Netflix is the most prominent media network that’s available right now. With its seamless library of amazing TV shows and movies, netizens can enjoy hours of binge-watching without having to hold anything back.

Not only that, Netflix has the largest library of original shows available in a media network. Plus, these shows hold very promising ratings on websites like Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes. If you are a fan of binge watching, then Netlfix is something that you should not ignore.

Although Netflix is now available in 190 countries around the world, including Belgium, there is one problem. The Netflix Belgium library is deprived of numerous shows and movies that are available in other Netflix regions. When we compare the US Netflix library with Belgium’s, you will see that only 32 percent of titles make it to Netflix Belgium.

So, how do you access complete library of Netflix? Belgium?

How to Access Full Library of Netflix Belgium

In order to access complete Netflix library, you’ll require a VPN  service. A VPN, or a virtual private network, is an internet security tool that allows users to access geo-restricted media networks through its IP Cloaking and data encryption features. Here is our hand-picked list of the best VPNs for accessing full Netflix library in your Netflix Belgium account

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Once you’re done getting a VPN service, all you have to do is to connect your VPN client to a server that’s based in the region where your desired show is available, and then connect your Netflix Belgium account through your VPN service.  After that, you’ll be able to indulge in binge-watching your favorite geo-restricted movie or TV shows without a problem.

5 Netflix Shows That You Need To Get A Hold Off

After you’re done unblocking complete library of Netflix in Belgium, here is a list of shows that we definitely want you to check out:

House Of Cards

In House Of Cards, join the Underwoods as they try to take over ‘The Whitehouse’ with their devious and cunning plans. Starring Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood), Robin Wright (Clarie Underwood) And Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper), witness how many get down and dirty in order to main their power in The Whitehouse.

This show is not available in Netflix Belgium but with the help of a VPN, you can access Netflix USA  and binge watch all four seasons of House of Cards.

Agents of SHIELD

After the battle of New York, Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D, or Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, are now on the run to stop crime and evil occurrences across the globe. Another TV show that’s highly demanded amongst Netflix Belgium users. You can catch all the episodes of Agents of SHIELD on Netflix right now. And, if you the show is not available on Netflix in Belgium, then with the help of a VPN, you can access US Netflix to enjoy all the action from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.


A story of a blind lawyer, who fights crime with the help of his other 4 senses working at an extra-terrestrial level, Daredevil reshapes the landscape for comicbook TV shows. Starring Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Deborah Ann Wall(Karen Page) and Rosario Dawson (Night Nurse), indulge in the world of Marvel’s most charismatic super-heroes and their journey of taking down the most evil villain, King Pin.

This show is highly demanded amongst netizens who watch Netflix in Belgium.


In Narcos, learn about the hustle of Pablo Escobar in becoming the top drugs and arms smuggler in the world. Starring Wagner Moura(Pablo Escobar) and Steve Murphy(Holbrook), Narcos engages you in the bloody, brutal battle between the Feds and the Colombian drug king-pin, Pablo Escobar. Who will fall in the end? Watch to find out!

This show is not available in Netflix Belgium but is available on Netflix USA. To watch Narcos on Netflix, you will have to access US Netflix through a VPN and enjoy binge watching all its episodes.

Master of None

In Master of None, witness the lifestyle of an Indian-American actor trying to make it big in the Hollywood. Starring Aziz Ansari(Dev Shah), indulge in the hilarious and unforgettable moments of Aziz Ansari and his tremendous acting.

This show also requires a Netflix USA membership instead of Netflix Belgium one. Due to content restrictions, Master of None is only accessible within USA but you can watch the show from anywhere by unlocking the full Netflix library via VPN.

In A Nutshell

Without a doubt, Netflix is what you need in order to ooze up your prime-time entertainment. Plus, with the help of a VPN service, you can now access the complete library of Netflix in your Netflix Belgium account.

It allows you to maximize your streaming options by giving you access to hundreds and thousands of content. If you are a cord cutter, Netflix Belgium should be one of the most important streaming services in your catalog.

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