Netflix landed onto the international arena with the explosive news about launching its service into 130 new countries. Among these new nations, Indonesia was also included in the global expansion. However, as of January 27th 2016, the largest telecom provider of Indonesia has blocked Netflix on all its internet platforms.

As Asian movie and TV lovers jumped for joy with availability of Netflix in their regions, the stated owned Indonesian telecom service has cut this joy short. The company in question is PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk or Telkom, which is the largest telecom provider operating in Indonesia.

There are two reasons highlighted by Telkom for blocking Netflix in Indonesia. One, that Netflix does not have a proper permit to operate within Indonesia. Two, the shows and movies available on Netflix contain intense violence and adult (explicit) content which does not meet with the country’s censorship standards.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the vice president for corporate communications of Telkom said that this ban has been put in place to protect the people of Indonesia. He went on to say that Netflix would have to adjust its content according to Indonesian regulations.

This block by Indonesian authorities does not come as a surprise. Many other websites have faced similar consequence as Netflix has done here. Last year in August, Ministry of Communication of Indonesia blocked various P2P / torrent websites. Similarly, websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Imgur, and Vimeo were also blocked in Indonesia on the grounds of decency.

So for now, Netflix is blocked on all internet platforms offered by Telkom in Indonesia. The final decision to fully block Netflix nationwide will be taken next month by the government. If you are a user of Telkom, then you can unblock Netflix in Indonesia using a VPN service. Not only that, you can also switch to other regions and access the vast library of Netflix.

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