TenPlay is an online streaming service owned by Network Ten, an Australian commercial broadcasting network. TenPlay offers a multi-platform catch up TV service & video portal which includes all Network Ten, ChannelOne and Channel Eleven videos including news and sports. TenPlay provides live and video on demand streaming service to Australian viewers.

TenPlayonline streaming platform is geo-restricted for viewing outside Australia. In case you are an Australian expat, travelling outside the country or a humble streaming enthusiast you will not be able to watch the VoD service from outside the country, unless, you have a VPN to unblock TenPlay.

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How to Watch TenPlay outside Australia

Unblocking TenPlay outside Australia is pretty straight forward but require some patience. Unblocking the VoD service outside Australia was a headache for me the first time, took me over an hour to do so. But I finally got the trick! When you access the TenPlay service without VPN you will be welcomed by the following message:

how to watch tenplay outside australia


To unblock the service, you will have to configure your VPN service manually on both PC & mobile devices. I configured PureVPN’s Australia server using the PPTP protocol, and voila instant TenPlay.

how to unblock tenplay outside australia


To configure your Tenplay VPN manually on Windows:

  1. Go to, Control Panel >Network & Sharing Center
  2. From the setup options listed select “Setup a new connection or Network”
  3. Next, choose “Connect to a Workplace”
  4. Choose, “No, create a new connection”
  5. Next, choose “Use my Internet Connection (VPN)”
  6. Fill in the two boxes with the Australia VPN server address and name your connection, then click next.
  7. Fill in your VPN username & Password, leave the Domain box empty and click Connect.
  8. Windows will now connect to the VPN server and will show in the task bar.
  9. Enjoy streaming TenPlay live from anywhere in the world, and do remember to clear your browser cookies before streaming.


How to Watch TenPlay on Chromecast

TenPlay does not provide a dedicated app to stream the service live on the Google Chromecast. Fans can however cast the website using their Google Chrome browser and watch TenPlay live on their Google Chromecast. Follow our step- by-step guide to cast & watch TenPlay on your Google Chromecast:

  1. Search for the Google Cast Extension on the Google app store and install it.
  2. Once the Chromecast extension is installed, go to TenPlay official website.
  3. Choose the video you want to watch and click the Google Chromecast Cast Extension icon (on the top right).
  4. Choose the destination Chromecast device from the list that comes up and start watching TenPlay live.
  5. Everything you stream will now be broadcasted through the Chromecast.


How to Watch TenPlay on Apple TV

The Apple TV device offers a dedicated app to watch TenPlay &its associated channels on your TV. The TenPlayApple TV app allows you to watch all live TV programming and the entire video archive. While Australian viewers can easily install and watch TenPlay, those outside Australia will require a VPN to unblock the service.

how to watch tenplay on apple tv

The first thing you need to do is configure the VPN service on your router to ensure the Apple TV uses the tunneled & encrypted connection rather than the ISP connection. You can configure your VPN on router from our guide here, you can also get live help from your VPN provider to configure the router.

Before starting the TenPlay app on the Apple TV, check your IP address and location on www.IPlocation.net and confirm that you have an Australian IP address and your location is being displayed in Australia.


Final Thoughts

TenPlay is a great online catch up TV service providing video streams from channel Ten, One and Eleven all on one website.  In addition, TenPlay offers live news streaming when available and also provides cross platform support. Enjoy the best in entertainment with McGuyver, Neighbors, MasterChefAustralia, Survivor Australia and many other shows live online.

In case you are outside Australia have a look at our excellent VPN offers to unblock TenPlay VoD from anywhere in the world. In case you face any problems, drop us a comment in the section below or alternatively add us on Twitter @VPNBest.

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