British mystery thriller TV series “Sherlock” is back once again with Season 4. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, & Amanda Abington reprise their roles to enthrall audiences once more with 3 episodes full of mind-boggling criminal investigations.

Sherlock season 4 kicked off on Sunday January 1, 2017 with its first episode “The Six Thatchers”. Episode 2 “The Lying Detective” will air on PBS (USA) at 9 P.M.(ET) on Sunday, January 8th. The third episode & finale,“The Final Problem,” will air on Sunday January 15, 7 P.M. (ET).

Sherlock fans in the US & UK can enjoy the show free on PBS & BBC iPlayer respectively.It is those of us outside the UK & US who have to bear the geo-restrictions imposed on the online streaming of both PBS and BBC networks.


how to watch sherlock live online

But, gone are the days when viewers outside US and UK region were blocked from watching their favorite show of the New Year due to geo-restrictions. The safest & quickest solution that Sherlock fans can use to unblock geo-restrictions is a VPN.


Watch Sherlock Season 4 Online Outside UK & USA


You can easily unblock & watch Sherlock season 4 on PBS (US) and BBC iPlayer (UK) through a VPN service. By simply changing your IP address with a US or UK VPN server you can instantly watch Sherlock season 4 when the episodes air.

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Unblock Sherlock on BBC iPlayer (UK)


I tried to access BBC iPlayer from my location but the videos would fail to stream on BBC iPlayer.

unblock sherlock on bbc iplayer uk


But, as soon as I connected VPN service I could easily gain access to the BBC iPlayer streaming library including Sherlock season 4. Simply follow the four steps below and Sherlock season 4 will be unblocked instantly:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service, check our table above if you need options
  2. Connect to a UK VPN server (you can configure VPN manually or install the VPN provider’s app)
  3. Log on to the BBC iPlayer website, search for Sherlock
  4. Choose Season 4 and begin streaming Sherlock season 4. A dialogue box will appear on the screen (like shown below)asking if you have a TV license, simply agree and click “I have a TV License”,streaming should begin instantly.

sherlock bbc tv license

5. Enjoy the adventures of Sherlock in Season 4!


Watch Sherlock Season 4 on PBS (USA)


PBS the official broadcaster of Sherlock season 4 in the US also geo-restricts foreign users from accessing their free streaming service.


access sherlock pbs usa geo restricted show

Following a similar strategy as with BBC iPlayer, I unblocked PBS geo-restrictions but this time with a US VPN server. Here is what to do:

  1. Connect to a US VPN server
  2. Log on to the PBS website. Navigate to the Videos section and search for Sherlock season 4
  3. Enjoy watching Sherlock season 4 full episodes in full HD.


sherlock season 4 live


In a Nutshell


I hope my guide helps you unblock the upcoming episodes of Sherlock season 4 from anywhere in the world. In case you face any issues just leave me a message below and I will personally take care of the problem.

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