One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix, made a monstrous announcement on January 6 at the CES 2016 show that it has launched its service in 130 new countries. Among these regions was South Africa where Netflix is now officially available.

You can watch Netflix Original series such as Jessica Jones, DareDevil, Sense8, Marco Polo, and a variety of other content on Netflix in South Africa. Since Netflix is compatible on numerous devices, you can watch shows and movies on your computer, Smartphone, tablet, smart TV, set-top-boxes, and gaming consoles.

Previously, Netflix fans would have to use a VPN to access Netflix in South Africa. Now that it is officially launched, many would question: why do you need a VPN for Netflix South Africa? In short, to access full Netflix library!

Access Full Netflix Library with VPN

With the help of a VPN, you can access Netflix library from any region in the world. The South Africa Netflix won’t have all the content that you would available in Netflix USA. Therefore, using a VPN can easily sort this problem. Below listed VPNs have multiple servers located around the world. You can use anyone of them to access Netflix library from any other Netflix region.

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Netflix South Africa vs. Netflix USA

When you compare Netflix South Africa and Netflix USA side by side, you’ll get to see the drastic difference in the number of titles available in both the regions. Undoubtedly, the US Netflix has the largest content library compared to any other Netflix region.

As of September 2015, there were 6,000+ movies and TV shows in Netflix USA. However, due to copyright issues and license agreements, not all of these titles would be available in other Netflix regions.

This is precisely the case with South Africa Netflix. According to Htxt, only 7 percent of US Netflix library will make it to South Africa. What this means is that your favorite shows or movies on Netflix might not be available on Netflix South Africa. So if you want to enjoy all the titles on Netflix, it is highly important that you use a VPN.

Get Netflix in South Africa at Low Prices

The arrival of Netflix in South Africa means that there is severe competition for other cable television providers and online streaming services. Services like ShowMax and DSTV would now have to offer a better service than Netflix.

Having said that, when you compare the price of Netflix South Africa and the number of titles offered, the deal does not look so good. However, if you throw a VPN into the mix, everything looks brighter. Apart from allowing you to access content on Netflix from anywhere, you can also use it to get Netflix subscription at cheap prices.

To test this out, we conduct a small experiment where we changed our IP address using a VPN and found the different prices offered by Netflix.

Netflix South Africa

In South Africa, Netflix monthly subscription is available for $7.99 which makes it around R130 per month (depending on the currency rate). But when we switched to Brazil, Netflix was available for BRL 19.9 a month which is around R82 a month.


Netflix exploded onto the global arena with its expansion into 130 new countries. As of October 2015, Netflix had roughly around 69.17 million subscribers but with this international expansion, this number is set to increase drastically in the coming future.

Online streamers in South Africa now have another option to enhance their online entertainment options. With numerous movies and shows to watch, including popular Netflix Original series, you can enjoy unlimited content online.

However, with limited content library and varying subscription prices, it is warranted that you use a VPN for Netflix in South Africa. With the help of a VPN, you can access content from any Netflix library from around the world and get monthly subscription at cheap rates.

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