Before we start ibvpn review, the features of ibVPN, we want our readers to understand that this blog is based on a personal experience and therefore presents an unbiased take on ibVPN. Like any other VPN expert, we had to make sure that the services of ibVPN were fully tested before penning down this ibvpn review.


ibVPN review


IbVPN Servers Reach Review


ibVPN’s server network stretches across 6 continents covering cities from New York to Tokyo. Powered by a massive network of over 100 servers across 43 countries ibVPN is the oldest VPN providers still in operation today spanning its success close to a decade. Check out the amazing interactive server map available here to see which cities ibVPN servers are located in.


ibvpn servers list review


The server statistics page also provides real time stats of number of users online, server locations, status, torrent compatibility, dynamic/static IPs available and bandwidth usage. Not all ibVPN servers allow P2P & torrents so do have a look at this page before you connect a BitTorrent client or other P2P filesharing app.

A massive range of servers is also available in the United States & Europe to allow you to easily bypass geo-restrictions placed on various entertainment services. ibVPN offers instant access to multimedia streaming over Netflix, HULU, Fox, Spotify, BBC, HotStar,Sky, Canal+, SuperSport and hundreds of other geo-blocked services.


ibVPN Servers List for Torrenting


ibVPN offers various servers for subscribers where they can securely access torrent indexing websites like KAT, Torrent Reactor, Extra Torrent,& TPB to safely download torrents. You can check for the status and bandwidth use over the servers using the interactive server stats page, the following ibVPN servers allow P2P & Torrenting:

  1. Netherlands (Dronten)
  2. Bulgaria (Sofia)
  3. Netherlands (Amsterdam 2& 3)
  4. Netherlands (Utrecht)
  5. Netherlands (Rotterdam)
  6. Ukraine (Kiev 1&2)
  7. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  8. Canada (Toronto 1/2/3/4/5)
  9. Sweden (Stockholm 2/3/4/5)
  10. Lithuania (Lithuania)
  11. Russia (Moscow 2)
  12. Russia (Sankt Petersburg 2)
  13. Hong Kong (Hong Kong 2)


ibVPN Protocols Review


ibVPN offers four tunneling protocols to protect your data and your devices over the internet.The diversity of tunneling protocols allows you use the service over various devices and change protocols for varying uses like torrents, streaming, data transfers, online banking etc. ibVPN offers these tunneling protocols:

  1. PPTP
  2. OpenVPN
  3. SSTP
  4. L2TP/IPSec


ibvpn protocols review


ibVPN’s protocols page gives additional details for you to understand tunneling protocols better and which one to use for different purposes. Simply visit the official ibVPN protocols page to know their strengths and devices they work with.


IbVPN Encryption and Device Compatibility


Before we get to the next point, we would like to ask you a question. If you ever buy a VPN service, what would be your primary and secondary motives? Keeping the ever-increasing online security concerns in mind, we assume that many users would opt for VPN services for maximum protection while surfing the internet.

When it comes to encryption, ibVPN is just as good as any other VPN service provider. It makes your online identity harmless and keeps it safe with SSL and AES 256-bit encryption support. ibVPN uses the most secure algorithms, Blowfish, to keep your online ID clean and protected.

To be fair to ibVPN, their device compatibility is pretty decent and yet there is some margin for improvement. You can set it up on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku Streaming Player, Gaming Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) and Routers (DD-WRT and Sabai). Would have been great if BlackBerry and Kindle were also mentioned, but just as we said, ibVPN can still improve with device compatibility options.


ibVPN encryption


ibVPN Account Pricing Review


Historically, ibVPN has offered multiple subscription packages for users interested in the service. ibVPN continues its tradition of offering a number of pricing plans for different users with its current plans that include:

  1. Ultimate VPN $41.47 per year or $10.95 per month, including the following unique features
    • 130+ Servers In 47 Countries
    • P2P/Torrents Allowed
    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
    • Proxy Servers In ALL Locations
    • Socks5 Proxies
    • NEW TOR over VPN
    • NEW Double VPN
    • NEW Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Extensions


  1. Standard VPN – $36.95 per year or$4.95 per month, including the following unique features
    • 100+ Servers In 44 Countries
    • 1 Simultaneous Connection


  1. Torrent VPN – $36.95 per year or4.95 per month, including the following unique features
    1. 21 Servers In 9 Countries
    2. P2P/Torrents Allowed
    3. 1 Simultaneous Connection
    4. Socks 5 Proxies


ibvpn app client pricing review


Common features in all ibVPN ‘VPN’ packages include:

  1. High-Speed Connections
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, SoftEther Protocols
  4. Windows, Mac OS, iOS & Android Apps
  5. High Priority Support
  6. 15 Days Money Back Guarantee

You can compare all subscription packages on the superb ibVPN comparison page and decide which one is best for your requirements.


ibVPN Free Trial Review


ibVPN provides first time users a 6 hours full feature trial to test the service. The trial is not limited by any feature except time, plus it’s a step up from their 2 hour free trial. Sign up for any packages using the sign up page with your credit card, but after 6 hours it will ask you to upgrade.


How to Set ibVPN Up on Windows


ibVPN can easily be set up on your Windows device, once you have acquired the credentials. Use your credentials to enter the dashboard, download the All-in-one VPN client for Windows from there and run it to install it on your machine. After installation is completed successfully, launch it and enter the details.

Upon opening the client, enter the credentials provided to you by ibVPN. In our case, we used the ones we got while using their free trial.

ibVPN Review

Noticed the highlighted “Login” button? Click on it to officially enter in to the Client of ibVPN.

ibVPN Review

By now you must have observed that several options have been highlighted for you to select. Choose your server and VPN protocol and click on “Connect”.

ibVPN Review

While you are surfing through ibVPN, you can explore different options as well. They have also given you an option to check your IP address to make sure you are well aware of the IP you are using. The VPN Client for Windows may deceive you with its technical Client outlook, but it is very easy to use.

Simply go and check the Settings on the top of the VPN Client’s window; it gives you several important options regarding usage of ibVPN.

ibVPN Review

Do you see the ibDNS option on the top Window? Now start and stop ibDNS at your own will by simply clicking on ibDNS and selecting the option that best suits your needs.

ibVPN Review

In simple words, ibVPN has a good looking Client for Windows. It gives you several options as well and makes a good viewing for a general VPN user.


How to Setup/Use ibVPN On Android


Setting up ibVPN manually on Android is quite simple and can be done in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings >Wireless & Networks (aka. Wireless Controls)
  2. Scroll down to VPN or VPN Settings
  3. Click the “+” button
  4. Add the following settings
    • Name – ibVPN PPTP
    • Type – PPTP
    • Server Address –Choose required server from here
    • PPP encryption – check on
  5. Click Save
  6. You should now have ibVPN PPTPin your VPN connections list
  7. Click ibVPN PPTP then fill in your Username & Password, click Connect


ibVPN Coupons


A variety of discount coupons are available online for ibVPN. Its real easy to find currently active coupons on:

Note: none of these coupons are associate with BestVPNProvider, in case they have expired it is best to wait for new discounts coupons to be listed on the same websites.


ibVPN Extensions for Chrome/Firefox


ibVPN offers no browser extensions for either Chrome or Firefox. The ibVPN desktop and mobile apps are very sleek (while testing in this ibvpn review) and use fewer resources compared to many other VPN applications.


ibVPN Customer Support Review


ibVPN does an amazing job when it comes to Customer Support. It is the apple of our eye when it comes to marking a VPN service. ibVPN provides information, educates the users, and helps them with technical issues in their VPN Clients.

You can contact ibVPN through Support Tickets, Email, Live Chat, Remote Assistance, and get some quick tips and learn a thing or two by simply reading the FAQs, Knowledge Base and discussions on Forums. Such an excellent customer support is very rare and a joy to use!


IbVPN Money Back Guarantee Review


The refund policy is also good as ibVPN provides a 15-day money back guarantee to ensure that the users are fully satisfied with its services.


IbVPN Payment Options and Logging Policy


Such diversity in the payment options is rarely seen in a VPN app client. For some reason, many VPN app providers feel reluctant to provide a wide pool of payment options. But ibVPN on the other hand, goes beyond the line and brings almost all the popular payment options at its users’ service to make sure they are fully facilitated.

ibVPN accepts payments through Paypal, Alipay, Web Money, iDeal, Credit Card, Payza, Cash U, AstroPay, Western Union, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Moving on to its logging policy, ibVPN very clearly claims on its website that it does not keep ANY sort of logs. Most of the VPN software providers keep meta-logs to improve their services but ibVPN does not even maintain that, hence claims to provide you full anonymity.




On one hand it was a wonderful experience using the ibVPN and its features in ibvpn review detail, on the other hand, we found some areas where we feel ibVPN can work on and become one of the best, if not the best, VPN service providers.

The servers across different continents increase its value and a solid Blowfish algorithm ensures ibVPN is here to stay in the VPN industry. Many of you might not know this, but it is the most rapidly growing VPN service and has more than 500,000 people on-board using ibVPN’s services. Feel free to ask any question regarding this ibvpn review or share your experiences in comments.

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59 Responses to ibVPN Review 2017 ***Updated May***
  1. Mihajlo says:

    I read many reviews regarding speed issues that I might encounter with ibVPN but even so, I have decided to test the free trial. Previous providers, I have tested even they had great reviews, were not necessarily suitable for my needs.

    I have decided to upgrade to a paid plan. To my writing this review, speed is good. I have no problem watching online videos. Overall experience with the service has been good so far. Let us see how it is in the future.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Mihajlo. We are glad that the service is working out for you. Don’t hesitate on dropping a complete review of the paid subscription. Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Hoss says:

    Initially had some setup issues, however they solved it real quick. I can only recommend

  3. dudik says:

    They did not work for me, their app is newer btw, the one picture here is old…. but it does not work work me at all not even the old one so they gave me manual setup … very very sad and bad

    • ibVPN says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We are working hard to rapidly fix the reported issues. Please contact our support team and we will compensate the hassle by extending your account for free. Thank you for your patience.

      • dudik says:

        I have been in contact with your chat support, they sent me a new updated version of your app which works for me now

        thank you very much

  4. Chris says:

    First of all, good job for your review bestvpnprovider, an now about ibvpn. They are good service for what prices they offer and service is not so bad either. The speed is a little downside but it’s ok overall.

  5. Alex says:

    Great experience with IBVPN for the last 3 years. Can’t remember how many times these guys came up with new and helpful features. The apps are working flawlessly and I couldn’t expect more from a VPN provider.

  6. mitodor says:

    You should definitely check the new Android app. It works great on my Nvidia Shield!! Made my day!

  7. Bob Hasell says:

    This is the best service I have used for P2P & torrent download. The speed is great, there is a kill switch feature implemented into the windows client and the company states a NO Logs policy.

  8. Reiner k. says:

    Have limited experience with this type of product but am more than satisfied with the overall service. Thankyou

    • admin says:

      Glad we could help you make an informed decision. Feel free on sharing a complete review of the service. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day! 🙂

  9. Jedaite says:

    I was recommended to use this service by my neighbour we moved recently to Germany, my family moved every years because of work. This has helped me connect to my home sites in Spain, pretty much all i used it for but they support my iPad and

    • admin says:

      Hello Jedaite, thanks for commenting. We are always happy to hear about satisfied customers. Please feel free on leaving a complete review on the service to help other users make a more informed decision during their VPN selection process. Have a nice day! 🙂

  10. Steve B. says:

    You should check out their new Android and Windows apps as well. Really the program is so good. I like it. Also the reply and the support are very fast.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Steve. Yes, as you can see in the review above, we thoroughly test each platform app. All apps of the service deliver good functionality. Do not hesitate on leaving a complete review on the service 🙂

  11. Tami says:

    They came a long way since last year … The service has improved a lot. Hope they continue to improve more and more. Great
    VPN service, recommend trying it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tami, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, the service has definitely improved its offerings. Feel free to leave a complete review on the experience of using the VPN. Have a great day!

  12. Vüsal Rino says:

    Best vpn to directly access TOR. They provide servers that connect you to TOR. Only ibvpn and nordvpn offer this great feature for people like me who browser onion sites.

    With other vpn you need to connect to a vpn server and start tor browser, connect to TOR and then browse onion.

    With ibvpn you connect to VPN and you can use regular browser (incognito I recommend) to browse onion sites.

  13. F.P says:

    I simply love your site. I have read most of the reviews on your site. This had helped me to decide what VPN to choose. Past week, I have chosen ibvpn and I don’t regret it.

    • Admin says:

      Wow thanks for such an amazing compliment. We are obliged. Feels like our efforts are finally paying off! Please, do not hesitate on giving a complete review on ibVPN. Have an amazing day!

  14. Maria says:

    I found about these guys few months ago. Since then, I use their service (almost) every day and I must say that I am a very happy customer. The apps are working great (I use the ones for Windows and iOS) and their support is brilliant. I highly recommend ibVPN!

    • admin says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your positive experience with us. We are always happy to find customers who are satisfied with the service they choose. Please do not hesitate on leaving a complete review on the service! Have a nice day 

  15. Jo says:

    Since I’m very dumb I ordered the wrong package, thank god the support team helped me fix this in minutes. I give ibVPN 5 stars for the best customer service.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for commenting Jo. Silly mistakes like that happen all the time. Things get even more frustrating when you don’t receive appropriate help. We are glad to hear that the support team was quite cooperative. Feel free to leave a complete review on the service.

  16. molnay says:

    ibvpn is one of the few providers that offer access to SoftEther protocol – faster and safer than OpenVPN. it should be a must for all providers!

    • admin says:

      Hello Molnay, thanks for commenting. You are right on that. ibVPN is one of the few providers that support SoftEther. If you’re looking for more names, you should add and Hide IP VPN to your list. Let us know your experience with regards to security and encryption!

  17. Manuele says:

    Nothing to complain of. On the contrary. One of the best experiences I had with a VPN provider

    • admin says:

      Hi there Manuele, hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your experience. Feel free to write a complete review on the VPN. We appreciate our viewers elaborating more about their overall understanding on their chosen providers. It helps us tailor our content accordingly.

  18. Andrew Connel says:

    Please kindly Upgrade this review as it is very old. New servers(alot) have been added and applications improved. Anyway i am a satisfied user of them, great support chat assistance, it get’s the job done.

    • admin says:

      Hey Andrew, hope you’re doing well. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience. We will be performing an entire revamp on the IBVPN review soon. We’ve got a few positive pointers to share ourselves. Keep following!

  19. Felix M. says:

    I have been a subscriber to the ibVPN for five years now, and I cannot be more happier with them. Their service never failed me, always having enough bandwidth. The customer service is also the best, always ready to help, and finding a solution to my issues within minutes. Well done idVPN!!!!! Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Hi Felix, thanks for sharing your experience with us. This just makes it easier to figure out the likeability of the service and then rate it accordingly. You are doing us a good favor. Do not hesitate on leaving a complete review about the VPN.

  20. Misha says:

    I did a lot of research before committing to a subscription and i have to say that i was very surprised that such an affordable service can be this good. At the beginning, i had messed up my setup so i had to get in touch with the support team and my problem was solved in under 5 minutes. It was really a stellar performance and this was one of the experiences which made me buy a year’s subscription. I can recommend ibVPN anyone from complete amateurs to experienced users.

    • admin says:

      Hello Misha, we are always happy to find out that users of a particular service are content regarding their experience with a certain provider. Your comment has further justified that IBVPN does indeed work hard on pleasing its customers. Thanks for sharing!

  21. jonarcher says:

    Just looked for VPN providers and came across this one using this review, had no issues with their service so far , have been using it for somewhat a little over 3 months now.
    However they do have a different looking app for win, at least mine looks newer than the ones in this review

    • ibVPN says:

      You are right. We have a new Windows app that looks different from the one presented in the review. The new All-In-One VPN client is smarter and faster. We hope you will enjoy it. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

  22. jonarcher says:

    A fried suggested this to me he uses it for gaming, but i did the 24 Hour trial and used it to stream videos of different countries and it worked perfectly !

  23. Ken says:

    You should really update your posts, as their service is one of the best I’ve had. On a 50Mb download speed I get 35 Mb download speed. This is the highest speed I’ve had after testing multiple vpn services.

  24. Ed E. Lynch says:

    I am using their service since 3 years already. I have used other clients for approx 6 years already, however I love ibVPN specials like the one with Bitdefender. In my case, this is a great bundle to have for extra privacy.

    I really admire their service because I see continuous development of their VPN clients, continuous movement.

    I use the iOS client and the Win one. Not sure how are they on other platforms. The Win client is my favorite because offers a lot of features for privacy. However, I don’t know how to use them all yet.

    • admin says:

      We love hearing about clients enjoying a particular service. It only makes it easier for us to make a more informed decision regarding VPNs. Thanks for sharing your experience regarding ibVPN. Yes, the multitude of privacy features can get a little tough to understand. In such circumstances, it is best to stick to the basics. Choose the highest security offering protocol: OpenVPN with AES 256 bit encryption!

  25. Mehigh says:

    Wide range of protocols and devices supported with apps for most used devices. Their service is great both as speed as for quality. Connections are stable and reliable. The support team is top. Totally recommend them.

    • admin says:

      We agree! The customer support has been helpful in providing us more insight into the service and their offerings. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  26. Siam says:

    The AIO application for windows has been updated long time ago. The new interface is modern and the app can be used in basic or in advanced mode. It connects instantly to servers and the feature I considered to be the best is the Kill Switch.

  27. Till says:

    Servers have good speed for the money, service is great, only downside is, that serverIDs change from time to time, makes maintenance on my side a little more difficult.

    • admin says:

      You might want to consider choosing a service that offers dedicated VPN servers for connection. Some examples of reliable VPN providers are: PureVPN and NordVPN.

  28. Bernt says:

    They have awesome support staff. Adding lots of new servers, update protocols, improving app, offering great value for money.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bernt
      I agree, its one of the most underrated providers in the world. We are currently reviewing the brand for 2017, should be up soon.

  29. GaGh says:

    I started with the trial and considering that they offer money back guarantee I decided to buy. The nice part is that I got a Bitdefender activation key for free. I do not know how much that costs but it is a nice gift 🙂

  30. Adrian says:

    This review should be updated! The latest versions of the ibvpn apps are much nicer now and full of useful features. Anyway, I just wanna say ibvpn is my favorite vpn provider. I use it from Greece and it works great! You should defenitly try the ios app.

    • admin says:

      We are looking into it, and will definitely come up with an entire revamp of the ibVPN review soon. Keep following!

  31. Christine says:

    Awesome speed, no logs and no drops!
    ibVPN is my favourite VPN provider. Considering the fact that I’m not a computer Jedi and that the support team is friendly and very helpful, I’ll be their customer for a long time from now.

    • admin says:

      Looks like there is another satisfied customer! 10 points to ibVPN. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Christine.

  32. Samuel says:

    ibVPN lets you try its services for free which I liked a lot. It helped in checking their services out before I could buy them. The only thing confusing are its pricing plan. Took me a while before I could figure out what I want.

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