From the illustrious list of movies and TV shows that you can watch online, UK channels offer a good mixture of British comedy, soap operas, documentaries, history and culture, suspense and horror, all topped with a dash of action and drama.

Unfortunately, these UK channels are geo blocked and are only accessible within United Kingdom. This poses a problem if you are someone that wants to watch UK channels online but are located outside UK. Having said that, you shouldn’t worry as this guide will help you unblock UK channels and allow you to watch them from anywhere in the world.

VPN for UK Channels

One of the easiest ways to watch UK channels from any corner on earth is through a VPN service. It will help you unblock UK channels by masking your original location and giving you a UK base location. To help you select, we recommend the following VPN providers as they will allow you to unblock and watch UK channels from anywhere.

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Each of the above listed VPN providers has various servers located in UK. So if you want to stream any show or movie on UK channels, all you have to do is connect to anyone of the UK based server offered by the VPN and unblock these UK channels online.

Devices on Which You Can Watch UK Channels

With a VPN service by your side, geo restrictions and internet censorships are not a problem. Since a VPN can be used on multiple platforms, you can watch UK TV online on any device of your choice. This is a great advantage for cord cutters as there are numerous devices that allow you thousands of UK channels for streaming.

If you have a VPN setup on such devices or on your router, you can unblock all the UK based services and enjoy a host of titles to stream. These devices include: PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices, set-top-box (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles (Xbox 360 & PlayStation), and various other devices.

List of UK Channels You Can Unblock

Now that you know how to unlock UK channels and the devices on which you can stream online, here is a list of services you can use for watching movies, TV series, sports, documentaries and news online.

  • Amazon Prime UK
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC (One, Two, Three & Four)
  • BBC Sport
  • BT Sports
  • Channel 4 & Channel 5
  • CBBC Player
  • Demand5
  • Eurosport UK
  • ITV
  • Netflix UK
  • Blinkbox
  • Sky Go
  • TV Player
  • Now TV
  • Zattoo UK

How to Watch UK TV Channels while Traveling

Since the UK Channels won’t work outside United Kingdom or certain European nations, you will face a problem when you try to access any of these websites while traveling abroad. This is where carrying a UK VPN is a must while you travel as it will help you unblock UK TV channels.

The wide spread of servers is what will help you access UK TV online and catch up with all your favorite shows and movies. If that’s not enough, a VPN will keep your privacy and all your data safe from hackers, spammers, phishes, and other malicious cyber-goons when you use internet via unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling.


To sum everything up, when you look up streaming services over the internet, there are bound to be numerous UK channels included in the list. After United States, it is the UK channels that dominate the media entertainment industry and offer you hundreds and thousands of titles to watch online.

With the contents of UK channels blocked in various countries, the only viable option to unblock them is through a VPN. Another added advantage of using a VPN is that you can sign up for any of these UK channels by bypassing geo restrictions.

We have listed some of the best VPN providers you can choose from. Each of these VPN services will help you watch UK channels online no matter where you are located.

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