Get ready for the regular season of NFL as it kicks-off from September 8h 2016. NFL is the most popular professional sport in U.S. and without doubt the most exciting.

Consisting of 32 teams, you can expect great action as the best teams from both the conferences battle it out for becoming NFL Champions at the Super Bowl. Denver Broncos became the champions when they won against Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 in February 2016. However, they will face fierce competition this season as other teams will step up their game.

Watch NFL online

How to Watch NFL Online

There are selective broadcasting channels that will show all the matches from NFL. If you are located outside a region where the matches are broadcasted, then unfortunately you won’t be able to watch them due to geo restrictions.

However, with the help of a VPN, you can bypass these geo restrictions and watch NFL online. Just select a VPN from below and unblock the channel from where you want live stream NFL.

ChannelsCountryUnblock with VPN
NBC, ESPN, FOX, CBS, NFL NetworkUSA TotalVPN ($4.99/month)
Sky SportsUK PureVPN($4.16/month)
Sport1Austria / Germany / Czech Republic ExpressVPN ($8.32/month)
NTVRussia HideMyAss ($6.55/month)
TelevisaMexico Private Internet Access ($3.33/month)

The NFL season 2017 will be beginning soon. To make sure you watch your favorite players and teams go head-to-head in the new season, read this guide on how to watch NFL 2017!

How to Watch NFL without Cable

Now if you do not have a cable subscription or are looking to cut the cord soon, there are certain ways through which you can watch NFL online.

  • Get Sling TV and enjoy NFL live stream.
  • Use a set-top-box & watch NFL Online

Use Sling TV to Watch NFL without Cable

Sling TV offers you a host of sports channels that show all the matches of NFL live. It offers ESPN and ESPN2 as part of the basic package and is compatible on numerous devices. You can watch NFL online using Sling TV on your iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and Mac, gaming consoles or streaming boxes.

Since Sling TV is an American service and is only available within US, you will need a VPN to unblock the channel. You can use the VPN services listed above to unblock Sling TV and watch NFL online without cable subscription.

Watch NFL Online on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

You can also watch NFL on various set-top boxes like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many more. These set-top boxes have exclusive apps for NFL and also host majority of the channels that broadcast NFL matches. You can plug these devices with your television or monitor and watch NFL without needing a cable subscription.

All these set-top boxes, particularly Roku, offer channels such as ESPN, NBC sport, CBS, and also Sling TV. However, with majority of the apps being geo-restricted, you will need a VPN service to access these channels. So if you are planning to watch NFL using a set-top box, remember to use a VPN for unblocking the channels offered on these devices.

NFL Draft 2016

The NFL Draft 2016 takes place from April 28th 2016 till April 30th 2016. The rounds are divided into these three days: Round 1 on April 28, Round 2 & 3 on April 29, and Round 4 – 7 on April 30. All the teams will have their picks and look to strengthen their squad by selecting the best players out there.

If you want to catch live action from 2016 NFL Draft, you can tune into ESPN or NFL Online. However, geo restrictions will stop anyone outside USA to live stream the drafts. This is where a VPN helps you out. Each of the providers mentioned above will allow you to watch NFL Drafts from anywhere in the world.

NFL Draft 2016

Will NFL Removes Blackouts for 2016 Season?

For the very first time, NFL decided to suspend its blackout policy for the 2015 season. Under the blackout policy, matches used to be blacked out on local television if the stadium was not sold out 72 hours before the game. So will the Blackout policy be reinstated in 2016? Officially, it’s not coming back this year as the owners have decided to run another season without blackouts.

The NFL blackout policy dates back to 1970s when teams mainly relied on ticket sales. However, with multibillion-dollar deals being made between television broadcasters and increased public funding of the stadiums, NFL decided to run the entire pre-season and regular season of 2015 without blackouts. Although the average attendance dropped by 0.5 percent in 2015, it looks like that NFL wants to give it another year before making the final decisions.

Previously, you could have removed blackouts using a VPN service. All you had to do was to switch to region where the match is being broadcasted and watch NFL online – so if in case the policy is reinstated, you know how to get by NFL blackouts.

 Final Verdict

The teams are ready, new players and free agents have been signed, all the players are back on the training ground, and all the suspensions have also been dished out (and appealed). So the question is – are you ready?

The new season starts from September 8th2016 and you cannot miss it for the world. To watch NFL online, just use one of the VPN services from above, unblock the respective streaming channel, and enjoy all the live action from anywhere in the world for NFL Season 2016 – 17.

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