Watch Rio Olympics OnlineThe biggest sporting event of the world, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are just around the corner. Rio De Janerio will host the prestigious sporting event accommodating athletes in its 33 venues, while São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília, and Manaus will host athletes in 5 arenas.

The legendary Olympics begin on August 5 with the opening ceremony scheduled on Friday at Maracanã Stadium, Rio De Janerio, and will conclude on the 21st of August. Good news for Rugby and Golf fans, as Rugby Seven and Golf will make their debut at the Olympics Games for the first time along with 26 other sports comprising of total 41 disciplines and 306 events.

List of Rio 2016 Olympics Broadcasters

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will be broadcast all over the world on both Cable TV and online streaming channels. You can catch the full event broadcasts live and exclusive online on the official Rio Olympics 2016 YouTube channel.

We have also assorted a list of official local broadcasters who will cover the entire event live, do remember that all Olympics broadcasters are geo-restricted to their respective regions. If you wish to access the live broadcast for another region simply unblock using our suggested VPN provider and enjoy uninterrupted RIO 2016 streaming

BroadcasterAvailability Unblock In Any Country Using:
7 NetworkAustralia Onlypurevpn_shield


TSN & RDSCanada Only
CCTVChina Only
BBC / BBC iPlayerUnited Kingdom Only


NBC UniversalUnited States Only
SuperSportsSouth Africa Only
ASBUMiddle East Only


Sky TelevisionNew Zealand Only
Star IndiaSouth Asia Only

You can watch the Rio Olympics in your country with the official national broadcaster as all countries are bound to televise the event for free. If you are however a cord-cutter and cable TV is a thing of the past for you, try out online broadcasters including:

• NBC in the USA
• BBC iPlayer in the UK
• Super Sports in Sub Saharan Africa
• Star India in South Asia

DO remember at this point that all online streaming services will be geo-restricted to viewers outside their official regions. You will not be able to enjoy BBC’s Rio 2016 streaming if you are based outside the United Kingdom and the case is same for NBC, Super Sports and others. To unblock regional broadcasters simply use a VPN to mask your location as that of the target country for the channel’s live stream and watch it live.

How to Watch the Rio Olympics 2016 on Chromecast

You can watch the Rio Olympics using your Chromecast USB from PCs, laptops, iOS devices and Android devices. The following streaming services are available to use with the Google Chromecast:
1. NBC Olympics (USA Only)
2. BBC iPlayer(UK only)
3. beINSports (selected regions)
4. Hot Star (India Only)
To watch the Olympic Games 2016 on your Chromecast you will require the Google Cast appand the relevant streaming app. You can stream on the Chromecast using Google Chrome browser and the Google Cast app.
The Google Chrome browser discovers your Chromecast automatically when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To cast Rio Olympics using your PC or laptop:
1. Connect to your VPN service
2. Pair both devices (making sure they are on the same WI-FI)
3. Access your desired streaming service
4. Go to the menu and press the cast icon

For Olympics streaming fans using their tablets and smart phones:
1. Connect VPN on device or router
2. Download the relevant streaming app
3. Download the Google Cast app (some mobile devices come with Chromecast support built-in)
4. Activate the streaming app e.g. BBC iPlayer or Hot Star
5. Cast the screen using Google Cast app or press the Cast button if it appears automatically on the top right of your app window

How to Watch the Rio Olympics 2016 on PS4 & Xbox One

Depending on where you are located there are various services you can access using the PS4 or Xbox One browser. Not all providers offer apps for gaming consoles so it may be difficult to install apps for each streaming service.
PlayStation 3&4 owners can watch the Olympics using Vue, Sony’s standalone live TV streaming service available forPS 3&4 consoles. Vue subscribers have the opportunity to access NBC channels and watch the Olympics live. PlayStation Vue subscription to watch Olympics are priced at $39 for basic Access, while $45 will get them the Golf Channel as well. PlayStation consoles also provide access to SlingTV which offers access to NBC Olympics for $40.
Xbox One owners can subscribe to Sling TV using their consoles and watch the Olympics live for a $40 subscription, plus an additional $5 if you want Golf Channel as well using xbox one vpn.
Olympics fans in regions with geo-restrictions will require unblocking Vue & SlingTV with a VPN. For gaming consoles it is recommended configuring the VPN on router. Streaming enthusiast can also change their default DNS settings to the required region (consult your VPN provider for DNS settings of USA, UK or India).

How to Watch Rio Olympics 2016 without Commercials

Usually online broadcasters associated with TV broadcasting networks will stream the Rio Olympics online with commercials. This includes a long line of broadcasters including the NBC, SuperSport, Astro SuperSport, Fox and hundreds of others.

We have identified two providers who will stream the Rio Olympics without commercials. India’s premium HotStar and the UK’s BBC iPlayer will both be available online without any commercials and ads during the live streaming of events. You can also catch all the action of the Olympics live and exclusive on the Rio Olympics official YouTube page, without commercials.

Do remember that HotStar and BBC iPlayer are restricted by the broadcasters outside their respective regions. To bypass the geo-restrictions you can subscribe to a premium VPN service to ensure high speed video streaming in HD. For instance, to watch the Olympics streaming broadcast on HotStar app you will require a premium VPN server for India. (Read our how to watch hotstar guide).

The problem with VPN arises when the service constantly slows down and you can’t watch live video properly. Always ensure by testing a VPN service first by signing up for a monthly account and if the service does not work proper simply get a refund.

You can choose from our leading VPN providers listed above, access editorial reviews and get real time user testimonials. Ivacy VPN has been buzzing on the internet with some great pricing plans and extreme streaming speeds. Have a go with the service and trial it out with the monthly plan. Test streaming speeds with BBC iPlayer, torrent speeds on uTorrent and browsing speeds on different websites.

What time to Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

The opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics has been scheduled for the 5th of August 2016 at 08:00 PM (UTC -3 hours) Rio time. We took the liberty to convert the timings for our readers,below are the timings of the opening ceremony for selected regions:

  • London (United Kingdom) – Saturday, 6 August 2016, 12:00 AM
  • New York (USA) – Friday, 5 August 2016, 07:00 PM
  • Beijing (China) Saturday, 6 August 2016, 07:00 AM
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Saturday, 6 August 2016, 03:00 AM
  • Adelaide (Australia) – Saturday, 6 August 2016, 08:30 AM
  • New Delhi (India) – Saturday, 6 August 2016, 04:30 AM

watch olympics opening ceremony

How to Watch Olympics Online With HotStar App

India’s premium VoD online streaming solution HotStar will provide live streaming of the Rio Olympics 2016. You can download the app from the Google Play Store & Apple App Store or access the live streaming service directly on the HotStar website. HotStar will cover the streaming of 42 live events with over 3000 hours of Rio Olympics programming expected.

Watch Olympics on HotStar

Catch your favorite Indian athletes in action at the Rio Olympics 2016 (starting 5th August) performing in their respective disciplines. Come support team India live with HotStar as they go against the champions of the world.

In case you are based outside India, you will not be able to access the HotStar online streaming service using the Android app, iOS app or website.

Watch Football at the Rio 2016 Olympics Live

With football leagues on break it is going to be a great treat for football fans at the Mecca of football. You can catch stars from 16 of your favorite International football teams in action at the Rio Olympics 2016 including Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, Denmark, Sweden, Columbia, Nigeria, Japan, Fiji, South  Korea , Mexico, Germany,Honduras, Algeria, Portugal and Argentina.

Watch Rio Olympics on Apple TV

The Apple TV streaming box provides access to various channels that will broadcast the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.You can select from:

  1. BBC iPlayer (United Kingdom)
  2. NBC Olympics (United States)
  3. SlingTV , and(United States)
  4. HotStar app(India)

Generally, there are two ways you can watch the Rio Olympics live online with the apps mentioned above. First, you can install the apps on your iOS (iPad, iPhone or iPod)device and then cast the app using AirPlay from your mobile or tablet. Second, you will need to install the above mentioned apps directly on the Apple TV device.

Do remember at this point that all apps are region restricted and cannot be installed on your iOS device or the Apple TV device outside their respective regions.Since there is no VPN compatibility on the Apple TV box itself, you will require setting up the VPN on your router to unblock the app in the Apple App Store.However, it is easier to unblock and install the apps onto your iOS devices with a VPN.

Watch Rio Olympics on ROKU

The ROKU streaming box is also a great option if you want to watch the Rio Olympics live. The great news here is that you will get to watch the Olympics completely free.


A 45 Days special offer is available with the USTVNOW app, which allows you to access mainstream US cable TV channels using your ROKU player.The subscription also includes free access to NBC Sports for 45 days, allowing you to catch all the major events through the ROKU USTVNOW  app. Follow our step by step instructions and watch the Rio Olympics live on ROKU:

  1. Configure your VPN on your Router and connect to a USA server (for users based outside USA & Canada)
  1. Connect your ROKU box to the Wi-Fi and then Add the USTVNow app on your ROKU box
  1. Sign-up to USTV, do not use your Facebook or Google+ accounts to sign up. Use an Email address to sign up (you should create a new email address for this servicesignup
  1. On the registration details page:
    1. Tick the box that says “I am a US Citizen”,
    2. Fill out your details,
    3. Choose Canada as your country of origin and,
    4. Agree with the terms and conditions, then click create account.
  1. Confirm the account from your email address, then go to the USTVNow app on your ROKU box you will now have a Link Code.
  1. Finally, go to, enter your Link Code here. You USTVNow account for ROKU should be activated within 5 minutes. Enjoy the Rio Olympics on NBC with your ROKU box.

Watch Olympics on SlingTV

A subsidiary of the Dish TV Network, SlingTV offers cord-cutters and online streaming fanaticsin the US a one stop solution forTV channels.You can access SlingTV streaming services on Android devices, iOS devices, Macs and Windows PCs. The service is subscription based and requires subscribing one of 3 bundles offered by Sling TV:

  1. $20/ month – offered with 25+ channels
  2. $25/month – offered with 40+ channels
  3. $40/month – offered with all available channels

For details and subscriptions visit SlingTV’s official website. Do remember that Sling TV is only available in the USA, and will not let you access the service from anywhere in the world. To access SlingTV choose from our list of leading streaming VPN providers and watch Rio Olympics on Sling TV through NBC and NBC Sports.

Where to Watch Olympics Online

In A Nutshell

We hope you enjoy every moment of the 2016 Rio Olympics as you support your national team. Tune in to the official broadcast or choose from the official broadcasters list. In case your region has no online broadcaster, try BBC iPlayer and enjoy the entire Olympics 2016 event 24/7 till the 21st of August live from Rio. Check out the full schedule on the Rio 2016 Olympics Official Website.

De let us know about your favorite team or players, and do follow us on Twitter to stay updated about how to watch unblock popular sporting events all over the world @VPNBest.

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