One of the biggest sporting events in American football is upon us. The NFL Super Bowl 50 is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 7th 2016 at the Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco.

The winners from the two conference finals will meet for a showdown at the Super Bowl and battle it out to become NFL Champions. From the American Football Conference, it will be either Denver Broncos or New England Patriots featuring in the finals. While from the National Football Conference, it will be either Carolina Panthers or Arizona Cardinals lighting up the stage at the Super Bowl 50.

Methods to Watch NFL Super Bowl Online

There are different ways through which you can enjoy NFL Super Bowl live stream.

  • Use broadcasting channels to watch Super Bowl online.
  • Use NFL Game Pass to get Super Bowl on Demand.
  • Use Sling TV to stream NFL Super Bowl live online.

Unfortunately, these broadcasting channels, NFL Game Pass, and Sling TV apps are confined to certain geographic locations. So due to the geo blocks, you won’t be able to watch NFL Super Bowl online. But don’t worry as you can overcome these geo restrictions with the help of a VPN. With a VPN by your side, you can unblock any channel or service, and watch Super Bowl online.

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Channels for NFL Super Bowl Live Stream

Among the various channels, CBS holds the official rights for broadcasting NFL games. Over the years, the broadcasting channels have been changing hands as NBC showcased the event back in 2015. However, CBS does not have a Spanish-language broadcasting outlet like some of its counterparts. So ESPN Deportes will broadcast the Spanish language coverage of Super Bowl 50.

Similarly, you can use other channels to watch NFL Super Bowl 50 online such as TSN in Canada, Fox Sports in Australia, Sky Sports and Channel 4 in UK, Viasat Sport for Scandinavian countries, and Sport 1 for Germany, Austria, Hungry, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

If you are not located in any of these locations and are restricted from watching Super Bowl online due to geo blocks, then with the help of a VPN you can bypass geo restrictions. For full channel information you can check out with our friends at PureVPN.

Watch Super Bowl Online with NFL Game Pass

Alternatively, you can get NFL Game Pass and watch Super Bowl live online on any device of your choice. The NFL Game Pass offers you exclusive content to stream online. You get full replays of games from 2009 onwards, highlights of the regular season and playoffs, coaching videos, live gameplay audio, premium videos, and much more.

The best thing about NFL Game Pass is that you can watch NFL Super Bowl and all other content on any device of your choice. The Game Pass is compatible on PC, Android and iOS device, gaming consoles (PS4 & Xbox One), and set-top-boxes (Roku).

However, NFL Game Pass is not available for users located in United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, and Antigua. Therefore, to access NFL Game Pass from within these locations, you need a VPN service. The above listed VPN services will allow you to watch Super Bowl 50 on NFL Game Pass from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy Super Bowl 50 on Sling TV  

If you are a cord cutter or don’t have cable subscriptions such as Comcast or Time Warner, then you can enjoy Super Bowl 50 live streaming using Sling TV. There are numerous sports channels that are available on Sling TV that you can use to watch NFL matches live online.

Sling TV is compatible on numerous devices such as Roku, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player, Chromecast, and Mac. Since Sing TV is an American service, you will need a VPN to unblock it from outside US.

NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show Expectations

Now every NFL fans knows that the Super Bowl Halftime show will host some of the biggest names in the music industry. The rumor mill has been running for some time and so NFL has confirmed Coldplay to headline the halftime show. In addition to Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars will also be lighting up the stage.

According to a post by Billboard, talks were held last year with Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl 50 halftime. Although nothing has been confirmed about Adam Levine and his band (Maroon 5) performing at the Super Bowl 2016, rumors are continuously running.

Other music stars that were listed in the rumors to perform at the halftime show included Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen. With only few days to go for Super Bowl 50, you can expect the unexpected and various music artists can join the bandwagon to perform on February 7 at the Levi’s Stadium.


To sum things up, NFL Super Bowl is such a big event that even the unofficial holiday is known has ‘Super Bowl Sunday’. This mammoth event brings together the best teams from American Football Conference and National Football Conference for the becoming the ultimate champion of NFL.

On a side note, keep a lookout for all the trailers of upcoming movies during the NFL Super Bowl halftime show. Apart from that, many juggernauts from the music industry have been lined up to perform at halftime while various others are still rumored to join the show.

If you are not sure of how to watch NFL Super Bowl 50 online, then our guide highlights three different methods you can use. And, if geo restrictions become a hindrance in your online streaming experience then the VPNs that we have listed above will allow you to watch NFL Super Bowl 50 online from anywhere.

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