is an online streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music for free. Formerly known as 1Channel and LetMeWatchThis, PrimeWire offers numerous titles for streaming and offers all the media that was available in the previously named services.

Since PrimeWire does not hosts any of the content itself; instead it redirects you to the sites where the movies and shows are hosted, it is important that you protect yourself from copyright infringement notices.

The movie industry is always on the lookout for anyone trying pirate their content over the internet. Users that are found guilty of infringing copyrights are dished out DMCA notices, warnings, and in some cases, fines or lawsuits.

Is Primewire.Is Safe And Legal?

Formerly known as LetMeWatchThis,, is a redirected mirror of the original PrimeWire domain. Not only does it have a proper terms of use but also Legal, Privacy and Security policies for its users. But much depends on the reliability & security of a domain, thus the PrimeWire team includes this message on the website:

The website exclusively mentions that the site is well protected and hosts no viruses or malware. A simple anti-virus software is enough to protect you over the domain. While a proper legal policy statement is available on the PrimeWire website, there remains the big issue of the Motion Picture Association of America cracking down on websites offering links to certain copyright content.

It is recommended to use a VPN when accessing PrimeWire and when downloading through torrents.

How to Protect Yourself from DMCA

To keep yourself safe from DMCA notices and copyright infringement warnings, you need a VPN. Below listed are some of the best VPN services you can use for staying away from copyright sharks and remain anonymous over the internet.

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With a VPN by your side, you do not have to worry about DMCAs or fines of any kind. The multiple servers offered by a VPN help you change your virtual location and hide your true location. This way you become invisible to copyright sharks while you stream on PrimeWire.

A VPN will also help you secure your internet activity. When you connect a VPN service, all your internet activity is tunneled through its secure protocols and is encrypted. This way your ISP cannot monitor or store any information about what you do over the internet.

Unblock from Anywhere in the World

Now that you know how to secure your identity and internet activity by using a VPN, you should also learn how to unblock PrimeWire from anywhere in the world. Since PrimeWire offers free online streaming, many countries have blocked the service at ISP level. Some of these countries include Norway, Russia, and United Kingdom.

Here is where a VPN comes to your aid. You can unblock PrimeWire by using a VPN service no matter where you are located. The multiple servers offered a VPN helps you to change your virtual location. To unblock PrimeWire, connect to regions where the service is accessible and stream all its content.

For instance, if you are located in Norway or are planning to travel to Russia in the near future, you will need a VPN to unblock PrimeWire. Just connect to the servers located in the region where PrimeWire is accessible and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows online.

Final Verdict

PrimeWire is an excellent tool for many cord cutters out there. The numerous titles it offers for streaming makes your current cable subscription useless. You control what you want to watch and when you want to watch. One factor that separates PrimeWire from other streaming services is the availability of newly released films for streaming.

However, if you are going to use PrimeWire anytime soon, be sure to use a VPN service along with it. It will keep you safe from copyright holders and also help you unblock PrimeWire from any corner on earth.

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