How to Install UFC Finest Addon For Kodi

Ameer Abbas 1 Comment January 24th, 2017

UFC has grown up to be one of the most watched martial arts fighting sports of the current age, increasing its viewership from mere thousands to over 10 million, reaching some 1.1 billion households in 2016. But the real issue is not watching replays & highlights, instead the problems revolves around live streaming of UFC Pay per View events.

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how to install ufc finest addon for kodi


UFC PPV’s are restricted to the official UFC mobile, TV, console, PC and streaming box apps that come with a hefty subscription for a one night only show. While the UFC app is available for PC, mobile and smart device platforms, you can use Kodi’s UFC Finest add-on to stream all PPV events without a subscription.

UFC Finest is available in the Community Repo repository and offers access to:

  1. UFC Live – for live PPVs
  2. UFC Fight Night -for replays of UFC events
  3. UFC Movies–MMA & UFC related Hollywood flicks
  4. UFC Retro
  5. UFC Fighter
  6. Ultimate Fighter –episodes from The Ultimate Fighterseries
  7. Ultimate Fighter – Latin America
  8. Ultimate Fighter – Brazil
  9. Ultimate Fighter–Nations
  10. UFC YouTube –media from YouTube playlists dedicated to UFC
  11. UFC Documentaries
  12. UFC Lab
  13. Fighter Master
  14. UFC Select
  15. The Best of WEC
  16. Fight Master – for Bellator Series fights


How to Install UFC Finest on Kodi in 10 Steps

To install UFC Finest and watch all UFC live PPVs live, follow our step by step guide below.

  1. Launch Kodi, Select SYSTEM > File Manager
  2. Select the Add Source option
  3. In the new source box double click the None box
  4. Type in the box,then click Done
  5. Double click the name box below, now give your source a name, type Communityrepo then click OK
  6. Return to the Home Screen, click System> Add-Ons> Install from Zip File >Communityrepo
  7. Choose
  8. Kodi should give you an ‘Add-on enabled’ notification
  9. Next, select Install from Repository>The Community Repository>Video add-ons>UFC Finest>Install
  10. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

That should complete your UFC Finest add-on installation. Enjoy the best UFC & MMA events live or watch your favorite match replays. Browse through some retro MMA, enjoy UFC from a range of regions, indulge in the Bellator brand and much more.


In a Nutshell


We hope you found the guide easy and thorough, plus, you got to enjoy everything UFC live & exclusive. In case you are having problems installing UFC Finest on Kodi, do leave us a message or check this kodi vpn guide and we will try to sort the issue for you the best we can.

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    I keep getting the message UFC Finest installation failed. I followed the steps perfectly and deleted to do it again but got the same message. Help?

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