, he would have been sipping on a drink laughing at the unsuspecting FBI investigators, and we would still have KAT.

Remember, a VPN is necessary for anyone who wishes to stay secure & anonymous online. Torrent fans should take notice in particular since downloading a 1 GB torrent file takes somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. These 20 minutes decide if your IP is noticed by the ISP and reported to copyright companies who can then pursue penalties or report users’ to the FBI.

Top Alternatives to KickAss Torrent:

While the US legal system and MPAA copyright clowns enjoy their victory (which will hopefully be short lived) we have some great options for you download your favorite entertainment & media from. Here are the top 5 kickass torrent trackers clones and substitute to choose from while KAT is banned:


5 Best Clones Substitutes for KickAss Torrent Site:



This is one of the latest clones of KAT and obviously the recommended domain for KAT fans. It is currently available and accessible along with the comprehensive KAT library plus all its features. You can visit now to download favorite movies, songs, documentaries, video clips, and TV shows. The KAT clone is also loaded with the complete games and apps library of the parent website. The website does not need a VPN to access hence it can be logged in from anywhere.


Kickass-top is another useful clone of Kickass Torrents as it offers the complete list of torrents for movies, games, TV shows, apps, animations, books and more available through the original KAT website. The website is open for access from all regions, unless local restrictions restrict it from access.

The clone also publishes latest updated blog posts, a thriving KAT community, revamped with 2 factor authentication when logging into your account.

3) is another active clone of kickass torrents that you can use to download movies, games and apps and all other torrents available on the original KAT domain. It was one of the first clones to come up after KAT was shut down.


This is a latest clone of Torrentz,, offers the same fast and powerful torrent Meta search engine like the original. It provides a combination of results from 63 different domains with close to 55,110,929 torrents already index. The website is also TOR compatible available at http://torrentzwealmisr.onion/.


Termed the true copy of the original kickass torrent official website, is still a clone with the original KAT torrent library. The clone domain is the brainchild of famous torrenting site IsoHunt. You can use the clone to download your favorite movies, games, apps, TV shows and much more.


Our Recommended Kickass torrent Clone This Week: is one of the few genuine clones of KickAssTorrents and is currently the best choice to download torrents (do not fall for scam clones like

An original copy of the KickAss Torrents website, is fully functional and provides access to all torrents previously hosted on the original website. Do KEEP IN MIND: Above mentioned clones are not trustworthy and might be pushing malware or collecting your personal data. Use them at your own risk!


5 Best Substitutes/Alternatives for Kickass Torrents



A great alternative for kickass torrents but is not be confused with the genuine YTF or YIFY group.  The official YTF & YIFY owners have separated themselves from the domain and disallow the use of the official brand name. Here you can download all categories of YIFY torrents in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality using YTS movies torrents.


ExtraTorrent has become massively popular amongst torrent communities recently after rumors that itwas the home of EETV and ETRG release groups. If you are a torrent geek then ExtraTorrent is the right place for you as it provides comprehensive database offering torrents for movies, games, TV shows, pictures, books and much more.

The best aspect of this alternative of kickass torrent is that it provides user-friendly and appealing interface that makes the job of content searching very easy for users. You can also find a dedicated FAQ, community and search cloud for trending torrents.

3) The Pirate Bay

A victim of the same scenario KickAssTorrents faces now, after its revival in January 2015 TPB is back with its full might and all available torrents, it truly has been the rise of the phoenix from the ashes. TPB is possibly the only perfect substitute for KAT with growing concerns over state surveillance being conducted over its clone websites.

The Pirate Bay hosts a massive library not equal to but close to the one hosted by KickAssTorrents. Our recommended option considering user security would be to use TPB in the meantime KAT goes through this terrible phase.

4) IsoHunt

IsoHunt has survived the worst, not only has this crusader of the torrent industry protected its servers but has also provided torrent downloaders with ideal solutions to secure their privacy while downloading torrents.

It is a recommended alternative to KAT torrents and has been one of our most visited torrent libraries. Apart from its vast torrent library, torrent fans can also sign up and be part of IsoHunt’s huge community and participate in forum discussions. It is the author’s favorite torrent library and recommended as a top choice for KAT users.

5) Torrent Hound

Although not as populated as the KAT, TPB and IsoHunt libraries, TorrentHound is a great solution for those looking for TV Shows and latest movies. Torrents are also available in various categories but finding seeders is an issue for older files. Regardless, Torrent Hound is one of the best torrent libraries that can be considered an alternative to KAT.

Not only does TorrentHound provide live statistics of its libraries and downloads but also hosts a secure torrent client of its own to secure users proactively while downloading their favorite torrents.


Kick Ass Torrent: In a Nutshell


Hope you enjoy downloading through our exclusive list of torrent libraries while KickAssTorrents is down. We wish Artem Vaulin the best in his fight against the copyright clowns and their measly tricks to kill online freedom.

Do leave your comments, feelings and ideas in the comments section below and join us on twitter @VPNBest to rage against the prevailing copyright trolls.

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