One of the most popular American sports, NHL is gaining more and more popularity each day. With average attendance rising each season, NHL is surely amongst the most watched sports on earth.

Having said that, nothing beats the experience of watching NHL games live in the stadium, but what if you are not located in the region where the match is being played and want to watch NHL games live?

This is where our guide comes into play. We will highlight different ways through which you can watch live games of NHL by streaming online, and how you can overcome various problems that could become a roadblock in your streaming experience.

How to Watch NHL Online

When it comes to finding ways to watch NHL online, you have two options at your disposal. The first method is to purchase NHL GameCenter Live and stream online. The second method is use different streaming channels to watch NHL online.

1. NHL GameCenter Live

The NHL GameCenter Live is a paid subscription service that allows you to watch live out-of-market games on demand. In addition to live games, with NHL GameCenter Live you get other exclusive content to stream online as well, such as on-demand replays.

NHL GameCenter Live is compatible across multiple platforms, allowing to watch live NHL games on any device of your choice. Some of these devices include: Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation (3 & 4), and Xbox 360.

However, there are few problems that you need to look into before using NHL GameCenter Live. First, all the games are subject to local or national blackouts. Second, NHL GameCenter Live is not available in selected countries.

Bypass NHL GameCenter Live Blackouts with VPN  

Blackouts are the worst thing that can happen to any NHL fan. The NHL GameCenter Live only allows you to watch out-of-market games live online. What this means is that if you are located in a region or city where the game is being broadcasted on local television, the game will be blacked out on GameCenter and you’ll be presented with the following message:

NHL online

You can easily overcome the problem of local and national blackouts using a VPN service. There are numerous servers offered by a VPN, allowing you to connect to any other city or region to bypass NHL GameCenter Live blackouts.

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Unblock NHL GameCenter Live 

NHL GameCenter Live is available numerous countries all around the world. However, it is not available for purchase in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  If you are located in anyone of these countries, you will be blocked out due to geo restrictions and won’t be able to purchase NHL GameCenter Live. However, using a VPN you can work your way around this problem and get NHL GameCenter Live.

2. Use Streaming Channels to Watch NHL Online

In addition to NHL GameCenter Live, you can choose certain streaming channels to watch NHL matches online. From the likes of NBC in Untied States and Rogers Media in Canada, you can use such channels to stream live games of NHL online.

And, if you run into the problem of geo restrictions or internet censorship, then we advise you to use a VPN service. The above mentioned VPNs have multiple servers located all around the world. Since a VPN has this ability to mask your original IP address, you can unblock these streaming channels from anywhere and watch NHL online.

Get NHL GameCenter Live at Cheap Prices

Now that you know the two options that you can use to stream NHL matches online, here is another trick that you can use to get NHL GameCenter Live at low prices. The prices of NHL GameCenter Live vary across certain regions and by using a VPN to change your IP address, you can avail these cheap prices.

To test this out, we conducted a little research and found that the prices do vary in few countries. Since NHL GameCenter Live is available for purchase globally, the difference in prices occurred in United States and Canada compared to rest of the world.

United States

When we changed our location to USA using a VPN, the price of season long access to NHL GameCenter Live was $131.49 per year.

NHL online


In Canada, the price of NHL GameCenter Live was S199.99 Canadian dollars, which makes it around $144.10 USD per year.

NHL online

Rest of the World

When we changed our locations to other countries (such as Hong Kong & UK), the price of NHL GameCenter Live in rest of the world is $114.49 per year.

NHL online NHL online


Hockey is slowly and steadily getting the much needed attention as other sports throughout the world and in United States as well. With this rising popularity and increasing need for NHL viewing options, you can watch NHL online using the two methods mentioned above.

NHL GameCenter Live allows you to watch all the matches live online and also offered additional on-demand content to stream online. However, with blackouts and geo restrictions being a thorn in the back, using a VPN will help you negate all these problems.

To top things off, you can use a VPN to get NHL GameCenter Live in blocked countries and for a cheap price in United States and Canada. This is especially useful for all cord cutters that want access to live NHL matches at all times without expensive cable subscriptions.

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