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Kepard is a small and neatly packaged VPN service that offers all the features and security measures at an affordable price. It is a Moldovan based service and provides all the benefits that you would expect from a VPN.


  • OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP protocols offered
  • Up to 256 bit encryption level
  • Affordable prices
  • Free trial offered (extension available through referral program)
  • P2P & torrent supported (only on Netherlands server)
  • Simple & easy to use apps (for Windows & Android)


  • Limited server spread
  • Keeps logs for 3 days
  • No anonymous payment method (like BitCoin)
  • No live chat

Pricing and Plans  

Kepard VPN offers three different pricing plans, just like any other VPN service. The three plans range from monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans:

  • 1 month plan at $7
  • 3 month plan at $19 ($6.33 per month)
  • 1 year plan at $35 ($2.92 per month)

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The prices offered by Kepard come with discount if you select longer duration packages. We found the prices to be reasonable and lower compared to other VPN providers. The yearly package offers the best value for money as the average price drops to $2.92 per month making it highly economical.

Free Trial

Kepard offers 1 day of free trial upon registering for the service. The free trial doesn’t require any credit card or other financial information for signing up. Kepard offers its users to extend this free trial period to up to 180 days.

This is done through the referral program where inviting your friends to sign-up for the service awards you free 30 days. A total of 6 invites can be made through the program (hence 180 days).


The Kepard review showed that the service has servers located in 8 different countries across the world. These include USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, and Switzerland. The service does not disclose the total number of servers it offers on its website, but with our email enquiry we found that Kepard has 16 servers with the following breakdown:

  • USA – 3 servers
  • Netherlands – 3 servers
  • UK – 3 servers
  • Canada – 2 servers
  • Germany – 2 servers
  • France – 1 server
  • Switzerland – 1 servers
  • Sweden – 1 server

We found the server spread to be limited as they are only present in these eight countries. This does not provide sufficient flexibility or the greatest room for protecting your true identity and remain anonymous.

Although these eight servers will allow you to remain hidden over the internet and unblock geo restricted content from these eight regions. It will also support P2P sharing and torrent downloading (only on servers located in Netherlands).

Kepard Performance

When we review different VPN services, we test each of their performance in terms of download and upload speeds, streaming performance, and any chance of IP leakages. Kepard VPN was put through these tests as well and showed positive results as we obtained average speed test results and there were no IP leakages during our testing.

Speed Tests

The speed tests were performed through The first test was performed without any VPN connection and we obtained the following results (due to some technical difficulty our internet wasn’t performing at its best on this day):

Kepard Review -

The second test was performed with the VPN connection turned on and connected to the US server. Following results were obtained:

Kepard Review -

A third test was performed with the Netherlands (NL) server connected. We conducted this test as Kepard allows P2P sharing and torrent downloads only using the NL servers. Following results were obtained from the speed test:

Kepard Review -

The download speeds slightly dropped when we connected to the US server. We tested the service by accessing different geo restricted streaming websites such as Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and BBC iPlayer; the results were good as we obtained commendable streaming speeds with high video quality.

When we connected to the Netherlands server, the download speeds dropped considerably while there was a slight drop in the upload speeds with increased ping. This shows that the service might not provide high performance or super fast speeds for torrent or P2P file sharing.

Customer Support

The customer support services offered by Kepard include Frequently Asked Questions section, Manual Setup, Basic Affiliate Questions, and Email Ticketing System.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section holds some basic questions to moderately technical questions about Kepard VPN service. The FAQ section will provide you an overview about the service along with answers to some general questions and is a good starting point if you are looking for troubleshooting the service.

Manual Setup

The manual setup guides can be accessed from the support page on Kepard’s website. There are different setup guides available for various operating systems and platforms. Using these guides, you can easily configure VPN manually.

Basic Affiliate Questions

The basic affiliate questions hold answers to general question regarding the affiliate program. This section also offers the commission rate that can be achieved and other information pertaining to the affiliate program.

Email Ticketing System

The email ticketing system is available for registered users and can be accessed from the client area. We tested the ticketing system in our Kepard review but making enquiry about server count and how to bypass blackout issues while using VPN.

We received a quick response from the customer support staff and with a proper explanation about regarding our enquiry. For that, we would rate the customer support service 10/10 for responsiveness.

Payment Methods

The payment method offered by Kepard includes two options, namely PayPal and Credit Card. The credit card options include VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. These two methods are the most commonly used payment options around the world.

However, there is still room for improvement and as the VPN service is relatively new, it can add more payment options in the future. These could include anonymous payment methods like BitCoin, Payment Wall, and other similar merchants.

Sign – Up Process

The sign-up process for Kepard VPN is fairly simple as you need to create an account when you first register for the service. All you need is an email account and selecting a password for creating an account.

Once you are logged into your client area, you can select the package you want; click ‘Activate Premium’ option, select the payment method, and hit ‘Complete Order’. This will redirect you to the order page depending upon the payment method you selected.

On the order page, we found that too much personal information is needed to complete the purchase. This was a turn off as with a VPN service you look for complete privacy and giving as little as information as possible.


Kepard VPN is compatible on different devices and operating systems. It can be configured on Windows and Mac operating systems along with Linux, Android and iOS devices. Kepard offers its own VPN app and is currently available on Windows and Android devices.

Kepard Windows App

We tested the app for Windows in our Kepard review and found the client easy to use and very simple. The app can be directly downloaded from Kepard’s website and using the installation wizard, you can install the app without any technical difficulty.

You can also use the app to register for the Kepard VPN service or use your already created credentials to log into the app.

Kepard Review -

After logging in, you can then select the server location and IP address you want to use from the app’s connection screen.

Kepard Review -

From the Settings screen, you can select the protocol and OpenVPN parameters that you want to set.

Kepard Review -

Tutorials and Setup Guides 

Kepard offers tutorials and setup guides for configuring the service on the compatible devices and operating systems. Using the tutorials and setup guides, you can manually configure the service. These guides explain step by step instructions along with screenshot instructions as well.

The app is only available for Windows and Android at the moment but on other platforms you can manually setup Kepard VPN by accessing these tutorials from the ‘VPN Setup’ page on the website.

Protocols and Encryption

In our Kepard VPN review, we examined the different security measures offered by the service to safe guard your data against phishes, spammers, hackers, governmental and surveillance agencies. Kepard VPN offers three protocols to protect your data:

  • OpenVPN TCP / UDP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • PPTP

Kepard mentions on its website that it offers up to 256 bit encryption level. Upon further enquiry from the customer support, we uncovered that it also offers 128 bit encryption level for users opting for better performance. However, we would recommend that you use 256 bit encryption to protect your data and identity over the internet.

Log and Privacy Policy

In examining the log and privacy policy, we uncovered some troubling factors. Kepard keeps logs for 3 days time period in order to protect itself from fraudulent activities, users abusing the service, and troubleshooting purposes.

The information that is kept by Kepard includes your email address, the information that you provide at the registration process, and the time duration of the VPN session. There is no indication on the website that it keeps usage logs but since the service ponders on the fact it would protect itself from users abusing the service, there are bound to be certain usage logs kept by Kepard.

The terms of service further solidify this fact as there is a list of prohibited activities such as spamming, P2P and torrent usage on server other than those located in Netherlands, defamatory language, illegal activities, IP spoofing, and other similar activities. All these prohibition shows that Kepard keeps certain usage logs in order to track users that are performing such restricted activities.


To sum everything up, Kepard is neatly packed and simple to use VPN service that offers all the basic features. The service is available at affordable prices and comes with user friendly apps for Widows and Android devices.

There were some downsides to the service that we uncovered in our Kepard review as the server spread was relatively small (16 servers in 8 countries). The payment options do not allow any anonymous method and we found the order page requiring considerable personal information. The log and privacy policy is somewhat unclear and doesn’t provide transparency whether the service keeps usage logs.

On the whole, the service is great for protecting your data and identity against different online threats. It offers a free trial for 1 day but you can expand this period by through referral program. Kepard VPN is best for users that will be traveling abroad and are not looking for a heavy duty VPN service but are only looking for basic online security and reasonable unblocking.

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