Wondering why use a VPN for India’s cyberspace? How does an India VPN sort out your privacy issues?

India has grown into a proverbial information technology hub over the years, with tech giants moving in, there is a major shift in the dynamics of India’s IT industry.
The result has been easy access to the internet and the services that accompany it, for all Indian netizens. India stands second in the highest number of internet users’ list, the figure in 2017 was close to 463 million people. More and more Indian users’ are now using online services including online shopping, online banking, emails& communication, social networking, and much more.
This rise in use of online technologies also increases exposure to numerous privacy & online security risks. Risks including data breaches, device hijacking, identity theft, click baits, Trojans, malware, and ransome ware leave a massive security hole to fill.


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The Indian government now categorizes copyright infringement as a punishable crime. The Indian Government has previously scrutinized and now keeps tabs on most P2P file sharing & torrent users. To work in conjunction with global intellectual property rights, certain websites and video streaming services are also unavailable in India.


Using an India VPN


The benefits of using a VPN in India are well weighed considering the issues that Western societies have faced while going through their internet renaissance, if we can call it that. Two important features of Indian VPN services, outweigh the costs &everything else there is to criticize about a virtual private network, these are Tunneling Protocols & Encryption.


How Does an India VPN Service Work?


A VPN creates encrypted tunnels between your device, its VPN server, and the internet to ensure your personal network &information is secure. Likewise, a VPN preserves your privacy by hiding your actual location, IP address and makes your browsing anonymous.

When connected your India VPN will create a secure tunnel using the tunneling protocol (you can choose the one to use) that the service will use to encrypt your data simultaneously. This basically means that before it leaves your device, all information passing through your device(s)will be converted into coded language before it is sent on to the intended recipients or websites.

You can choose to create the secure tunnel through a wide range of tunneling protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEV2, L2TP,& SSTP, each with its own defined encryption standard.


Best India VPN


It is often hard to find the best VPN for India. To cut through the clutter, we have highlighted the five best VPN for India. Each provider offers multitude of servers spread across the globe, cutting edge tunneling protocols, 24/7 customer support, easy to use apps &software, and military encryption tech.

We have ranked & rated our suggested best VPN providers for India on three major factors including convenience, overall service quality and trustworthiness rather than speed or data. We ensure that you never get scammed by your VPN in India, nor do you feel the service you bought bring no quality to the table.

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PureVPN tops our chart as the best India VPN provider, primarily because the company is located in Hong Kong and offers good speed in the region. Other great features include economical pricing plans, 24/7/365 support, in-house developed apps, business services plus much more. PureVPN is ideal for internet users in India courtesy of its 256-bit encryption merged with 6 different tunneling technologies to secure your network.


purevpn for indians

Likewise, the 750+ servers laid across 140+ countries will let you access any website or streaming service blocked in India. PureVPN also offers amazing add-ons including an internet kill switch, NAT firewall, DDoS protection, dedicated IP addresses, free Ad-blocker and 5 multi-logins with one account. Over our experience of using & interacting with the brand for well over 3 years we have found PureVPN to be a very trustworthy brand, and, the support very helpful &courteous.



When it comes to premium Indian VPN providers, ExpressVPN must be in the list. It offers wide range of features along with a massive server network in 94 countries, enabling you to access all restricted & blocked websites from India. Combine this with breathtaking performance ExpressVPN is unmatched compared to other established VPN services for Indians.


expressvpn for india


In addition, ExpressVPN provides ironclad security measures that will stop hackers, phishes, and others alike from accessing your personal information. 5 powerful protocols, choice between 128bit & 256bit encryption, local DNS servers and locally developed apps make ExpressVPN a top rated choice for in our best India VPN providers list. Our only grievance from ExpressVPN is its dearer pricing, costing double what you would actually pay for other VPN services in India.



HideMyAss (HMA VPN) is renowned for its massive server network in more countries than any other VPN provider for Indians. You can choose from 720+ VPN servers in over 190 countries and spoof your IP address to access different geo-restricted websites. HMA is excellent for Indian video& music streaming fans; using its illustrious server spread, you can unblock streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Spotify & many others with one click.


hidemyass for india


HideMyAss is also one of the best VPN for India for its high compatibility. You can configure HMA on all major OS Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, Linux, and other operating systems. Sadly, HMA’s privacy isn’t HMA’s strongest attribute and the provider maintains extensive logs of subscriber activities. Since it’s based in the United Kingdom and maintains logs the brand is ranked number three on our list of the best VPN India.


Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield, developed by Anchor Free, boasts over 400 million users in 200 countries. Through Hotspot Shield, you can anonymously surf the web, unblock video services and torrent website. Hotspot isconsidered one of the best VPN in India providers because of its brilliant compatibility with all the major devices, OS platforms and web browsers.


hotspot shield for india


Hotspot offers leading edge 256bit encryption to securely perform all your online transactions that include sensitive information like personal credentials. Growing ecommerce and online shopping trends Hotspot Shield has been considered and rated one of the best VPN for India in a short time.

Hotspot Shield provides entertainment fanatics an appealing chance to fulfill their streaming desires online. The streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora can be easily accessed through Hotspot Shield. The provider also offers 5 multi logins to subscribers from a single account.



IPVanish offers its services in 60+ countries through 850+VPN servers. Through 256-bit AES encryption, an added layer of protection is offered to Indian subscribers making it one of our best VPN for India to shop online, bank online and make payments. In addition to offering 3 different tunneling protocols namely PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN, the service offers 5 multi login facility to users ensuring all your devices are secured online.


ipvanish for india

IPVanish offers excellent high speed torrent servers their allowing Indian users to easily unblock & download torrents from all over the internet. IPVanish is extremely compatible with different operating systems and devices that include Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux (Ubuntu) Chromebook and Routers too.

IPVanish is a very good choice for online gamers and offers super speed gaming servers for both Asian and European regions. The provider is also competitively priced for the benefits that it offers, hence an excellent choice for Indian VPN users’ who want a free & secure internet.


Free India VPN

The prospect of using a super speed free VPN in India may sound delicious, but do question, why exactly are these VPN providers offering their services for FREE in India? What is the cost of using these (sometimes very good) free VPN services in India?

The obvious answer to the above is, yes, VPN providers incur massive costs to administer, manage and maintain servers on a global scale. But, the alarming thing to know is that the costs of this “free lunch” are your browsing habits &personal data. Usually free VPN services for Indian don’t publish any Privacy Policies, hence are free to do what they want with your personally identifiable information and browsing habits.

So, keeping the above in mind we evaluated 3 trusted VPN services for India based on reliability and privacy policies.



ZenVPN is a free Indian VPN provider providing subscribers an anonymous identity, hides their real location, and with a click of a button it encrypts all their traffic, without selling personal information for profit. ZenVPN employs military grade encryption that ensures that your traffic is not intercepted. ZenVPN offers servers in 34 different locations and has been growing rapidly.

ZenVPN also offers a decent free plan to users who enjoy the same speed as paid users, but it mainly depends on their internet connection. ZenVPN application is available on Windows and Android OS.

ZenVPN also offers three packages i.e. weekly, monthly, and yearly packages that offer its customers with unlimited data transfers & premium speeds.


Betternet VPN

Betternet is a free Indian VPN service known for its unlimited free service plan. The provider is known for indiscriminate service to both free and premium subscribers. In less than a year since its release, Betternet has already been acknowledged by Google as the No.1 VPN app in Google Play Store and App Store.


Betternet for india

Betternet does not keep record or history of its customers’ data logs or shows any kind of irritating advertisements to free VPN users. Betternet offers its services for various different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, plus Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Betternet has also introduced a premium version that covers the expenses of its dedicated servers. It guarantees to provide not just a free VPN service for India but also of the highest quality privacy services parallel to the competition. Read our detailed betternet review here.


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN differs from the typical privacy service provider as it offers a free VPN service for Indian netizens alongside its paid-for subscription. CyberGhost is compatible on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac. It is headquartered in Romania where data retention laws have been declared as unconstitutional, making ita users’ choice VPN in India.

Another feature that makes CyberGhost a brilliant free VPN for India is its unlimited data limit for the free users. As long as you can cope with the limited servers, connection waiting times, and in-app advertisements the free service is decent for those looking to browse freely. CyberGhost offers its services to 30 countries and has a total of 600 servers across these regions.

CyberGhost adopts military standard AES 256-bit encryption that provides unbreakable data encryption even the surveillance agencies are unable to decode. CyberGhost does not store any of the users’ information or history.


The Best Indian VPN Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has regularly competed in the race of the top internet browser in India. After losing first place in the second half of 2015, Chrome bounced back in March 2016 to become the most used browser in the country.


best vpn for india extensions


This is majorly because of Google Chrome’s extension store providing users’ the ability to install their favorite app extensions directly in their browsers. The same applies when using VPN extensions on Google, making it a simple click-on, click-off affair.

After careful review, we concluded that the following brands offered the best Indian VPN service extensions for Chrome:




zenmate indian vpn extension


Germany based ZenMate has offered its Chrome extension for over 8 years and can be regarded the pioneer of this technology.ZenMate may not be in our 5 best VPN for India list, yet is regarded as one of the leading privacy providers for well over a decade.

Currently the provider offers servers in 20 countries with USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Hong Kong among popular locations. ZenMate also offers apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The one click Google Chrome extension makes ZenMate one of the best Indian VPN services to go for, check it out for free from Google Apps. ZenMate Extensions are also available for Firefox and Opera browsers. Read our complete Zenmate review here.


Hotspot Shield


hotspot shield indian vpn extension


If unblocking video streaming & music services is your thing, Hotspot Shield’s browser extension may just be calling out for your attention. Second on our list of leading India VPN Chrome extensions, Hotspot is fast and offers 80+countries to connect to.

Hotspot Shield offers both free and premium versions of their service to Indian VPN users. You can try out the Chrome extension for free, but some servers will be unavailable with the free service.

Try out Hotspot Shield VPN today on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android with over 150 servers to connect with. Try out Hotspot Shield Chrome extension today from the Google App Store. You can also read hotspot shield review.




tunnel bear indian vpn extension


TunnelBear has been known for its simple one click VPN apps and high speed server network in 20 countriesgiving access to popular locations including USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and many others. You will be required to register an account to use the Tunnel Bear Chrome extension.

Tunnel Bear also offers a premium plan with apps available on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. You can download Tunnel Bear’s Chrome Extension here. You can also read tunnelbear review complete details in this review.


India VPN for HotStar Streaming Services

HotStar remains a popular VoD& live TV streaming service for both Indian netizens and expats. HotStar offers a massive entertainment library plus a superb console for live sports, TV shows, sitcoms and other live events. HotStar is also a leading VoD platform to catch leading HBO TV series including Game of Thrones and West World all for a very nominal subscription fee.


hotstar through indian vpn


The sad fact of coarse is that HotStar is geo-restricted outside India and require you use an India VPN server & IP address to watch HotStar outside India. HotStar offers its service over the website plus Android& iOS apps so you can take your entertainment where ever you go.

Consider one of our leading India VPN proxy providers to help you unblock HotStar from anywhere in the world. Enjoy HD quality TV shows& movies plus live English premier League matches, the IPL, international test cricket and many other videos available free all with a VPN service for India by your side. Check out our How to unblock HotStar blog for more.


India VPN for Voot Apps


voot through vpn


Voot is the official VoD service for the “Colors” channel and is available all over India. Voot also offers VoD programming of MTV and Nickelodeon channels. Voot is a very strictly restricted channel and only works for users with an Indian IP address. Those of us located outside India will not be able to access the service without an India VPN service. Voot employs very strict authorization measures to ensure no foreign user can access their website.

The ideal way again is to use an free Indian android vpn and unblock Voot’s exclusive programming. We have previously tested PureVPN and ExpressVPN with Voot unblocking it successfully. Also check out our how to unblock Voot article here.


In a Nutshell


I hope you found our article helpful in deciding which VPN service fits your needs under Indian cyberspace. Which Indian VPN provider do you use? Let us know in the comments section below and we will review & test it for all our readers.

Keep posted and visit this article again for routine updates, new offers and latest India VPN features to empower your privacy.

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      Browsec is only a proxy but it works flawlessly with HotStar’s website and they also have an android app for the HotStar android app.

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