The first season was truly amazing and breathtaking, and the second season has got us all ravaging in wait. The dark and twisted gothic horror series that is Penny Dreadful; is all set to return on May 3rd with the second season, ready to make your bones shiver with terror.

The show has all the right ingredients and is backed with an intense storyline to make the Victorian set nightmare come to life. The first season showed us the dreadful fates of many characters and left us on a high note. According to the Executive Producer of the show John Logan, the first season saw our heroes as hunters, and this time they will be hunted. I dare you to stop yourself from watching this trailer twice!

The Build Up – More Terrifying & Grotesquely Horrifying

The all-star cast returns for the second season running, including Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett. At the end of the first season we saw Josh Hartnett (Ethan) become a werewolf while Eva Green (Vanessa) played the central figure the entire season and attracted attention from everyone including supernatural forces, demons, and satanic possessions.

Now faced with the choice to become ‘normal’ again, something that Vanessa never desired from her childhood, we enter into season 2. And lets not forget Timothy (Malcolm); we loved his vampire slaying action and the part in which he sacrifices of his own daughter to save Vanessa.

The second season promises new adversaries, more terrifying and monstrous atrocities. The trailer shows that Madame Kali (played by Evelyn Poole), bathing in a pool of blood will be the force to reckon with in Season 2, and will bring about a kind of evil – in the form of witches.

Season 2 Premiered for US Citizens

Here is a little surprise for all the Penny Dreadful fans: you can catch the first episode of Season 2 online right now on the Penny Dreadful Showtime website or its YouTube channel. But before you go rampaging all over the internet trying to watch the episode, we have news for you – the premiere is only available for US citizens.

If you try to access the website or the YouTube link from outside USA, you will be presented with connection error or with geo restriction message:

How to Watch Penny Dreadful Season 2

Here is where our guide comes into play. You can overcome this problem simply by activating a VPN service. The following section highlights some of the best VPN providers you can select to bypass geo-resections to watch Penny Dreadful Season 2 online.

Use VPN & watch Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 1 now!

There are countless amateur VPN providers in the industry, so if you are a first-time VPN user, we recommend that you choose from the VPN services we have short-listed for reliability and ease of use. A VPN provides you with multiple servers; among which are servers based in the USA.

By connecting to these US based servers, your IP address is completely cloaked and it will appear as if you reside within US. This will allow you access to all the blocked movies and TV shows, including Penny Dreadful season 2 on Showtime and YouTube.

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A top VPN will also help you in the long run, because Showtime is geo-restricted. Showtime's Terms of Service explicitly state that the content on its website is exclusively for US residents and any use of the website outside US boundaries makes you ineligible for the service. However, VPN users have been successfully overcoming this barrier for quite a few years now.


In a nutshell, Penny Dreadful season 2 looks brilliant, especially the first episodes, as we follow new terrifying beings (Witches) continuously targeting and hunting Vanessa. You can watch the first episode of Season 2 right now – on Penny Dreadful Showtime page and YouTube channel.

For those of you residing outside US and cannot wait until the show is aired on television, use our guide and select a VPN to watch the new episode right now.

Our top 5 list of VPN providers will help you select the best solution for unblocking geo restriction to stream Penny Dreadful season 2 and other amazing blocked contentonline. So what are you waiting for, get cracking!

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