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The 71st NBA season kicked off on the 25th of October 2016 with champions Cleveland Cavaliershosting the New York Knicks in their first title defense and comprehensively defeating them at home 117-88.


NBA’s Global Official TV Broadcasters

The NBA makes official partnerships with TV broadcasters around the world to broadcast the entire season live for fans. Check out broadcasters from the table below and check local listings to watch all NBA 2016/2017 season matches live.



How to Watch NBA Live Streaming Online

The NBA season 2016/2017 will be exclusively available online on NBA League Pass, the official live streaming service of the franchise. You can subscribe to NBA League Pass on the official website, plus you can enjoy on a huge selection of devices & operating systems including PC, Mac, Android, iOS, ROKU, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, and PlayStation.

NBA League Pass gives you the opportunity to subscribe through 2 subscription plans.

  1. The NBA League Pass (Season) is the top seller and allows you to enjoy all the games for a super $199.99 (one time payment)for the year, alternatively you can pay in 5 installments of $44.99 per month.

My favorite and of all those supporting one team is the Team Choice League Pass. The Team Choice Pass allows streaming all the games of your favorite team only and is available for $119.99 for 12 months. Alternatively you can pay 5 installments of $26.99 per month.


How to Get NBA League Pass Cheaper with VPN

You can always subscribe to NBA League Pass from you home country but we managed to find a brilliant hack to grab the cheapest prices for you. While purchasing the NBA League Pass with a Canada IP address I noticed a major discrepancy between the prices in my region and all others.

Following is a table with NBA League Pass prices from selected regions:

RegionSubscription ($)Recommended VPN

(Limited Teams Viewable  Only)



($5.98/month – 45% Discount)

Visit Website >>

















Although the US has the cheapest rate (give or take), there is a catch with the US NBA League Pass. Depending on which US State you sign up from there will be selected NBA team games you will not be able to watch. For instance, the US VPN IP I used restricted me from watching New York Knicks, and Brooklyn Nets matches.

The better option is to buy the International NBA League Pass from Canada or Pakistan. To get the full season NBA League Pass here is what to do:

  1. Connect your VPN to a Canada or Pakistan VPN Server
  2. Clear browser cookies
  3. Goto
  4. Select the full season pass , choose to pay monthly or for the year
  5. Create your NBA Account
  6. Fill in your card details, let the payment process and wait for confirmation
  7. Your NBA League Pass details will be sent to your email

Once the process is complete, download the NBA app on your device Android, iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV etc. Sign in with your details and enjoy the NBA season live with complete highlights, pre & post game analysis and lots more.


How to Watch NBA on Cable TV in USA

You can also watch all NBA matches live in the USA on TV, given you have a cable subscription.

  1. NBA TV
  2. ABC
  3. TNT
  4. ESPN


How to Watch NBA on iPhone


iPhone, iPad and iPod users’ can watch the complete 2016/2017 NBA season by downloading the official NBA League Pass app from the App Store.

The NBA App allows iPhone users to subscribe to the NBA League Pass and provides full HD streaming. The app is also available on the Apple TV and can be downloaded from the App Store. You can alternatively mirror your iPhone screen on the Apple TV and watch matches live.


How to Watch NBA without Cable on Sling TV


NBA fans can watch all the live action of their favorite sports without cable through Sling TV. Sling TV is a cable alternative VoD service that provides live streaming of more than 40 US channels online. SlingTV’s subscriptions include four channels to stream NBA matches live:

  1. TNT
  2. ESPN
  3. FOX
  4. ABC

The Sling TV app is also compatible with a range of devices including:

  1. PC
  2. Tablets & Smart phones
  3. Gaming Consoles
  4. Smart TVs


Sling TV subscription are offered in two categories Orange ($20) and Blue($25). In case you want to go with the regular Orange or Blue plans you will have matches available on ESPN, TNT, FOX Sports and ABC.

You also can watch NBA matches live with the Orange Extra or Blue Extra plans through NBA TV. The Sports Extra Add-on is $10 to add with any of the Orange or Blue plans.


how to watch nba 2016 live on iphone ios devices


How to Watch NBA in Australia


There are two major channels offering the complete NBA season 2016/2016 to local viewers. You can catch the complete NBA season in Australia with:

  1. FOXTel Australia
  2. ESPN Australia


FoxTel Australia

FOXTel Australia provides both TV and online streaming of all NBA matches live. You can check subscription plans on the website for either method. You can subscribe for a TV cable plan and add Sports to your subscription which will probably cost you somewhere north of $200 (AUD).

But, there is the FoxTel Play plan that allows you to stream all FoxTel Australia channels and archived media from any compatible device with in internet connection. Australian viewers can check out FoxTel Play subscriptions plans on the official website.

Do remember that FoxTel is geo-restricted for viewers outside Australia and cannot be accessed outside Australia.


ESPN Australia

Australian viewers can also watch the official live broadcasts of the new NBA season on TV ESPNon both cable TV and online streaming using their cable TV ID. You can always subscribe to the service from the ESPN Australia website, remember you will be required to have cable subscription.

ESPN Australia is geo-restricted to viewers outside the region and cannot be accessed outside Australia.


How to Watch NBA in the United Kingdom


NBA fans in the UK can watch all the live NBA action on BT Sport on TV. Subscriptions can be completed on the BT Sport website or by calling their helpline. British basketball fans can also stream the complete NBA season through NBA League Pass by accessing the official NBA League Pass homepage.

Do checkout our “How to Get NBA League Pass for cheap” section above!


How to Watch NBA in Singapore


Singapore basketball enthusiasts can watch the complete NBA season 2016/2017 live on Eleven Sports. Being the official broadcaster Eleven Sports gives you all the matches, highlights, and, pre & post game analyses.


how to watch nba 2016 in singapore


In case you are in Singapore and don’t have a TV subscription or Eleven Sports is not in your subscription, you can always subscribe to NBA League Pass to watch matches live online. The NBA League Pass service offers 4 subscription options for you to choose from.

Basketball fanatics in Singapore can choose from:

  1. NBA League Pass – Season Pass
  2. NBA Game Choice Pass –Watch up to 8 games
  3. NBA Team Choice Pass –Watch all games of your favorite team
  4. NBA Single Game Pass –Watch 1 match of your choice

Singapore residents can also use a VPN service and buy the NBA League Pass cheaper from Canada or Pakistan.


How to Watch NBA in Canada


In you are a Canada based NBA enthusiast you can easily watch the live NBA broadcast onthe channels listed below:

  1. TSN
  2. Sportsnet
  3. NBA TV Canada

Apart from this Canadian NBA fans can also stream all NBA games live online with NBA League Pass.


How to Watch NBA on Kodi


NBA League Pass is the only official online streaming service of NBA and is now available to watch on Kodi with the Fusion add-on. Following is a complete guide to add NBA league pass on your Kodi media desktop or mobile devices:

  1. Go to Kodi Home Screen>File Manager.
  2. Now click Add source then choose None
  3. Type exactly and select Done
  4. Now type Fusion then select OK
  5. Go to System>Settings
  6. Select Add-Ons>Install from Zip file>Fusion>xbmc-repos>English
  7. Choose and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  8. Choose Install from repository>podgod-repo>Video Add-Ons>Pro Sport>Install
  9. From Kodi Home Screen select Videos>Add-Ons>Pro Sport

Remember that although you can add NBA League Pass to your Kodi app, you will still require a subscription to watch matches live. Also keep in mind that the service is geo-restricted in some regions and requires Kodi VPN to unblock NBA League Pass.


In A Nutshell

Choose your broadcaster of choice as the NBA season has officially kicked off and there are some brilliant matches up for Christmas &Boxing Day weekend. Select from our list of NBA cable TV or NBA online streaming providers in your region.

In case there is no provider available in your region, consider unblocking your nearest region’s live streaming service with a VPN. Check out our exclusive price comparison table for NBA League Pass, connect to the regional VPN server and subscribe to NBA League Pass for the lowest prices available.

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