National Rugby League (NRL) is one the biggest domestic rugby leagues in the world. It is run by The Australian Rugby League Commission with its major competition being  “Telstra Premiership”.

Consisting of sixteen teams in total, the National Rugby Leagues hosts fifteen squads from Australia and one from New Zealand.  The 2017 NRL season marks the 110th season of professional rugby league.

Starting on 8 September 2017  and  concluding on 1 October 2017 with the Grand Finale, the new season has led to everyone losing their minds over the highly competitive matches. If you are excited about watching the last match, read this guide below:

2017 NRL Grand Finale

With the premiership rounds finally coming to an end, we are nearing towards the Grand Finale of the NRL 2017 Season. The match will be played between the minor premiers, the Melbourne Storm and the eight-placed North Queensland Cowboys. The event will be hosted at the Syndey’s ANZ Stadium on the October 1, Sunday. This is the third time in the the history of NRL that the grand final is seeing two non-Sydney based teams tackle out in the stadium.

National Rugby League Streaming Guide

If you are looking to watch NRL online, just follow these steps and enjoy all the action from the world of National Rugby League.

Step 1: Select the Best Streaming Channel

The National Rugby Leagues games are broadcasted live on selected broadcasting networks around the world. Since majority of you will be looking for streaming links to watch NRL online, the best options that you have are:

  • Stream it live on
  • Use a NRL Digital Pass

Why are these two your best options? For starters, they both are official streaming channels of NRL. They will provide you high quality streaming (up to 720p), easy to use interface, and you won’t be interrupted by ads.

The NRL Digital Pass allows you to watch 7 lives games every round and also grants access to premium NRL content. It you don’t have a NRL Digital Pass, then you can watch NRL live for free on

Step 2: Recognize the Problem of Geo Restrictions

Whichever streaming channel you select, do note that there is a problem with both these options – they are geo restricted. If you are living outside Australia or any other country with a TV deal, you will not be able to watch NRL live online as the content is restricted and will be presented with the following messages:

how to watch NRL Live


Step 3: How to watch NRL Online

You can overcome the problem of geo restrictions using a VPN and watch NRL live online from anywhere in the world. Below are some of the best VPN providers to choose from. Using these VPNs, you can unblock NRL Digital Pass and, and stream live matches online. For best results change the location to Germany, Switzerland or Hong Kong.

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The wide spread of servers offered by these VPN services makes it possible for you to bypass the geo restrictions. All you need to do is connect to the Australian server provided by these VPN services and all your internet traffic will be routed through these servers.

What this does is that your original IP address will be masked and replaced with the IP address of the VPN server. This way the NRL Digital Pass and will see your location to be within the restricted region and allow you access to National Rugby League live matches in USA or anywhere else.



The Wrap Up

The National Rugby League will be kicking off this Sunday. The defending champions, Melbourne Storms are looking strong and will definitely be giving a tough time to the opposition, North Queensland Cowboys. If you are located outside Australia and New Zealand, or are planning to travel outside these regions anytime soon, you will need a VPN to watch NRL live online. You can easily bypass geo restrictions by selecting a VPN from above and watch NRL live online for free on and enjoy the perks of NRL Digital Pass from anywhere in the world.

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