Get ready NBA fans, the new season starts from October 27th 2015. With Golden State Warriors making history last season, only time will tell who comes out on top this season. If you are looking for ways to stream NBA matches, then our guide will help you to watch NBA online.

You can watch all NBA action online using different ways. With a NBA league pass, you get access to all your favorite games and other added benefits as well. Various channels also allow access to live NBA games online.

However, there are various problems with each of the streaming options such as geo restrictions and blackouts. But don’t worry; you can easily overcome these problems by using a VPN service. Here is a quick guide on how to watch NBA online.

How to Watch NBA Online

Ask any NBA fan and they would tell you that the Playoffs have the best of the best teams playing for that one spot. So if you are a NBA fan and looking to fulfill that NBA craving, you should know how to watch NBA online.

There are two ways through which you can stream NBA online. The first method is to purchase a league pass for the entire season. The second option is to watch NBA games using various streaming channels.

NBA League Pass

The NBA league pass allows access to live games on-demand including regular season games and all major events like Playoffs and All-Star games. The league pass is compatible on various platforms and you can stream online on any device that you choose.

NBA live games can be streamed on your iOS and Android handheld devices, Apple TV, Roku, gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, Xbox One and many other devices. With the league pass you also get all the latest updates, scores, and stats in real time.

However, there is one problem – that is of blackout. For those of you who don’t know about blackout, it restricts league pass users to watch live NBA games if it is broadcasted in their region on local TV stations or over-the-air stations. To overcome this problem, you need a VPN.

Similarly, you can also get the NBA League Pass at cheap prices by changing your location (IP address). Click here to get all the latest prices and the cheapest location from where you can purchase the NBA League Pass. 

Online Streaming Channels

If you do not have a NBA league pass, you can use different online streaming channels to watch NBA online. There are different network websites such as ESPN and TNT that allow you to watch NBA games live. You can also watch all the pre-match build, stats, analysis, and live game on streaming services like SlingTV and NBA TV.

However, there is the problem of geo restrictions. Some of these streaming channels cannot be accessed from anywhere around the world. You would have been located in regions where these channels are accessible or offered (primarily USA).

Here is where you would need a VPN service to bypass all the geo restrictions.

Use VPN & watch NBA Online!

Using a VPN service, you overcome many hurdles faced with streaming NBA online. A VPN solves the problem of blackouts experienced on league pass and allows you to overcome geo restrictions.



Blocked? Try These
Anywhere in the WorldSlingTV PureVPN (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Anywhere in the WorldNBA TV
Anywhere in the WorldESPNIPVanish ($4.87/month)
Anywhere in the WorldTNT

No more League Pass Blackouts

With a VPN service, blackouts are not a problem anymore. A VPN allows you numerous servers located across different locations. Connecting to anyone of the servers changes your location IP address and shows as if you are accessing the league pass from that particular region.

For instance, if you are located in Los Angeles and a LA Lakers game is being broadcasted in your region, you will be blacked out from the league pass. But, with a VPN you can connect to a different location (perhaps Washington D.C.) and watch the Lakers play without experiencing any blackouts.

Overcome Geo Restrictions

You can also overcome geo restrictions with the help of VPN service. Many of the streaming channels do not allow you access to live NBA games outside certain locations.

However, with the help of a VPN service, you can bypass these geo restrictions and watch your favorite team compete from anywhere around the world.

Save Money on League Pass with VPN

The prices of NBA league pass vary across the world and different prices are charged based on the user’s location. This is an added benefit of using a VPN service as you can connect to different locations and purchase the International League Pass from location where it is available for a lower price. The NBA League Pass will be cheaper if you purchase from the following region with the recommended VPN.



Get it with..
South Africa$110.40 PureVPN (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Philippines$111.94IPVanish ($4.87/month) 


NBA League Pass

Caption: Courtesy PureVPN  

For instance, African and some Asian regions have been known to be offering the cheapest prices for NBA League Pass. By connecting to the specific region using a VPN, you can easily purchase the league pass and save your money.


To wrap up everything, you can watch NBA online using different methods. The NBA League Pass and various streaming channels allow you to watch all your favorite games online. However, you are faced with the problem of blackouts and geo restrictions in using both of the options.

With a VPN service, you can overcome these problems simply by connecting to different servers and changing your virtual location. A VPN also allows you to save money by purchasing your league passes from regions where it is available for a low price.

There are many VPN services available in the industry and from our list you can select the best VPN provider that will allow you unlimited NBA streaming option.

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