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The US presidential debates for the upcoming elections officially started on 26 September 2016, with Donald Trump being the sad disappointment that he is while Hillary Clinton sparkled on stage. While trump argued & demanded Hillary to check facts, Hillary was prepared taking charge every time trump threw dirt on her … but being honest, she didn’t really have her facts in check either.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have much to discuss following a poor first debate including geo-political scenarios, US immigration policy, stance on terrorism, gun violence legislation, racism & xenophobia, failing economic conditions and much more. Surely you wouldn’t want to miss out on Hillary’s perseverance and Trump’s shenanigans.

You can watch the US presidential debates live from any part of the world on TV, PC, SmartTV, mobile, tablets and streaming boxes.

How to Watch Presidential Debates Online Live

The US presidential debates will be available for cord cutters just as cable TV fans will get their dose on 12 channels. Online streaming enthusiast can watch the US presidential debates live & ad free on:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

YouTube fans can catch the debates live on the channel pages of any of the above mentioned official broadcasters, in addition to The Washington Post, Bloomberg, PBS, Fox News and Telemundo.

Where to Watch the US Presidential Debates on TV

Every presidential debate will be broadcasted live on US cable news & entertainment channels. The list of 12 official US broadcasters includes:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • C-SPAN
  • Fox
  • Fox News
  • Fox Business Network
  • Univision
  • Fusion
  • CNN
  • CNBC, and

The US presidential debates will also be available in the United Kingdom exclusively broadcasted by BBC News and Sky News. Australian viewers in can also watch the US presidential debates live streaming on Seven News.

Schedule of Presidential Debates

All US Presidential Debates will begin at 9pm to 10:30pm ET (8pm – 9:30pm CT, 7pm – 8:30pm MT, 6pm – 7:30pm PT). The 90 minute debates will have varying moderators and will be held at different venues across the USA. Here is a complete schedule of the US presidential debates:

1st Presidential DebateMonday, September 26,2016Lester HoltHofstra University, Hampstead
2nd Presidential DebateSunday, October 09, 2016Martha Raddatz, Anderson CooperWashington University, St. Louis
3rd Presidential DebateWednesday, October 19, 2016Chris WallaceUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas

The First US Presidential Debate – 26th Spetember 2016

The first US Presidential Debate was conducted at the Hofstra University in Hampstead. In what I thought was one of the worst fact checking competition rather than a US Presidential, I saw Hillary sweep the stage. Watch the complete debate live:

Jerry Springer tweeted what many of us were thinking since the campaign began:

HBO’s Last Week Tonight did a magnificent segment on scandals surrounding the US Presidential Race:

Journalist Brett Decker had a massive question for Lester Holt who made a mockery by avoiding relevant question:

Some poor souls had post-debate traumatic symptoms, yes trump can do that:


A CNN poll saw Clinton clinch the first debate minutes after:

Final Words

Watch US presidential debates on TV and online even if you are living outside the US. Watch as Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton discuss their local plans & international strategies in the race for the White House.

Catch the complete 90 minute debates live on TV or stream online on YouTube. Let us know who you are voting for and what you thought about the first debate.

Was Donald Trump even being a mature US Presidential candidate?   

Did the moderator ask the right questions?

Should Hillary Clinton have been grilled for her involvement in Ben Ghazi and the email server scandal?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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