IronSocket is a Hong Kong based VPN service with a global server spread, used and loved by a user base of equal magnitude. The service is known for the reliable encryption and stable connection speeds it provides, as well as a stellar website that doubles as a knowledge base through multiple customer support channels.

This IronSocket VPN review will dissect the functional characteristics of the service and give you a detailed run-down of the tunneling tool that is one of the few to offer a complete spread of services at seemingly affordable prices.

IronSocket VPN Server Spread and Protocols

One of the main reasons behind IronSocket’s rapid rise in a world flooding with amateur VPN services is the solid server spread.

IronSocket has 52 servers spread out across the world. All 52 VPN servers support OpenVPN and PPTP protocols while 47 of them support the L2TP protocol. The VPN servers are dispersed strategically across 36 countries and include all popular VPN server locations such as US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Brazil, etc.

IronSocket Review

Also, this IronSocket review gives the service full marks for providing users the flexibility to configure their HTTP, SOCKS5 and DNS Proxy according to their preferences as well. An easily accessible and comprehensive list of servers and countries on the official website remains active and is updated at all times.

Pricing Plans & Packages

IronSocket offers a one-size-fits-all VPN package that includes the complete set of functions and features that any new or experienced VPN user can ask for. This package includes access to the complete range of IronSocket servers and protocols, as well as multi-login support for more than three users.

The package is available through three pricing plans, separated by subscription-length:

  • 1 month plan: Available for $6.99
  • 6 month plan: Available for $35.95, coming to a monthly average of $5.99
  • 12 month plan: Available for $49.95, coming to a monthly average of $4.16

The pricing plans are very reasonable if compared to other leading VPN service providers and the per-month cost is in direct equality with the industry average. The 12-month plan stands out as the most economical and feasible because it reduces the monthly cost of a VPN and sets you up for the complete year.


In addition to providing complete compatibility for Android, iPad, iPod and iPhone users, IronSocket works on almost all modern versions of Windows and Mac. You can also configure it on your PS (3 and 4, both), XBox (One and 360, both), Wii, Wii U and PS Vita.

Modern TV devices such as Roku, Boxee, Google TV, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV  etc. are also compatible thanks to built-in settings in most and router-compatibility in the rest of them.

The best part is that IronSocket is very liberal with the idea of manual configuration, and is the most router-friendly VPN service available online. Configuring IronSocket on your router will allow you to tunnel all the data going through your router – no matter the number of devices connected to the internet through it.

IronSocket User Experience

IronSocket uses the publicly available OpenVPN Connect software to provide VPN service on most popular devices and operating systems. The OpenVPN Connect app is available for almost all devices running on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems.

The software is very easy to install and has a simplistic interface that gives you control of your VPN connection, while displaying information on your IronSocket VPN tunnel neatly.

However, you will need to access the Network page on the official IronSocket website when you are configuring your IronSocket connection. This is because the app is designed to be very flexible and you can customize it as much as you want. The app also comes with a built-in Kill Switch to keep your internet connection paused until your internet connection drops.

First-time VPN users are suggested to follow the steps given in the IronSocket setup guides when setting up IronSocket on their devices for the first time.

Accepted Payment Methods

IronSocket takes payments through all the leading payment channels. According to the official IronSocket website, these include the likes of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin etc. You can contact IronSocket support if you find that your preferred payment method is not supported in your region.

You can also pay with a gift card to make sure that your payment is anonymous and that no data has to be provided during registration.

However, this IronSocket review does not recommend doing so because there is a chance that using this method might make it difficult to obtain a refund (should you require it). This is because gift cards are essentially over-the-counter payment tools and IronSocket might require you to verify your identity by submitting personally identifiable information.

Money Back and Refund Guarantees

A money-back guarantee can come in handy for first-time VPN users. It helps you get through the learning curve without having to lose money if you don’t like the way your VPN service works.

IronSocket understands the relevance of a money-back guarantee, and provides users with a 7-day money back guarantee to test the full range of service and its features.

Since this will not be a trial period, you will be able to use IronSocket for any purposes and on any devices that you wish.

Customer Support, FAQs and Assistance

IronSocket is a very welcoming VPN service and has multiple channels to help its users.

New IronSocket users will love the ‘Getting Started’ guide that contains all the information they need to understand how IronSocket works.

If you are looking to understand IronSocket and learn more about it, you can always take a tour through the FAQ section to get answers to questions related to VPN, privacy issues, service technicalities and payment options. The FAQ section is very well organized so it won’t take you long to find the information you need.

IronSocket also offers detailed tutorials to help users setup the service on their devices and operating systems. The IronSocket VPN Setup section is one of the most detailed tutorial sections you will find amongst VPN providers.

If all else fails, you can open a support ticket and wait for the IronSocket team to get back to you with an answer. The IronSocket team is usually very effective and responds to tickets via email.


IronSocket has a very open-ended compatibility system in place. The service makes heavy use of built-in VPN settings that are a standard part of most modern day internet-enabled devices.

This feature is most likely to appeal to veteran VPN service users who prefer to make manual alterations to their VPN tunnel. However, new IronSocket users will also be able to appreciate the versatility that comes with it. It saves you the hassle of downloading custom software from an unrecognized third party and gives you complete control of your VPN tunnel.

This IronSocket review can appreciate the fact that the service gives users the margin to exercise their authority in configuring the service. You have the right to control the tunnel that you choose to encrypt your data through.

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