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Hulu is an American online streaming service  offering a wide range of home entertainment, all available with the  click of a button. Hulu offers an extensive range of media to choose from ranging from TV shows, Movies, documentaries, Kids shows, Latin entertainment, Anime shows,  and much more.

As exciting as it sounds, there is a drawback – a major one at that. Hulu is only accessible from within the United States and cannot be streamed outside the region. To avoid restrictions you need a  VPN for Hulu which will ensure you enjoy limitless Hulu entertainment without experiencing blocks

Hulu Blocked!

Hulu provides exclusive licensed content that you can watch on its website. This is the reason why the service is blocked from regions outside the US. To watch shows and movies from outside the United States, a Hulu VPN is the ideal way to unblock the regional restrictions, unless you want to move to the US just for Hulu.

What this means is that if you are traveling abroad and want to watch the latest episode of Family Guy, Gotham, South Park, or any other show, you will be restricted by Hulu. You must be wondering – OMG, what am I suppose to do now? Do not panic, a premium Hulu VPN will ensure you can watch Hulu outside the USA.

Hulu Unblocked with VPN

The solution, use the best Hulu VPN services. A VPN provides you numerous US servers and IP addresses to choose from. Selecting an IP address from USA will unlock all your favorite shows and movies on Hulu  providing you limitless streaming experience wherever you go.

This way, you bypass all the geo restrictions and enjoy Hulu from any corner of the world.

Oh not only that, a the best Hulu VPN services will also protect you from malicious attacks when online. Another key feature of using a Hulu VPN is that it secures your network from cyber threats while eliminating ISP throttling that slow down your connection.

Top 5 Hulu VPN

There are numerous top VPN services for Hulu available online, providing multiple benefits and features to users. Here is a list of top Hulu VPN’s we have complied for your convenience.

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Advantages of Using a VPN for Hulu

Here are some advantages of using a VPN for Hulu

  • Unblock Hulu outside the US
  • High Speed Streaming
  • Lift geo restrictions for all regions
  • Military grade encryption and tunneling protocols for data security
  • Multiple servers and IP addresses to choose from
  • Multi device access for all handheld and home devices
  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • SmartDNS feature for blazing fast streaming

Is Hulu being a Menace for VPN?

Have you been welcomed to Hulu with the following message:

how to watch hulu outside USA

Hulu has become a menace recently for many VPN users. It has started blocking IP addresses of subscribers using VPN for Hulu across the world. The decision comes courtesy of large entertainment corporations  who do not want their TV shows or movies streamed in regions where viewership licenses are not present.

Well, don’t worry we have got you covered on this frontier as well. You can overcome this issue by using a dedicated IP address and Smart DNS add-on.

Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP address is one of the ways to unblock Hulu outside USA without getting blocked. A dedicated IP is one especially assigned to you. When using a Hulu VPN, you can select numerous IP addresses but they are shared between multiple users  making it more likely for it to be blocked.

A dedicated IP address reduces any chances of being blocked, since the IP address is assigned exclusively to you.

Many Hulu VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses to their customers as an add-on feature to their subscription. This does mean you will be paying a wee bit extra but it’s worth investing given the benefits and privacy.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is another way to bypass IP blocking initiated by Hulu. A Smart DNS acts as a proxy server, which intercepts the requests made by Hulu to authenticate your location.

The use of Smart DNS will enable you to negate IP blocking while enhancing the streaming performance and quality on Hulu.

However, beware when using Smart DNS, you will not be protected against cyber threats present on the internet. We would advise that you use a Hulu VPN that offers Smart DNS  this way you will be protected while enjoying fast, uninterrupted, and unlimited streaming on Hulu.

Shows to Unlock on Hulu

Now that we have cleared the ways you can access Hulu outside USA and the various advantages that a VPN for Hulu provides, here is a teaser of what you can watch:.


Set in an interesting and a unique style, Gotham revolves around the story of a young detective, James Gordon who is destined for greatness. Filled with corruption, crimes, and violence, the city reeks of criminals and super villains; showcasing the untold story of time before Batman.

In the midst of all this, we see a very young Bruce Wayne struggling to find the killers of his parents and the journey towards becoming one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The show only in its first season has gained outstanding reviews and is definitely a must watch for Batman fanatics!


Fancy a little comedy sitcom set in a healthcare environment, then Scrubs truly is the best there is. Filled with hilarious humor and unprecedented fun, you will enjoy every bit of it. The storyline shows the life of doctors, nurses, interns and all that happens in a hospital – showcasing the hardships, relationships, and events  life throws at the staff of Sacred Heart hospital.

Apart from different TV shows, you can stream some of the most popular media networks. There are host of  shows from  different channels offered on Hulu live streaming from the likes of FOX, ABC, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, and many more. Using a Hulu VPN you can access shows from all these channels with the freedom to choose what you want.


To conclude, a VPN is your best friend when it comes accessing Hulu outside USA. It is amongst the best online streaming service available for all your favorite TV shows and movies. There are many add-ons that can enhance your viewing experience on Hulu. Having a dedicated IP and Smart DNS will bypass the restrictions being placed by Hulu, plus protection against different threats over the internet.

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