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Founded in 2007, Ivacy is a promising little VPN provider that has a lot of potential. It is a relatively small service and is still finding its feet in the VPN world. Ivacy was the first VPN service to offer Split Tunneling feature (as it claims on its website). It has recently been revamped and with impressive new features, it is one of the most secure VPN services we have come across.

Pricing Packages

Like many other VPN services, Ivacy also offers you three pricing plans to choose from. These range from monthly package, annual package, and a 2 year package.


Price is a critical factor in our VPN reviews and our Ivacy review does not disappoint when it comes to the pricing packages. These pricing plans offered by Ivacy are affordable.

One of the worries of any user is whether the service will be good or not, considering the price he or she has to pay. Ivacy is not like other small VPN services that promises a lot but don’t deliver. We have reviewed various Best VPN Providers and considering the features offered by Ivacy, the prices charged are reasonable and give you good value for your money.

Each package comes with 7 days money back guarantee. Although we were expecting at least 7 days money back guarantee but three days will provide you with sufficient time to test the service. We recommend that you make full use of these 7 days and try the VPN service on various devices.

Is Ivacy Safe and Good?

Not only is Ivacy VPN safe to use, it is one of the newest privacy providers in the world offering robust encrypted tunneling with an uncompromising Zero Logging Policy. Ivacy VPN secures subscribers’ activities and data using leading edge tunneling protocols(PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP)& military grade AES-256 bit encryption.

Ivacy VPN Apps have been developed in-house ensuring there is no foreign code or malware injected to deliver advertising and pop-ups. In our conversation with their marketing team we discovered that apps are quality tested to ensure optimal performance on all compatible operating systems.

Ivacy VPN never retains any data the provider ensures nothing is ever available against user accounts. Servers automatically delete all connection time stamps and connection data every 48 hours ensuring you are 100% anonymous and completely safe when using Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN Torrenting Servers

Ivacy VPN offers a huge range of Torrent & P2P optimized servers for torrent fanatics to choose from. Subscribers can chose from:

  1. Belgium
  2. Brunei
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
  6. Columbia
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Denmark
  9. Germany
  10. Ghana
  11. Kenya
  12. Latvia
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Netherlands
  15. Pakistan
  16. Panama
  17. Peru
  18. Seychelles
  19. Sweden
  20. Turkey , and
  21. Venezuela

If you observe carefully, there are servers from every continent to ensure subscribers from all over the world can enjoy high speed and stable torrent downloads without getting monitored by ISPs and copyright trolls.


Ivacy VPN offers over 250 servers that are located in over 44+ different countries. This was a strong point that we liked about Ivacy in our review. The wide spread of servers means that there are thousands of IP addresses to choose from without the fear of being blocked and you can remain anonymous over the internet. These servers are optimized for P2P file sharing, which means you use torrent and other similar services with complete privacy and security.

Many websites and web-content are geo restricted and blocked in various parts of the world. The servers being present in over 44+ countries allows you to unblock these websites and channels from anywhere in the earth. Some of the preferred countries where these servers are located include US, UK, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Australia, China, and many more.

Using Ivacy VPN, you can unblock streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, ITV, and various other channels. You can also access websites that are subject to internet censorship in countries like China and Turkey.

Ivacy Performance

In our Ivacy review, we tested the service and evaluated its performance in terms of browsing and streaming speeds and any signs of DNS or IP leakages.

Speed Tests

We conducted speed tests using speedtest.net and were pleased with the overall results.  First we conducted the speed test without Ivacy being connected and the following result was achieved.

Ivacy speed

Then we conducted the speed test with Ivacy VPN. We connected to the US server using while keeping the protocol on ‘Automatic’ setting and following result was observed.

Ivacy review

Next, we switched to UK server while keeping the protocol setting on ‘Automatic’ and following result was obtained.

Ivacy review

The speed tests showed that the download speeds dropped by a slight amount when we connected Ivacy with US and UK servers. However, the drop was not that significant as we were able browse and stream at high speeds.

IP and DNS Leak Test

After the speed tests, we conducted IP and DNS leak tests in our Ivacy review. Both the tests showed positive results as there were no signs of IP leakage when we were connected with Ivacy VPN. Similarly, there were no DNS leakages while using Ivacy VPN service.

Customer Support

Ivacy offers customer support in the form of ticketing system, email, and Skype call. Currently Ivacy only offers these three methods for resolving customer concerns. Although Ivacy claim to offer 24/7 customer support, this was one area that we found needs more improvement while reviewing Ivacy VPN. There was no detailed FAQ section to answer customer queries.

Ticketing System

You can open a ticket to resolve your Ivacy related problem or query by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ option given on top of the website. All you have to do is enter your credentials including name, email address, subject of the message and description of your query.

We test the ticketing system and made a general inquiry about free trial. The response was relatively long, considering the query we made did not involved any technical expertise.


You can also email Ivacy VPN your problem or question on the email address provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page. The response time for email and ticketing system are almost same, so the choice between depends on you and which you are comfortable with.

Skype Call

You can also call Ivacy VPN via Skype to get your query resolved. However, Skype calls are only used for technical issues that are incurred during setup or during the use of service.


The new and improved Ivacy VPN is compatible across all major platforms and operating systems. You can easily setup Ivacy on your Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In additions to these, it is also compatible on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, blackberry devices, Linux, smart TVs, and various routers.

The compatibility is enhanced by the 5 multi login feature offered by Ivacy. You can run Ivacy VPN on 5 different devices simultaneously with one account. We were really pleased to see this feature in our Ivacy review as there are not many VPN services that allow this many multi logins.

Ivacy also offers its own VPN software client for both Windows and Mac. It also has newly designed and updated apps for Android/iOS devices. We tested the software for Windows and Android, and were pretty much impressed with the overall results.

Ivacy VPN Software for Windows

For our Ivacy review, we tested the VPN client on Windows and were pleased with its overall simplicity. The VPN client is easy setup and use. All the options can be handled from the software; login credentials, servers, protocols, and split tunneling feature. The dashboard of the software has all the major options listed right in front of you and shows your website traffic as well.

ivacy for windows

You can also devolve into personalized settings where you can select the purpose, see the encryption status and also choose the server.

Ivacy windows setup

ivacy review

With Ivacy VPN software, you can change various settings. For instance you can set the software automatically reconnect if the connection drops, launch at start-up, select the VPN mode, and even fiddle around with the traffic chart settings.

Ivacy windows software

Ivacy offers you an additional feature of Split Tunneling (explain below). With split tunneling switched on, you can choose which internet data should be tunneled through the VPN and which should pass through your regular connection. The VPN software allows you to control / add application to split tunneling.

Ivacy Review

Ivacy Android App

We also tested the Android app offered by Ivacy for our review. The overall outlook of the app was neat and clean, offering all the options right where you want to find them. You can download the app from Google Play Store for free and secure your Android devices with a VPN.

Once you have downloaded the app from the Play Store, enter your login credentials to get started.


ivacy review compressed

Next, select the server you can to connect too.

Ivacy android app

When you tab on a server, you can see the following details.

Ivacy vpn setup

Tab on ‘Connect’ to start your Ivacy VPN connection.

Ivacy app for android

Payment Methods

Ivacy offers vast array of online payment methods. These include PayPal, BitCoin, Web Money, and Perfect Money. These payment methods are widely accepted all around the world and means that users from anywhere can pay for Ivacy VPN service.

The inclusion of BitCoin was a positive aspect that we liked in our Ivacy review. BitCoin allows you to pay anonymously, without revealing your true identity and other financial information. This shows that Ivacy places high value for a user’s privacy and security.

The sign-up process for Ivacy VPN is very simple and does not require technical skills to use the service. The billing page consists of three steps; selecting a plan, creating login credentials, and choosing a payment method to buy vpn.

Tutorials Provided

Ivacy also offers setup guides for each of the device platforms it is compatible and connected on. You can use these setup guides to configure the VPN service on your compatible device and operating system. If do not want to download the VPN client software or the VPN app, then with the help of these tutorials provided in the support center you can setup Ivacy manually.

Protocols and Encryption

The hallmark of Ivacy VPN is to offer top notch online security. The two ways you are protected online are through secure tunneling protocols and encryption levels. Ivacy VPN service offers four different protocols to safeguard your data and privacy.

  • PPTP
  • L2TP / IPSec
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN (TCP & UDP)

These four protocols will keep you protected at all times. PPTP is the weakest of all the protocols but it provides better streaming and browsing performance. On the other hand, if online security is your top concern than nothing beats OpenVPN protocol.

Along with secure protocols, Ivacy offers 256 bit level encryption. This will protect all your sensitive and private information online from hackers, spammers, snoopers, phishes, and other malicious cyber goons.

Log and Privacy Policy

Ivacy explicitly states in its privacy policy that the VPN service does not monitor or log any online activity of its users. This shows that Ivacy has a zero log policy and does not record activity logs of its users. The only information that the service does record are the time frame that a users connects to one of its servers and the IP address assigned to that user.

Since the service is based in Hong Kong, you can be assured that your information will not be handed over to the authorities. Hong Kong has relaxed internet regulations and does not have data retention laws. This shows that Ivacy is not legally bound to store information about its customers.

Having zero log policy shows great temperament of Ivacy as it values the user’s privacy. We have high hopes for Ivacy and as it is still findings its feet in the industry, the early signs are promising.

Free Trial

As much as we all like free stuff, Ivacy does not offer a free trial at this stage. Upon inquiry from customer support service about a free trial, we are sad to report that there are no free trials available with Ivacy VPN service.

However, it does offer a 7 days money back guarantee. As we discussed earlier, you should make full use of these 7 days and fully test Ivacy VPN service. Do keep in mind the refund policy offered by Ivacy. You are eligible for a refund within the 7 days of your subscription date, if you have not consumed more than 500MB bandwidth, and not exceeded more than 30 sessions.

Additional Services

In addition to the basic VPN features, Ivacy also offers various other additional features such as:

  • Split Tunneling: you can prioritize which data should be tunneled through VPN while letting less sensitive data to pass through outside VPN connection.
  • Internet Kill Switch: it is a safety measure that halts all your online activity in case you get disconnected from Ivacy VPN connection.
  • NAT firewall: this is an extra layer of protection that blocks all malicious traffic from infiltrating your network.
  • Identity theft Protection: Ivacy VPN service makes you invisible over the internet and with military grade encryption, it protects you from cyber thieves.
  • DDoS Protection: this feature protects you from DDoS attacks and filters the incoming data traffic.


Ivacy has complete overhauled its service, servers, apps and has improved upon some of the earlier bugs that troubled previous customers/users. Truth be told, Ivacy still has a long way to go and with impressive new features, there are some areas it needs to address.

First and foremost is the customer support service. We were disappointed with the quality of the service provided and the lack of options available. It claims to offer round the clock customer support but to back that up Ivacy needs to make significant improvements.

On the whole, Ivacy is a good VPN service that should not be taken lightly. The additional features it offers and good overall performance does make it a heavy contender for one of the best upcoming VPN services.

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43 Responses
  1. Claire says:

    Brought for use on desktop, occasionally use on my mobile, lacking a few features that the desktop program has but over all very happy with Ivacy all servers run as close to as fast as my connection.

  2. kim says:

    I have been Using Ivacy VPN for quite some time, and for me its working pretty well. Their customer support plus is very helpful.

  3. MM says:

    I don’t care about refunds, it’s 40 bucks and I waste more than that every weekend. What I came here to find out is how secure is this service. Does it work. I’ve already forked out the 40 bucks and am using it, and don’t seem to be leaking. My isp sucks as it is so speeds aren’t an issue, privacy is premium to me. What was the kill switch failure mentioned earlier?

  4. Adam says:

    Best VPN I’ve used in 10 years! Don’t know why there are so many negative reviews here, but my experience with Ivacy was just fab. The support guy Vladimir was very responsive. In fact, I applied for a refund even though I was quite satisfied with the service just to see if they they respond. But, contrary to the reviews I’ve seen here, they replied positively. For me Ivacy is way better than all those costly VPNs out there! 10/10 from my side.

  5. Andrew says:


    Firstly I want to point out that I read Ivacy’s Refund Policy before buying (November 2016) and you can now use up to 7GB of data within their 7-day refund timeframe.

    I spent 2 days checking out dozens of VPN providers over Black Friday and got my list down to NordVPN, Ivacy and IBVPN. In the end I took the plunge with Ivacy, even though they don’t have as many reviews as other companies and didn’t seem as well known.

    After testing out Windows and Android software, I’m very glad that I did as they offer a great, secure service at a bargain price. For both Windows and Android, their software runs fast and connects to servers within 5 seconds. I tested browsing the internet, using Netflix, Youtube and Streaming movies and had no buffering or playback issues at all. I used to use CyberGhost before and even they couldn’t play movies as streamlined as Ivacy.

    Overall very happy with my fab Black Friday bargain.

  6. peter says:

    thanks for putting smile on my face once again

  7. peter says:

    best among the rest. thumbs up and keep it up

  8. Pete says:

    I tried Ivacy on Kodi SPMC but it would not install due to openELEC not connecting and their support was not helpful. I installed another Android compatible VPN without a problem. Now, despite their offer of a 7 day money back guarantee, they simply just don’t answer my emails (3) so I have to pursue the case with a Paypal dispute. Certainly not a good company to deal with.

  9. Shri Nivasan says:

    I don’t understand how you could give a high rating basing on their advertisement or reading their website. You should install, use for some time and use all their protocols before submitting a review !
    I subscribed to their services on June 2016 for one year @ $1.83 PM. For six months everything worked well, so I extended their service for 2 more years. Then the problems started, the nearest servers would fail and I had to always rely on distant servers with a very high ping and low speeds. Their P2P services have become terrible ! Their customer service is pathetic ! They tell you to do this and that and probably never understand what our problem is.
    And another irritating thing is they do not give refunds, even for the period starting from December 2016 !
    I do not know how to get the refund !

    • George says:

      how did everything work so well for the next 6 months when June 2016 and Aug 2016 only have July between them? :/ Also, it’s only 5th month since you bought it, so i really don’t get the point.. :/

    • The Watson says:

      I hope you used a credit or debit card. They provide options to dispute the charges. Depending in the card there are many options at your disposal. I was seriously considering a lifetime 59$ membership, but might pay double to purevpn…

  10. DuckSillyWhite says:

    Ivacy is absolutely not worth trying. The speed is too low to even successfully stream a website. Contact the support, they avoided the refund topic and requested to my to try different IPs, and promised that they can extend my subscription for 1 year. When I stated that I want a refund not an extension, the customer service didn’t reply my email any more. Totally disappointed. And just a reminder, please remember to unsubscribe the incurring payment if you use paypal. I’ve should use a credit card to dispute this stupid purchase. I can believe Ivacy has such a good rating in different places, maybe they have a good selling team.

  11. Bukunmi Oyeneyin says:

    Oh Lord, this service is crap. I can’t stress it enough! Never ever subscribe for ivacy. I paid for this service and I could barely connect, 20 minutes after I immediately asked for a refund. I didn’t get a refund till today, contacted PayPal for help, they could not help, however ivacy said i used 2000mb(a service that I could not use) against their 500mb refund policy. Iwan is right, always read their hidden and tucked away refund policy, I wish I saw it before but honestly I thought it was a good service. Becareful, Ivacy is fraud! Service is crap and customer care is awful.

    Never Ever subscribe for this crappy service! Go for express vpn instead. They are the best.

  12. mherv95 says:

    RUN AWAY ! This provider is unstable + ineffective hotline + bad refund policy

    IVACY is simply not serious, you cannot refer many customers to them and rank them second. They simply do not deserve it, and you are inducing your readers in error.
    I subscribed to Ivacy vpn because he had the best rates in the market. I even took a 2-year subscription because it was the cheapest.
    I’ve dealt in the past with several VPN providers and I’ve never had anything like this.
    My open tickets to their hotline are increasingly numerous.
    Beyond the instability there is a feature to disconnect the internet if the VPN stopped.
    I set up this feature, and later, the VPN was disconnected, but the internet did not stop. I stayed visible for hours while I thought my vpn was active.
    Then the hot line made me uninteresting recommendations such as disconnecting my firewall (bitdefender).
    As I refused, they asked me to substitute the microsoft firewall .
    I asked to be refund, they finally told me that I transfered too many bytes to be eligible for a refund.
    The problem is that their trying policy is unsufficient to take the real measure of the unsatisfaction that they provide.
    Last night the service became completely inaccessible for about 12 hours until i figured out by myself how to turn around.
    Let me explain : For a given preferred usage of the vpn, they ask you to choose in which country you want your ip to be visible.
    And then, they take you to a country different than the one your originally selected.
    So what ever i chose (UK, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg), i was rerouted to Germany, and germany was down !!!
    I had to change my prefered usage of connection, and it worked again.
    For this precise reason, i found myself once connected to an USA server athough i reside in Europe, with a dramatic reducing of my ping and internet speed.
    Another flaw : most of their servers only work with PPTP or L2TP and not with the other protocols.
    I added some screenshots to prove the veracity of my exchanges with the Ivacy support service.

    • Bukunmi Oyeneyin says:

      I compeletely AGREE with you, sir. I will make sure I review them on every website until I get my $29.95 back. The worst VPN ever.

      • mherv95 says:

        Thanks for your support. I try to ignore them from now on, because they finally refund me. what i do not understand is why they stay ranked at #2 place with so many unsatisfied customers. Hope you will be refund, and they will imprve what they offfer.

        • Bukunmi Oyeneyin says:

          No problem, how did you get your refund by the way?

          • mherv95 says:

            i received several mails : 1 from ivacy to tell me that my account was terminated, Another one from them to tell me that they refund me, and a third by paypal to tell me that my payment was refund. I dont know how the refund bitcoins 🙂

  13. Donovan Ruiz says:

    My primary reason to choose Ivacy was because I could pay with Bitcoin. I needed the VPN
    to access HBO Now in US and Sky Sports in UK for a few shows & events that
    were exclusively available. The services areblocked in all regions other than
    the US and UK so I couldn’t download or sign up. I connected via Ivacy on my
    android phone to a US and UK server and I was able to download the apps and
    sign up to the services as well. Now, I just need to turn it on everytime I
    sign in, seriously. It has made my life so much simpler, instead of searching
    for links to watch it somewhere else; I can watch it directly on the official apps

  14. Clifford Holcomb says:

    I download a lot of torrent files. Anything I want or need, the first place I search for it is
    on torrents. Due to the excessive torrents downloading, I was sent a notice by he
    ISP. I looked into this software and after going through all its features, I
    fell ought of trying it. Now, I can download as many torrents as I want without
    worrying about getting blocked anywhere. I even tried online streaming on
    websites that were unreachable and to my surprise it ran them smoothly. Haven’t
    received a notice since I started using Ivacy.

  15. Harrison Schroeder says:

    The main reason why I chose Ivacy was I could stream Netflix, that’s why I began with a free
    trial. Their customer support was really courteous, they helped me install the
    software on my laptop then took the time to configure the VPN manually on my
    phone. Even with the trial, the speed was good, streamed onBBC iPlayer &
    Netflix and it was running smoothly. This was the main reason why I actually
    bought the service as it fulfilled all my needs. I haven’t tried any other
    streaming platform yet.

  16. Edna Woodard says:

    I am a user that takes my privacy very seriously over the Internet. I do not want anyone to be snooping around my information and my conversations. Some things are meant to remain personal and that’s the way I want them to be. I opted for this service almost one year ago and bought their 1+1 offer, I’m impressed with the multiple logins and the number of servers available. I would say try it if you like streaming, has worked well for me.

  17. Shri Nivasan says:

    I have been using this VPN for the last 6 months and I find it quite useful. It rarely disconnects and tickets opened are promptly responded.The only negative is that they do not have their own DNS servers and rely on google and openDNS.

    • T Fenn says:

      That’s interesting. Does it actually leak your ISP’s DNS addresses? I’m using Hoxx VPN but it leaks my ISP’s DNS even though I changed the computer’s DNS to that of Comodo. I was considering Ivacy, particularly as they boast DNS protection for both IPv4 & IPv6, but did read elsewhere that it doesn’t work and does leak your DNS. I’m not too bothered if it only leaks open DNS or google’s but useless if it leaks my ISP’s ones. I had assumed Ivacy had their own DNS servers but apparently not.

      • P SHRINIVASAN says:

        Yeah, they do not have their servers, but once we ‘activate’ the DNS protection in their application, they change the DNS servers in our network connections to Google DNS (primary) and OpenDNS (secondary) and those servers are seen when we check for DNS leaks, vide dnsleak.com or doileak.com Otherwise, it is a good VPN. BTW, ibVPN is one which does have its own servers to prevent DNS leakage. Regards

  18. Iwan Arensman says:

    Be very careful with this service. Their 7 day refund policy has a seriously wacked 500MB limit of usage, past that you will not get a refund. Benchmarking this service will basically mean that you’ll almost certainly get yourself stuck with one of their subscriptions. Always read the hidden and tucked away refund policy before trying!. What kind of VPN service doesn’t offer a trial account anyway, that’s just sad.

  19. Mani says:

    Attention everyone- dont buy this VPN service. they are complete rip offs. their money back guarantee is a joke, once you give them the money you are not getting it back. I asked for refund same day i bought it, next day i get reply saying “refund wont be an issue but we will like to sort the issue for you” asked me to try this and that, when nothing worked i still wanted refund and they tell me now i dont qualify for refund as i used over their refund policy data limit gasp emoticon . stay away from these thieves. i will also warn everyone on other forums.

    • Ivacy says:

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but you previously have been notified that you have consumed more than 10GB before asking for a refund. Whereas, it is clearly mentioned in our refund policy that a user must not have exceeded the 500 MB limit in order for him/her to ask for a refund. But because you have used our service by putting your trust in us, we don’t want to see you go either and would like to talk to you personally on this matter. Kindly check your email. We appreciate customers like you who let us know when things aren’t right. It doesn’t matter on whose side the fault is, we just want to see you happy using our product. We hope to provide you the best solution possible for this issue.

      • Read Mani’s post. He stated he asked for a refund the same day, but was talked out of it by customer service who wanted to “sort out the issue.” When they failed, he was denied a refund that he was previously told “won’t be an issue.” Now that he brought the issue public, you want to “talk personally” as you double-down on your lame excuse for denying a refund. Everyone can see what’s going on here. For me, no positive tech review about Ivacy can erase shady business practices.

        • Kevin Ray says:

          Everybody is entitled to have an opinion, but considering the points I have observed throughout this thread, if Ivacy VPN has mentioned it in their refund policy that the data usage might not exceed the mentioned threshold and the user have exceeded that quota, so no matter what anyone says, Ivacy VPN or any other service with similar clause can not comply with the refund at least in this matter. Secondly, anyone who is thinking to buy a VPN service should read their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy first. I have used many VPN services and the first thing I do is go through their policies. And I don’t care about the marketing tactics of any VPN service as long as it works for me. And what Ivacy VPN is doing is called customer retention, which not many VPNs focuses on. So, in my opinion its a nice gesture from Ivacy’s side. But they should make their refund policy more transparent so as to clear any misunderstandings and confusions.

          • “…they should make their refund policy more transparent…”

            Exactly. Ivacy VPN’s failure/refusal to do so tells me everything I need to know.

          • DuckSillyWhite says:

            I’ve read their policy and found there is a limit so I didn’t use much of the service. My issue with Ivacy is, they replied promptly at first stating “refund wont be an issue but we will like to sort the issue for you”, and then requested my to try different settings, offered me a 1 year extension, but never mentioned a refund. When I argued that I need a refund not an extension, they didn’t reply to my emails any more. Their refund is totally a joke. I should check comments under this posts to make this stupid decision to try their service.

    • Ameer Abbas says:

      did you get the refund in the end ?

    • DuckSillyWhite says:

      Exactly same experience with you, same nonsense. When it comes to issue a refund, the customer service will never reply your email.

  20. zetaatez says:

    Forget Ivacy if you are a linux user. Your only choice is PPTP and its useless. OpenVpn is not supported although they say its coming when you complain.
    Support is horrible. I had to write this off as a waste of money as it is unusable. For linux this is a 0/5.0.

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